Place an order on SaveExpress 4 September

I talk about this yesterday that i was thinking about to place an order on SaveExpress but i was not sure when i should do that. This morning i decide that i should place an order and this what was i order from the shop:

1BD-061-TO75-00411,54EUR1,54 EUR
bella baby Happy – Pflegecreme a 50ml Tube
Neutrale Verpackung – neutral packing
3BD-061-B200-006_112,32EUR2,32 EUR
bella Baby Happy – Baby Oel a 200ml. (Oliwka)
45620275280119,89EUR19,89 EUR
ID Expert Slip Super ,medium ,weiss/gruen, FOLIE, ,28er Packung
5NDXZ1013,33EUR3,33 EUR
asid Elca med Enthaarungscreme 75ml PZN4184480
60315109917,17EUR7,17 EUR
Super Seni Quatro Windel medium Gr.2 rosa, 10er Packung
7GRATIS110,01EUR0,01 EUR

I hope that i going to like the new diapers that i have decide to try this time.

Kiss my pull-ups, Ken

Kiss my pull-ups, Ken
Kiss my pull-ups, Ken.

Ken chases after Tough Heart bull onto the clouds for his nap, but the bull cub has
other plans.

The little bull tosses Ken around Care-O-Lot’s clouds and knocks him on his back.
Then the little bull stick his big boy pull-ups in Ken’s face for extra measure.

Cub: BlazeHeartPanther.

Draw by: Gloverboy23.

Source: //

I bet this what not something nice for Ken to get force to smell the back of Tough Heart diaper. I only hope that Tough Heart diaper is clean or maybe you st wet. Could dont be so match fun to kiss or smell his messy diaper that close. But i think that Ken have earned this type of punishment he have bean a weary bad and naughty boy that have decide to chasing this cute care bears.

SaveExpress have a new product – ID Expert Slip Super

ID Expert Slip Super
ID Expert Slip Super.

ID SLIP are all-in-one briefs offering an effective solution for managing moderate to heavy incontinence. With a high level of absorption, the all-in-ones provide the user with anti-leakage security and optimal comfort. They are particularly recommended for people with limited mobility or who are confined to bed.

Absorbency: 3250ml


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This new diaper that SaveExpress have add in there store look like it can be something to try out next time i place an order whit them. But i dont know when that going to be right now. I have allot of diapers at home so i dont need to restock any thing right now. But maybe i place a small order so i can get the chance to try this ID Expert Slip Super.

What do you think? Have you had a chance to try this diapers? If you have that it should be nice if you could share whit the rest of us what your think about this product. If you think this diaper is something that people should try.

Fabine Exclusive going to have a new design

Today i get a nice newsletter from Buntewindel that they going to release a new Fabine whit a new type of baby design on the diaper. This new design is going to replace the old design that the diaper have today. Dont know way they dont can stick whit both design they have.

Here you see now the new design of the new Fabine Exclusive.

New design on Fabine Exclusive

This new diaper is only going to be sold exclusive only from us and our partner diaperhaus and ABDL Factory for the first 2 years.

The diaper is going to be in the store around Dec. 2013 / Jan. 2014. And you can start to pre-order the new Fabine Exclusive around October / November.

Wounder if it going to be any more news on this diaper then the design. I hope it going to be some wider wings and some more hight on the diaper so it fit more comfortably around the body.

What do you think about this new design?

Changing in a stall is hard

Changing in a stall is hard
Changing in a stall is hard.

I hope no one hears the crinkling.

Tiger: Se7enTiger.

Draw by: emeritus_terciel.

Source: //

Yes i know changing in a stall is not the easiest thing that you can do. Special if the diaper is of that type that give away lots of nosies and you need to be careful to so the wet diaper not landing on the floor whit a big splashing sounds that can come from a weary wet diaper. And the diaper you wear look to be that kind of wet that can give away that kind of sand if it landing on the floor. So i hope that you hold on to your diaper so that not happen.

A thing that can be good if it is allot of other nosies around your stall that make things allot easier for you to do the change. It is not easy to discover the crinkling sounds from your diaper from all the other things they here.

I hope that things ends up good for you and that no one found out about the diapers.





Matt was very angry with Remi, because it was Remi’s turn to wash the dishes!

Matt:”What the hell are you doing sitting there,Remi?I went to the kitchen and the dirty dishes are still there!Today is your turn! Did you forget?”

Remi:”Papa, I’m busy now!I’m watching my favorite show now,”the teenage ninja pups”! Much later I’ll do the dishes!I got an idea,papa,Sammy or maybe your silly boyfriend the boss, can do the work for me!”

Matt without saying a word,carried up his son to his room and there, Matt pulled down Remi’s diaper,and spanked him hard until his bottom was red and sore!
Later, Matt grounded his son in his room, took the TV remote control and placed between his son’s buttocks, as a reminder that… it’s best to obey than to disobey!^.^

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

Source: //

I agree whit Matt that spanking is the right way to discipline this boy and you should always do the thing your parents tell you to do if you wont to avoid gating spanked like that. But one thing that i dont understand is way Matt placed the TV remote control between his son’s buttocks? What sort of punishment can that be?