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Got Bullied

Got BulliedEllie was got bullied today, and wanted go to David´s home to telling about.
The only form has david for cheer her is going is just returning bank to being a baby again.

David Says: Don´t feel bad Ellie, you´re going feel better.

Draw and text by: ConejoBlanco


Aww poor Ellie it is not so fun to get bullied and good you have a friend that understand you but maybe dont threat you like you wont to be treated.

This is a weary good drawing that ConejoBlanco made it really capture the feeling that Ellie have right now.

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Save Express starting to sell Dry 24/7 Confidry

I recently revived a newsletter from Save Express there they informing that they soon will start to sell the the Dry 24/7 Confidry from United States in a soon futur. The price is going to be from 38 to 41 euro depends on what size your order. This is the first europien store that is starting to sell this adult diaper.

Dry-24-7-ConfidryYou can soon order the product here.

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Diaper Ads

Diaper AdsDraw by: ConejoBlanco


It look like we have two weary happy cubs in the diaper ads over the new diaper size that fit older boys and girls that still need to wear diaper because they have a hard time whit the potty training.

This was some nice art work by ConejoBlanco.

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Northshore Supreme Briefs absobency test

NorthShore Supreme Briefs are an adult brief featuring wide coverage, maximum absorbency, leg leakage protection, and odor control.

In this video I test the absorbency of this diaper.

Diaper overview:

Northshore care:

My website:

Text and video created by: diaperman89

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Valentine’s hug

 Valentine's hugToday is it valentines day and when Foxys mother wake him this morning she did so whit a big hug and allot of kisses and sad happy valentine Foxy. This was Foxys first valentine so his mother explained that it was a day to show other persons around you how match you love them so Foxy run to his Pikachu plushy that he left in the crib during the morning diaper change and starting to give him allot of hugs and kisses and sad happy valentine my friend.

Draw by: TailBiter

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Fluffems Diapers

Fluffems DiapersCub: Swiftfoxfire

Draw by: murreki


Looks like Swiftfoxfire have end up in a diaper ads for the new Fluffems Diapers and he look weary happy about it to.

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ADS Abena


Diaper ADS

HD Wetting

Fetish Video Store