They See Me Strollin

They See Me StrollinA friend has decided to take me out in public in my stroller. Unfortunately he did this right after force-feeding me some prunes and now I have a very full diaper. Spying a pack of young women, he decides that it is time to give me the humiliation I crave and see if any of the girls want to give me a change.

I hope they don’t laugh at my predicament too much.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by Diapered-buns


Aww poor wolf can not be so match fun to be bondage in this baby stroller whit a well used diaper and hear that it is maybe some pack of young women that is going to do the diaper change.

You will enjoy it… Trust me

You will enjoy it… Trust metricked into messing in bondage

Wolf and text by Validant

Draw by diapered-buns


Poor cubs i can understand that he is worry. Cannot be so match fun to be forced to show the messy bum that he have to everyone in the store. It is kind of easy to see that he had a messy accident.

Mommy Bearest

Mommy BearestMy favorite plushie, Riley, has comes alive and grown giant. She has taken it upon herself to be my mommy. I love my Riley bear but she is scary when she is big.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by Diapered-buns


Is this the reason way your diaper look to be so wet and stinky now? You really seams to have make a big mess in your diaper.

Do mom friends dont understand that i am a boy?

Do mom friends dont understand that i am a boy?Yes Foxys mother friends dont seems to understand that when they sign him up for some ballerina training that this is kind of embarrassing for a boy like Foxy.

Only hope that Foxys friends dont going to see him wearing something like this. That should be very blushing.

Draw by Diapered-buns

Wet again?

Wet again?
Foxy mother was changing his son wet diaper after his afternoon nap. And she did the change like she always do and ask him before she put the new diaper on if he should try the potty and see if he could be a big boy for his mother and leave something in the potty. Foxy sad that he did dent need to go. so his mother tape the new diaper on him and gave him a soft pat on his diaper and sad now are you finish for the playtime whit your favorite plush.

But before she remove the paw she felt the diaper getting warm and when she remove the paw she could easy see that Foxy have wet his new diaper.

See sighed and sad i ask you if you needed to go and use the potty before i put this on. Now i need to start all over again.

She tough for here self: Boys and there fears for the potty.

Draw by Diapered-buns


What have happen whit me?

What have happen whit me?Foxy was out walking a nice summer day when he suddenly found a Coca-Cola bottle that was not opened in the middle of the sidewalk. It was a new kind of Coca-Cola that had been the following words The drink that makes you feel young again. Foxy was very happy about it and determined himself to drink it when he had come home.

Once he came home, he sat in his favorite chair and began drinking from the Coca Cola bottle.

Suddenly Foxy feel something strange and his body starting to feel little weird. It was like all the strange in his body had disappeared. Foxy open his easy and everything look so big and his favorite cloths did dent fit any more and his underwear was replace bay a big thick diaper. The only thing that is missing now is the pacifier.

What have happen?

Foxy had miss to read some imported information on the bottle. It have a strange side effect. And i bet you can guess what that was?

Draw by: Diapered-buns