Arms Up!

Arms Up!
Arms Up!.

Someone needs help changing clothes.

Cub: radix.

Draw by: WonderingWolf18.


Aww this is so cute but radix look little worry about this cloths change. Wounder way? Maybe he dont wont to stand there wearing only his diaper? But he dont need to be worry it is normal for cub to receive help when they need some new cloths. Maybe it is bed time for him now or maybe the cloths has become dirty because he has played in the sandbox that boy cubs like to do when they are outside. I remember that i like to do that when i was a kid. It can also be the case that he have eat some food and the cloths can be dirty if he have decide to play whit the food instead of eating it.

But it is hard to see when you dont see how the old cloths look like but one thin can i be sure of that he look weary cute in this pose.

The robot!

The robot!
The robot!

You may wonder what the hell happened here!Well, to make the story a little shorter, the boss had recently acquired a robot!And that day the teachers had brought their elementary school students on an excursion to visit the boss’s company!

As always, the warnings of the teachers began:
“Don’t touch!Touch with your eyes and see with your hands!Behave!”

But … something always has to happen …Remi and Foxy did mischief and by “accident”, they activated the boss’s robot!

One of the main functions of the robot was … everyone who activate him without the boss’s voice command and his permission , will be automatically spanked!

Foxy:”I want my mommy!”
The boss:” I can’t turn off the robot,boys! The instructions say,he will turn off when he finishes the spanking!”

Definitely…boys will be boys…and curious too!

Guest character invited Foxy (abdl86)

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

It look like Foxy is going to have a toasted but soon to.

Foxy inside a baby bottle

Foxy inside a baby bottle
Foxy inside a baby bottle.

When Foxy woke up this morning he notes that something was weary strange and it dont take him many min to figurer out what was wrong. He have some how woke up inside a baby bottle. But how have he end up inside his own baby bottle? is he still dreaming or have he drink something strange before naptime? at least he still have his pacifier that he can suck on during the time he come up whit a plane to get out of his baby bottle. Then it hit him he could use the pacifier to break the bottle so he could get out. So he tack out his pacifier and try to smash one side of the bottle. But like you maybe understand that dont work so Foxy need to come up whit a new plane to get out of his bottle.

At least he is wearing a thick diaper if he is going to be stuck inside the bottle for some time.

Draw by: aspentree

Foxy shows how diaper work

Foxy shows how diaper work
Foxy shows how diaper work.

Foxy decide that he going to learn and show other babyfurs that he know how diapers work. But he dont like to be in the center when he dont have his pacifier. But the problem is when he now is sucking on the pacifier is any won going to understand what he is saying?

I think they going to do that because i talk in baby language that all baby understands. So it not going to be any problem whit that. I only hope that no adults or older kids is going to see me when i show how diapers work. That should be a little embarrassing if they know about this. This is only something i wont to show to my baby friends that suck pacifier and wears diapers to.

Draw by: diapered-buns

Sad wet leaking Foxy

Sad wet leaking Foxy
Sad wet leaking Foxy.

Foxy wake up this morning and notes that something was strange he did dent know exactly what it was but something fills cold and wet. Then he found out what it was his diaper have leak during the night so his pants and side of the bed was wet and that was to match for him so he starting to cry some big tears like most cubs do when they did dent like something.

Ronald that sleep on the other side of the bed wake up when Foxy starting to cry and he notes way he cry. Ronald have wake up many times whit a leaking diaper so he is more use to that but this is not something that Foxy wake up to allot of times and beside Foxy cry s more then Ronald do.

Ronald dont like when Foxy is sad so he try to calm him down by huging him and he almost starting to cry to. But he try to stay strong for Foxy but it is hard for him to do that. He like his fox friend allot and dont wont him to be sad that make him sad to

Hope mom come soon and help Foxy into some dry diapers and cloths.

Draw by: diapered-buns.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon.

Foxy: abdl86.

Use adult diapers dumped on the road

At first it looked like an isolated incident. But when they use adult diapers repeatedly dumped on Route 8 near Alssundbroen Anades a pattern.
Now the matter is reported to the police.
– It’s only a matter of time before an accident happens, says Finnborg on Arkil Vejservice to P4 Syd.

Despite years of campaigning for clean roads in southern Jutland appreciated every motorist dump waste from their car. And during the summer, the shit has reached a whole new level. Several times a week, from 2 to 12 using adult diapers dumped on Route 8 near Alssundbroen .

– We first thought it was a truck from a nursing home that had lost its load, but we started to see where they were. It was located right on the center line facing up so you can see what is in said Finnborg to P4 Syd.
” Must Stop ”
Apart from the purely sanitary inconvenience fears he diapers will cause an accident.
– If there is a car driving between 130 and 140 km / h that react when they see something on the road. It’s only a matter of time before an accident occurs , he says to the radio.
About two weeks ago, police were notified dumps are , but without effect.
– Now get the fucking enough. It’s not pretty , and especially not such a summer we’ve had. It must end – the sooner the better, says Finnborg to P4 Syd.

This text is translated from this Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Who can come up whit the id to dump thats match adult diapers on the road?