Foxys new friend

Foxys new friendFoxy and his mother was visiting a petting zoo (You know a place where cubs like Foxy learn the right way to treat animals.) The reason way they was visiting the petting zoo this day was that Foxys mother had a little surprise for him when they get back home. So when they get home she told Foxy that he could go to his room and there he should find a surprise. Foxy was happen when he hard that because he thought he should get a new toy care. But when he enter his room he found something else. A cute kitten was waiting for him inside and when the kitten notes Foxy he make a cute little noise and run to Foxy so he could get some nice attention.

Foxy was happy that he had visiting the petting zoo that they now he know what he could do whit this kitten to make him happy. Bay giving him allot of pats something that it seems like this little cute kitten love to get :)

Draw by: Hareluca

No Drawing on the Walls!

No Drawing on the Walls!Looks like Caiden is at it again. He was let off with a time-out and a warning when he drew on the naughty corner wall (// . He wasn’t so lucky this time.

Cub: tugscarebear

Draw by: exoticlunarwolf

Source: //

Yes kids that Caiden that draws on the wall end up whit a bare bottom over there mothers knee for a spanking so they learn to not do it again and it seems that Caiden have receive allot of spanking this time when his butt look this red. It most hurt allot. Wounder way he is not crying right now and beg his mother to stop spanking him? Maybe he knows that he deserve this for drawing on the wall.

Pokemon Comic: Diapered Little Lucario

Pokemon Comic: Diapered Little LucarioWell, Lucario was babysitting me for two months, mostly just changing my diapers. When I was occupied watching TV, he snuck into my room and grabbed one of my diapers and put it on. He didn’t realize me open the door. I was going to ask him for a change, and then I saw he was wearing my diapers. He saw me and made a terrified/ nervous look. I smiled, and started friendly teasing him about it. He tried to explain but couldn’t make anything up. Well, turns out he’s not that good at holding his stuff in when he’s nervous, because he made a huge warm mess into his diaper. He looked down to his super messy diaper, then to me. “You totally like it.”
He blushed and looked away, “Shut up…”.

Source: //

Text and drawing bay: Poke-anima

Yes it really look that way that Lucario enjoy wearing diapers to and he seems to use them weary well to like his friend Pikachu do. Now them bout need to have a clean diaper before they starting to leak.

Today did i receive my order from NorthShore

20141006_193522Like you see on the photos above i receive my order from NorthShore Care Supply 1 package of the NorthShore Supreme Briefs and one package of there booster pads. It should be weary interesting to see how the NorthShore Supreme Briefs are for type of diapers. I have heard many good things about them so it should be weary interesting to see how they are. The only bad thing is they are kind of expensive special if you ship them from US to Sweden. I dont think i going to do it again when it cost this match money. But i always like to try out new things so that was the reason way i decide to order this diapers and the pads.

I really love the design on the packages . It have thous kind of things that i miss on the regular and bigger brands like Tena and Abena.

May only hope to get this diaper in the future is that SaveExpress make a deal so they can sell this diaper.

Fussy babies are alway a big challenge

Fussy babies are alway a big challenge

Believe it or not y’all, my first experience as a bottom was with a Daddy. Before that and even a bit after, I was sooo sure I was a dom. I tried hard to ignore my subby desires. One day I couldn’t ignore them anymore. So I drove unexpected to Daddy M’s House. He happened to be the daddy of mine and when I poured my heart out to him, it goes without saying that he was shocked; delighted too, but still shocked. He put his hand around me and asked me about my limits, desires, and littleness. As he started to undress me that day, Daddy M told me he knew exactly how to handle Babyboys who are too big for their britches. ~Crash

Story by squeakpigsrevenge
Fussy babies are alway a challenge. The first time I played with Crash he fussed nearly the entire time. Back chat got him thoroughly spanked early in the day, which I’d hoped would calm his behavior. No such luck. He fussed and sassed and pouted until I’d had enough and decided a diaper change and a temperature check would hopefully push him into the good boy headspace he clearly wanted into. He blushed prettily but laid down willingly enough onto the changing mat, lying mostly still as I untaped his diaper and lifted his legs into the changing position. However the calm was short lived as he felt the slicked thermometer press at his most private part. He squawked and cried, trying to put his legs down and wiggle off the table. I kept him anchored with a firm grip on his little boy wee and began to spank (firm pats) his grapes, scolding him all the while. The naughty little thing squirted all over my hand and his own tummy. I continued to spank well past the afterglow, eliciting real tears.

Needless to say, I had a very well behaved boy after that.

Art by arkhamsdiaperpail

Source for everything: //

Bad boys deserve to get there bare bottom spanked before the diaper gets on.

Messy Little Pikachu

Messy Little PikachuThis was before the lab incident. Lucario was going to babysitting me for the summer and didn’t realize what he was getting himself into… About a half an hour after he started, this is how he found me. I was really messy and stinky, which kinda sucked for him because dogs have a strong sense of smell and he gagged when he picked me up. Well, I can tell he’s going to have fun for the next two months.

Source: //

Draw and text by: Poke-anima

Yes i can really understand Pikachu that he wont to have his diaper change. But i can understand Lucario at the same time to it cannot be so match fun to be force to change this messy and stinky diaper that Pikachu is wearing. But someone need to help him into a clean and dry diaper before he ends up whit a bad diaper rash.

What should you do if you get force to change a stinky messy diaper like this one?