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Foxys morning check

Foxys morning check
Foxys morning check

Foxy like to do a check up every morning on his diaper that he have. It is so nice to whats all this diaper that he is going to wear and use like a good baby do. The diaper to the right is the thick night diaper and the one to the left is the thick day diaper. Every thing is thick so he can get a very cute and big diaper butt and he can focus on playing whit his favorite cars. His mom always say that boys always wet more then girls and need thicker diaper for that. But foxy dont mind it because it give him that thick and cute diaper butt that make him very cute.

Right now he is thinking about what type of diaper he is going to wear this day. Foxy decide that he should go whit the dolphin print diaper.

Draw by:  batladie

  • The Well-Stocked Diaper Drawer (adriansurley.com)

Race Car Diaper In New Bigger Size

The qualitydiapers.net have post on there blog today that the have release a new size on the Race Car Diaper. The new size is going to be 2x-large and going to be available in the store  June 1. Before that time is it only available to some special customers.

Information from the company’s blog about this new release:


QualityDiapers.Net is pleased to announce the expansion of the Race Car Diaper line to include a new, larger size—The Boy’s 2X-Large.  Designed for older teen and young man, this diaper is identical in design and construction as the existing Large and X-Large Race Car design, just sized bigger!  The Boy’s 2X-Large will fit a young man comfortably that has a waist size between 38″ to 46″ or weighs between 175 and 225 pounds.

So what do you say are you going to order the diaper? Have you try it before? What do you think of this new size? Is it something that you have bean waiting for a long time?

I have bean waiting for this for some time. Maybe i can get the chance to try this diapers now. I only needs to check out how match it cost to get it send to me before i decide.

If you like you can read some Absorbency Test on the Race Car Diaper that maybe help you decide if it is something that you would like to try.

Race Car Diaper
Source: http://www.qualitydiapers.net/

Time to relax for emachine08

Time to relax
Time to relax

This is a birthday picture for emachine08 from hi friend neodeathwolf. And i think it is a very nice picture to order for his birthday.

Cub: emachine08

Draw by: toddlergirl

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10672698/

This drawing relay enplane how nice and cozy it can be to put on a nice diaper after a long day at work. Relay let you to relax and have a nice and relax time whit noting to worry and thing about. Yost that kind of life a baby have every day whit nothing to worry about or any hard demands. The only thing that you need to do is to sleep and all the other kind a baby do.

Potty Dances at Sunset

Potty Dances at Sunset
Potty Dances at Sunset

Coren and Lepkitty were forced to wear big kid underwear for the first time in their lives… Quite traumatic for three year olds who love their diapers… After a day of refusing to use the potty, in favor of daytime bedwetting, Coren came up with the idea that the two kittens could snatch up every pair of underwear that the parents had given either of them, and pile them up atop mommy’s bed at sunset while she was out shopping. They would then take their most recent soaked diapers from the pail, put them back on, and dance on top of the pile of underwear before flooding themselves and making a huge stain in mommy’s mattress, ruining every pair of underwear they had. Sure, they’d get spanked when mommy got home, but they’d be back in diapers for a while longer, and that’s all that really mattered.

Art ©  ruugiaruu
Coren © Coren
Lepkitty © lepkitty

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10666457/

This is the first time i have sean this type of Potty dance. It seams that this two cubs relay would like to be back in diapers 24/7 when they use the old and wet diapers for something like this. The face expression on lepkitty is kind of special. I hope this plane work for them and mom decide to put them back to diapers 27/7 for that seams clear to me that is what they wont the most.

Comic: AR’d By My Cousin Part 2: Big Kid?

Comic: AR'd By My Cousin Part 2: Big Kid?
Comic: AR’d By My Cousin Part 2: Big Kid?

Draw by: BabyChrisTheFox

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10665820/

It can be very hard when it comes to win a bet special if the best is about that you should have your diaper all clean and dry. That can be very hard thing for a toddler to keep his diaper all dry and clean. Special if you relay need to go and dont know how you are going to use the potty yet. But remember even big kids can have accident in there pants some time. special when there are sick or trying to learn the potty. So you are going to be a big kid in some point. But maybe you dont going to be a big kid right now when you relay need to prove it so you can win the bet. Maybe you win the next time and remember that some time can be a good thing that you wearing a diaper.

Adult Diapering – Google Play

I found this adult diaper app on Google play when i look around the last night. I have bean waiting for some one to release this type of app. Can be a very nice app to have in your mobile phone.

Adult Diapering - Google Play

Information about the Adult Diapering App.

Adult Diapering helps people with medical conditions such as bowel or/and bladder incontinence track their daily brief changes. Features:
– Tracks daily diaper changes for adults.
– Logs diaper size, time, stool type and urine volume.
– No permissions are required; 100% safe.
Note: Some devices may experience crashes. The developer is trying to fix them as soon as possible. You can help by pressing button “Report” on crash dialog so that the developer can know what and where the bug is. Sending report requires 3G, WIFI or Internet to reach Google Play.

Sounds like a very nice and good app. It can be very good thing to have if you wont to keep track on your diaper change. You can find more picture on how the app looks like on Google Play.