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You Want To Be A Baby? By Croc Chapter 12


The Next Morning…

I woken up in my new crib, it’s been a day of my new found babyhood and it felt odd. Years of being used to big boy boxer shorts and using the toilet, I am now forced to have a life wearing nappies…and to use them.

Apart from that I had a nice sleep in my new soft crib, along with my new friends: my soft toys. I grabbed hold of one large teddy and cuddled him for comfort like I used to do with my pillows in my large double-bed: which is now down the dump yard.

I lay on my back in my crib holding my teddy tightly, I looked up at the ceiling and thought for a while…I could even smell the fresh paint that Mummy has used to decorate my Nursery.

Then I needed to wee, I let go and wet my nappy on purpose, sod it, I’m screwed anyhow, so I might as well become the best baby boy I can be for my Mummy.

The wee flowed down the back of my thighs in my nappy and into my bum crack: which felt really good, I also felt helpless and boyish.

And right on time Mummy entered my Nursery:

“Rise and shine Johnny.” – Mummy rejoiced as she opened the blinds in the Nursery, causing the bright sun to hit my eyes.

“Mummy.” – I commented as I rubbed my eyes.

“Sorry baby.” – Mummy replied as she moved the blinds.

Mummy then walked up to my crib and unlocked the top of it:

“Let me see.” – Mummy told herself as she placed her right index finger into my nappied crotch.

I looked up to her.

“Well, it looks like my widdle boy is getting use to his new lifestyle, is Mummy right?” – Mummy cooed down at me with a loving smile.

I nodded and giggled.

“Then it’s nappy changing time; yes it is!” – Mummy proudly announced clapping her hands.

I got out of my crib with a new friend: Teddy in my left hand. Mummy then stopped me in my tracks:

“I’m waiting.” – Mummy sternly told me.

I grew closer to my Mummy’s beautiful face and gave her a loving kiss on her right cheek.

“Good boy, who’s a good boy wishing his Mummy a wonderful morning hmm?” – Mummy smiled in happiness as she gave me a kiss back, marking her lipstick on my facial cheeks.

“I am Mummy.” – I said in a babyish tone with a now blushing face.

“Damn right you are Johnny. Now take my hand and let Mummy lead you to your changing table.” – Mummy told me as she placed out her hand.

I took her hand and Mummy held it tightly as she pulled me from one end of the Nursery to the other.

Mummy strapped me down onto my new changing table and she got on with her Mummy duty: which she confessed to me:

“You know John…” – Mummy lightly spoke as she unstrapped my wet nappy.

“…I miss this…I miss changing your nappies, sorry if I was a mean bitch yesterday at the Toddler Centre, I’m only doing what I think is best for my baby boy, as what any Mummy would do.” – Mummy sadly informed me as she wiped my crotch and bum crack down with Pampers baby wipes.

“I know Mummy.” – I told her as I looked at her deep into her perfect green eyes as she cleaned me down.

“I love you, you know that right?” – Mummy asked me as she rubbed in nappy rash cream into my bottom and crotch.

“I know you do Mummy, I love you to and I’m sorry if I rebelled yesterday with the mums at Mothercare and at the Toddler Centre.” – I told Mummy lightly crying and sniffing my nose.

Mummy grabbed a tissue and wiped my nose:

“Aww John, little boys do rebel now and again, and it’s for their mummies to keep them in line, at least you know now, that if you’ll be a naughty boy again, which I know you will be: at least you know why you are being punished.” – Mummy cooed at me kissing my forehead then getting back to her nappy duty.

Mummy sprinkled the Johnston’s baby powder over my bottom, crotch, tummy and chest. She got her two hands and rubbed it into my pale and hairless skin.

I took in the scent and by God I found it nice; along with the baby wipes and nappy rash cream…I’m getting to like this scent, more so that my old male aftershaves.

After the baby powder, Mummy grabbed a new Cuddlz nappy and placed it underneath my bottom.

But then like yesterday:

“Oh my, looks like Mummy will have to do something about her little boy’s erections…hmm…let’s see…where I put it?” – Mummy paused away from changing my nappy and placed her right hand underneath her chin: thinking.

Mummy looked round the Nursery, at all my new units:

“Ah yes!” – Mummy announced.

Mummy walked over to the right side of the Nursery and opened a small draw of one of the units, she grabbed something: I couldn’t see what it was. I was strapped down and could only move my eyes and tilt my head.

Mummy walked back and looked down at me with a smirk, holding up this thing in my full viewing:

“You know what this is?” – Mummy asked me in a serious tone.

“No Mummy.” – I fearfully replied.

“It’s a male cock chastity device. Since you’re really a young man of nineteen and had a cock of a teenage boy…I knew I had to get something to make sure for most of the time, your dick functions of that of an infant. Yesterday’s shag with Kimmy and me wanking you off, was a one off, for you were the ‘Birthday Boy’. But that day has past.” – Mummy informed me.

Mummy then grabbed an ice pack underneath the changing table and held it up into my viewing:

“I’m going to cool down your erection baby, and then I’m going to place on this device so you won’t be able to function like a teenage boy. Though, later on, if you’re a good boy for your guests; I’ll release you from your chastity…only if you’re a good boy that it.” – Mummy wickedly smiled at me as she then placed the ice cold ice pack onto my cock and balls.

It felt odd and soon enough my cock had shrunk and my lustful urges had gone. Mummy placed the ice pack back into the small freezer underneath my changing table.

Mummy then placed hold of this cock chastity device and placed it over my shrivelled dick.

“I know boys your age get ‘morning glory’ but take my word for it: you will be going to sleep in your crib with this on. How do you think I feel as a woman, knowing that every time I change my little boy’s nappies that I’ll have his erected cock in my face? It’s disrespectful to women and to your Mummy. But, if you behave, you’ll get treats.” – Mummy told me giving me a cheeky wink.

I was speechless, I thought my babyhood was going to be sexual like that with Kim yesterday…all I could do now is obey Mummy, and I was more thinking on who will be my guests later on?

Mummy fitted the cock device – that also had a padded lock. Mummy had the key! She placed it in her apron pocket.

Mummy grabbed the Cuddlz nappy and placed it over my chained crotch.

“I want my widdle boy to be a comfortable widdle boy.” – Mummy teased me with a loving smile as she finally nappied me.

Mummy unstrapped me and ordered me to stand up straight and wait for her.

Mummy walked over to my new wardrobe and took out a perfectly fitted Crocodile onesie. Mummy walked over to me.

“Lay down I want to dress you in this: it’s going to be a cold day today, and I don’t want my little boy to catch a cold, Mummy is only protecting you sweetheart.” – Mummy pouted her lips with a grin.

I lay down onto the Nursery floor; Mummy knelt down and then began to dress me in my new long onesie. Once zipped up at the back and dressed, Mummy grabbed a matching dark green Croc dummy and shoved it into my mouth:

“Aww, you look so cute! Your guests are going to adore you; yes they are!” – Mummy cooed down at me.

This onesie had built in mittens, I couldn’t use my hands.

“You’ll be able to play with your blocks in your playpen downstairs, so baby, lead Mummy the way. Don’t worry about Teddy, he’s in Mummy’s safe hands.” – Mummy cooed softly.

The Nursery door was open and I began to crawl out of the Nursery, this onesie had protection for my kneecaps so I don’t graze them.

Mummy watched my nappied bottom crawl out of my Nursery. She placed my old nappy into my nappy bin in the Nursery, along with the dirty baby wipes.

Mummy slowly followed behind me, taking pleasure in watching her new baby boy crawling before her eyes.

It took me a long while to crawl downstairs and into the living room. Mummy placed me into my playpen and gave me Teddy for comfort while she cooked the breakfast…while I sat in the playpen I looked over to the living room table and my eyes glazed in fear, on the table was a large baby blue potty chair…fit for only one purpose: me…to entertain my so-called ‘guests’…

Written by: Croc

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Absorption Test Winner – ComfiCare M10 / L10, Super Absorbend Extra Thick

YouTube Preview Image

Maximum Absorption for ComfiCare M10 / L10, Super Absorbend Extra Thick, Plastic Backed

This video is created by: ABDL Factory

Information about ComfiCare

The ComfiCare Slip is suitable for heavy to very heavy forms of incontinence and night care.
Because ComfiCare Briefs are designed to prevent leakage, it is not very discreet. Please keep this in mind when discretion is important to you. ComfiCare diapers fall through the cutout a bit smaller, so please measure and compare the sizes in the chart.

Main features:

  •     discrete, white PE outer
  •     resealable adhesive strips
  •     tape area on the front for easy opening and reclosing
  •     discrete blue imprint on the tape zone
  •     ComfiStretch elastic waistband at the front and rear
  •     discrete yellow natheidsindicator
  •     elastics in high standing puncture edges
  •     protection against odors
  •     latex free

Winner in our Max. absorption test videos: 4619ml

Medium: 70-100 cm (27.6-39.4 inch), 12 diapers, 4619ml
Large: 100-150 cm (39.4-59.1 inch, 10 diapers, 5111ml

If you wont to order this diaper on ABDL Factory you can find it here. And i can agree this is a weary good diaper that handle allot of pee.


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Cooling off in the Sea

Cooling off in the SeaSwimming break~

Josh/Rex © ReXam-1
art © ReXam-1
Summer © everybody <3


It look like Josh have an awesome and fun time in the water like all cubs have when they visit the beach. And like all other cubs he is not potty trained yet so he need to where swim diapers instead of the diapers he wear when he is not bathing in the sea.

I really love this angle it make Josh to look so cute and happy and i hope his caretaker is going to let him spend many hours at the beach. This seems to be a place where he can have allot of fun and create some good memories.

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The New Improved Bambino Diapers


Medium & Large Diapers Ready to Ship!

The newest production of bambino diapers has an improved unitized core design. This new proprietary design which increases the dispersion of urine while maximizing the function of the diaper greatly enhances its comfort. The new addition of TRP (Time Released Polymers) increases wicking and strike through while increasing the resistance of the core from tearing or bunching. The TRP technology also helps increase the rate of absorption.


This sounds like an amazing and a good change on the diaper. I have place a order on this new improved bambino Diaper so its going to be nice to see how they are and work now :) Are you going to try them to?

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Locked in a Rubber Pants 1 and 2

Locked in a Rubber Pants 1
I got a brand new type of diaper that is supposedly made up of an unbreakable and uncuttable rubber. I decided to put it on and add a padlock to it. I locked it tight around my waist. Now it should be impossible to escape from without the key. To stop me from unlocking myself too early, I swallowed the key. Now all I have to do is wait ’till I get it back, but I forgot one thing…


Draw, text and Pikachu: Poke-anima

Awww wounder what he is going to do now when the key for the lock to the rubber pants is inside him now and we know what is going to be lather. Yes it is going to end up inside the locking pants. But how is he going to get it out?

Locked in a Rubber Pants 2After four days of being stuck in my diaper, it started to get soaked and very messy. The lock held tight, and the smell was starting to really get to me. Plugging my nose didn’t help either. They were right when they said the diaper was indestructible. As far as the key goes, I have it, just not in the place I want it…


Draw, text and Pikachu: Poke-anima

Yes i agree this diaper most smell weary badly now when it have been on for 4 days now. Wounder how he is going to unlock this locking rubber pants now when the key is inside his weary messy diaper?

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Sissypaws is so embarrassed

Im so embarrassedUm no i am totally dry i swear.

Text and Feline: Sissypaw

Draw by: fjf


Awww poor Sissypaw but i am sorry your diaper is not dry it is all wet and it look weary heavy. So i bet that you need to find someone that can change the diaper before you start leaking all over the floor. You are going to be more happy when you are wearing something dry and cozy instead of the cold wet soggy diaper that you wearing now.

Or maybe that is something whit the diaper change that make you sad or scared?


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