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Playing Clean-Up

Playing Clean-Up
Playing Clean-Up

Here’s a comic from 2005, based on one of my favorite subjects.  The teens in the strip are Sarah, a striped skunk, and Lynn, a desert lynx (also known as the caracal).  Gasp in awe at my overused gradient effects and impossible perspectives!

Source: http://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=45802

Good game :)

Pants Shopping

Pants Shopping
Pants Shopping

I decided to get a theme that involves a parent this time and I came up with this idea ^^ here’s the story to it x3

Beto has just turned 8 and still hasn’t been doing any better in potty training. His mother doesn’t have any pants that can fit over his thick diapers and any thinner ones will leak and wet his pants. So his mother took him out to the mall in just a shirt and a diaper to go shopping for new pants that can fit him. of course this makes poor beto all embarrassed and blushy to go out like this in public. and you can tell by his face and legs that he’s gonna go potty any minute. (in his pampers x3)

Mama red: What’s wrong dear? going potty?

Beto: n…no… ;-; *starts to get soggy*



art by: ende

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4762669/

Poor boy. Not fun to go outside in this thick diaper and any wan can see it to. I can understand how he feels about this.