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Top of the line, all night absorbency w/ extra wide coverage! Choose classic plastic exterior or breathable cloth-like.

You can read more about the product in one off my previous post or order it from NorthShore Care Supply.

Time for Foxy to start potty training

Time for Foxy to start potty training
Foxy was sitting on the floor in the living room watching some television and playing whit his toys car. When his mother walk in to the room and notes that Foxy seems to have a weary wet butt. She ask Foxy if he could go to the nursery and get a new clean diaper from the shelf below the changing table. She also mention that he maybe is going to notes something new that she have place in the nursery when he was playing.

Foxy wondering what that new thing could be when he slowly walking to his room. Maybe it could be some new toy for him to play whit. He did dent notes any thing new when he first entry the room but when he was ready to go back to the living room whit the clean diaper he had in his paws he notes some strange new chair whit a hole in the middle. What could this strange thing be he ask himself?

He was so occupied thinking about what this new thing could be that he did dent notes that his mother have entry the room. What did you think of you new potty char Foxy she ask? Potty chair what sort of thing is that? he ask his mother. This is the chair that you should use instead of your poofy thick diapers. You are soon 3 years old and it is time that you learn how to go potty like the big boys do it.

Foxy did dent like this weary match. He love to wear and use his diaper it always make him feel safe and relax.

What is Foxy going to do? Is his mother going to be able to potty train him?

Draw by: wen

Smuggled 25,000 Norwegian diapers

When police stopped a foreign registered van in Jämtland ridges on Friday evening revealed to a large-scale smuggling attempt. The car was filled to the brim with diapers purchased in Norway – specifically 25,179 pieces, the police could say after carefully counted them.

Two men, each in 25-40s, is now under arrest on suspicion of smuggling crimes, according to local media.

The ultimate goal of diaper smugglers believed to have been Lithuania, where the diapers will generate many times more than what they cost in purchases in Norway. Similar smuggling attempt of just diapers have been stopped several times in recent years.

This text is translated from Göteborgs-Posten.

NorthShore Supreme Briefs

As specialists at providing solutions for the most demanding incontinence situations, we have designed a product that provides the ultimate in comfort and protection. If your needs require a plastic backing, then NorthShore Supreme Briefs are your most secure solution featuring wide coverage, maximum absorbency, leg leakage protection, and odor control. Once activated, the Leak Guards will stand up for your best protection against leg leaking. See side panel for instructions. Available sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large. Latex-Free.


  • Maximum Absorbent Capacity: Sleep all night as the soft quick drying top sheet wicks moisture into the microsorb lining keeps skin and bedding dry.
  • Wide Coverage: Extra wide protection in front and rear along with high absorbency and a dual wetness indicator that alerts caregivers when a change is needed.
  • Stand-Up Leak Guards: Tall Leak Guards once activated will stand up to provide a secure barrier at leg openings to prevent side leaks and contain bowel incontinence.
  • Plastic Backing: Smooth white plastic exterior provides maximum waterproof and anti-odor protection.
  • Premium Quality: Multiple quality construction features make these adult diapers truly Supreme as they are your best defense in the most demanding situations.

SupremeIcons2pFrom the information i have heard from ADISC it seems like this is a weary good diaper to wear and it seems like ti do what it is suppose to do. I maybe decide to order a package and try it out.

You can order it on NorthShore Care Supply website.

Abri Form Junior

It look like Abena have release a new type of smaller diaper for kids that are between 5-15 years old.

Abri Form JuniorDeprecation

Abri-Form Junior is Abena’s disposable diapers for teenagers and children, designed specifically to fit juniors between 5-15 years that suffer from quick and uncontrolled urination.

Abena’s youth diapers offer a narrower core and a smaller leg cut, which makes them a perfect choice as nappies for teenagers. Strong elastic curves and flexible tapes also make this junior incontinence product a suitable solution when looking for nappies for disabled children.

Abri-Form Junior provides full breathability and a fast absorbing sub-layer that spreads the liquid and makes the user feel dry even after leakage.


  • Strong curved elastics
  • Flexible tapes
  • Full breathability
  • Non-woven sub-layer
  • Textile backsheet
  • Optimum, variable fit

You can order the diaper on SaveExpress.