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Messy blushing Foxy

 Messy blushing Foxy
Foxy had recently woke up from his little nap when he felt his tummy making some bad noise and starting to hurt allot. He slowly get up on all four and starting to purse. That have help before when his tummy hurt. Suddenly he hear a big explosion and the tummy ache is suddenly disappeared.

Looks like the thing that make the tummy pain is in the back of his diaper now :)

This is so blushing that you guys can see my messy diaper. Blushing big time.

Draw by ReXam-1

 Messy blushing Foxy (Wet version) Messy blushing Foxy (Clean version)

Maybe one day you will learn

Maybe one day you will learnI’m sure the punishment fits the crime hehe
feat hunter from the roadrovers :P this was his choice :3 hope I done the character justice.

Order by wolf_119

Draw and text by Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21645250/

Poor little boy he really have ended up flodding his diaper big time now and in public. That is even more humiliated.

The best way to game on PC


Yes wearing some thick and cozy diapers (Abri Form X-Plus) when you decide to play some video games on the computer or maybe do some other stuff on the computer is a very good combination. Everone hate