Hangovers turn cute cubs into little demons.

Cub: muira_wolf_pup

Draw by: kurowolfboy

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12156669/.

Something in this picture dont seems to be right? A boy in his age should not smoke or drink it is not good for him to do that. I only ope his parents found out about this thing. Wounder what his parents is going to do whit him? Maybe they are going to spank him or something for this. If they decide to do that i think he have deserve it a baby should not use this sort of thing it is weary dangerous for him and he need to learn that he dont should take things that belongs to his mom and dad.



Seems I’ve been turned into a unwilling test subject for a robotic nursery. Complete with a changing table designed to prevent a cub from squirming away or interfering with their diaper change (perfect for those cubs who think they are to old for diapers).

Fox: ace_fox84.

Draw by: catmonkshiro.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12104892/.

Yes it seems like this machine is weary effective when it comes to prevent the cubs from interfering with their diaper change special when it comes to older cubs like this one. It i not good if a cub decide that he should interfere whit the diaper change it can lead to a toasted spanking bottom for the cub. But whit this sort of machine the cub cannot do any thing to stop to be putting back into a clean thick diaper that we know older cubs need to wear so he dont ends up whit any diaper leaks and some wet pajamas and that is not so fun.

I hope that ace_fox84 learn to understand that he needs to wear diapers.

Tummy Ache For Pichuboy

Tummy Ache For Pichuboy
Tummy Ache For Pichuboy.

I guess eating too much candy really did a number on my tummy. I probably won’t eat as much next year :).

Pichu: Pichuboy.

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12103145/

If you remember this picture: http://www.myabdllife.com/2013/11/09/yummy-candy-fills-my-tummy/.

He receive allot of candy during the Halloween and i write that i think that he should end up whit a bad tummy ache from all this candy that he have eating. And from the look on this picture it seems that i was right about this but still it is not so fun to see him have this big pain and i hope that its going way soon but it is not easy to think about that when you have this pain right now. Good thing that he have a thick and poofy diaper because i think he is going to fill it up soon and when he have done that i think that tummy ache maybe dont is this bad any more. And that he finely can have some relief and maybe have a nap so he can rest his poor tummy.

I only hope that he learn something from this to next year so he dont end up whit the same thing again.

I only wish that i could do any thing to help him whit the bad tummy ache.

Price per diaper and size info

I found this interesting images on Tumblr that winnietheeeyore have posted and i thought it was something nice and good info that i decide that i should post this on my blog so more diaper people can see this info that he have created.

tumblr_mwapgfmnb01s2txmco1_500 tumblr_mwapgfmnb01s2txmco2_500You find his Tumblr post here.

Not every day i order diapers from EuroDL

Like the title say it is not every day i order diaper from this online shope. But when i visit the shop yesterday i found some new diaper that i would like to see if they are something.  So i send a message to the store owner and ask a cople of questions about this diaper. And he told me this diaper was weary good to use for day time but not something i should use for a night time diaper. The diaper also had a good core that help to protect your skin so you dont end up whit diaper rash. So i decided that i should order 4 IndaSlip Maxi diaper so i can try it before i maybe order a full package of the diaper. It is not so good to order a whole package when you dont know if this diaper is something that you like to wear and use.

Should be nice to see when i receive my order and i would like to thanks the owner of the shop for some nice support that he have.

IndaSlip Maxi

Unique diaper with aloe vera impregnated inner core to protect against rash. Plastic front and back with breathable sides for maximum comfort. High absorption and good fit.

Pack of 14

Maxi 2 Medium – 80-125 cm – 2400ml
Maxi 3 Large – 110-150cm – 3000ml

You find the product here.



Diapering, peeing, and cummies in diaper

If you wont to see that sort of stuff i can recommend you to look into this blog post from that you can see that sort of thing.

It was kind of nice video that he post and you get a good engle to see when he wet inside his Bambino classico diaper. And you goung to hear allot of strong and nice crinkle sound from that diaper in this video. That make this video something special and the peeing sound make a good background noise to the sound of the diaper.

I hope you going to like what you see. And i wont to give you a warning that you going to see allot of Pee pee in this video. But if you like that sort of thing then this two videos that you can see in that blog post should be perfect for you to see.