Big order from SaveExpress

This morning have a made a big order from SaveExpress. This is what i have order:

14163312,12EUR36,36 EUR
Abri Form M4 xPlus medium ,Slip,weiss ,, FOLIE 14er Packung
Neutrale Verpackung – neutral packing
3AKTION001318,88EUR56,64 EUR
Tena Slip Maxi , medium ,weiss/lila , ,24er Packung
4HEC40350127,29EUR14,58 EUR
Abri-Let Maxi 15x57cm Vorlage Abena ,30er Packung
50313201517,97EUR7,97 EUR
Seni -V- Vlies Formvorlage Maxi ,ohne Folie ,30er Packung

Total Value: 152,05 EUR.

Now do i dont need to worry about to run out of boosters or diaper for some time and that is awesome.

Babyfur Comic: Foxy Get Frightened By Haunter

Babyfur Comic: Foxy Microcomic
Babyfur Comic: Foxy Microcomic.

Good thing to wear diapers when you get scared by a Haunter that you are trying to catch. It happen weary easy that you can wet your self it you get frightened like that. And that way Foxy decide that he should wear a diaper. So he could focus on catching Haunter instead of worry about wetting his pants if Haunter decide to scare him.

Draw by: familliar


Hide my bone

Hide my bone
Hide my bone

Foxy is a happy fox today. He have find his new bone that his mother have give him and he have a new and cozy diaper that he can use. Foxy decide that he need to crawl away and hide this nice bone so no one else can find it. But the problem where should he hide it? Whit his toys? Inside his big mountain of plushy s? Or maybe he can hide it behind his diaper pail? No one should look close to that pail whit the smelly diapers that are stored inside.

Do you have any good suggestion on some good place there Foxy can hide his bone?

Draw by: familliar

Bambino Diapers have block non-US ip address

I write early today that i have some problem to access Bambino Diapers main website. I have new get some new information from Zander on DailyDiapers that the have block non-US ip address from access there main site. If you try to visit whit a non-US ip address you should redirect to // whit the info that we dont ship to. But it look like they have screwed up the setup for this.

I dont know way they have did something like this and way not they have post any information about this on there twitter or Facbook page. I think this is stupid way should not people that dont live in US have the possibly to access there site?

I hope the fix this problem and make it possible for people whit non-US ip address to access there main site again.

Wednesday’s Fantastic Art Show (this week is ReXam-1)

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Hey Hey all me Wolfys here is me next art show this week is ReXam-1 a really really really super great artist just love his art soooooo much so thank you so much to him and too all other that let me use there pic for him ^^

see you next time Wolfys

here is art page ReXam-1

Text and video by: XWinterWolfXxX

I think this was weary nice and cute of XWinterWolfXxX to do a video about ReXam-1. I think this is the first art video about ReXam-1 art work and he deserves it that is what i think. And i hope that he like the video thatXWinterWolfXxX made for him.

Bath time and cub care! Part 3

Bath time and cub care! Part 3
Bath time and cub care! Part 3

Matt was in his car but decided to get off and return again to his boss,he rang the door bell and one very happy boss said:
“You came back, my boy!”

Matt with his face a little embarrassed said:
“Boss … I … I want and I wish to hug you on your bed…but just for only a moment!Can I?”

The boss:”Absolutely and definitely my pup! Come with me and do whatever you want with me!ARF!”

What a wonderful opportunity for Matt,his boss on his lap, naked, and with his rear end ready for anything!And Matt laid his head on his boss’s bare bottom, and patted him with love and sigh, and sigh many times…and whisper an “I love you daddy”!


Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

Source: //

Good that Matt get a chance to get a revenge on the boss. From the look on his face it look like he really like this and i can understand way he like it. Now can he show the boss how match he like him. So i hope that he give the boss a very red and hurting butt now. But from the look on the boss face it dont seems to bother him that match that he going to get some spanking.