Night Tears

Night Tears
Not Everything is happy for Ellie, she remembs what she did in the past, and really missed do it again. But the times arenp´t the same…

She missed play with her old friends in the school, play some videogames, and more things when she was a kid.

Text, Ellie and draw by ConejoBlanco


Poor little Ellie it sounds like that was a wonderful time for this rabbit and i can understand way she is sad about it. Good thing that she have a plush that she could get some nice and good comfort from. That is always something.

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Kids can be embarrassing

Kids can be embarrassingkids sometimes have trouble being discreet.

YCH: NoxVulpes

Draw by komi


Yes kids can have a big problem when it comes to the discreet parts. Poor lady now is everyone know that she is the one whit a stinky butt.

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I gotta go! Ooops, too late

I gotta go! Ooops, too latePony and draw by vitriolink


Looks like the poor little pony did dent make it in time to the big ponys room before it happen an accident in the diaper instead. Good thing the diaper was on now when the potty room seems to be out of orders to.

Now the pony need to find a place to change that diaper before the smell get to strong.

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