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REARZ Spoiled Super Absorbent Briefs – Age Comfort

It look like Age Comfort have start to sell the REARZ Spoiled Super Absorbent diaper that are made by

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Product Description

Spoiled Super Absorbent Briefs by Rearz are made of brand name 4th generation super absorbent polymer gel crystals. They have better retaining power, even under pressure. They have a higher capacity boasting at least 4500ml-5000ml max capacity.


Brand name tapes

Thick core with USA grade A Fluff

Tall standing leg guards

Elastic waistbands front and pack

Plain white, unprinted outer

Reinforced frontal tape that allows refastening

Thick Vintage style PE backing


As a general note these run larger than “standard” sizing, closer to the sizing of Abena.

3” of overlap on each side

You find the size information here and that is also the page where you can place your order on the diapers.

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Soft Paws Diaper Info and Prices

littleabco.comToday Little AB Co release information about there babyfur printed diaper Soft Paws and this is the description off this diaper:


Soft Paws diapers is a brand new diaper with a furry themed design, with colorful paw prints, and 3 cute characters that’s sure bring a smile. Designed to be one of the best AB/DL diapers around it features 4000ml absorbency making it one of the most absorbent diapers around. Made possible by new generation SAP, thick fluffy core, and superior leak guards. Four super sticky 3M tapes with front tape landing zone for even better hold, durable but comfortable PE plastic outer layer, and front and back elastic waistbands for a comfortable secure fit.

Medium fits 30 – 42 inch waist
Large fits up to 52 inch waist
X-Large to be announced

Sold in packs of 12

4000ml absorbency
New generation SAP
Thick fluffy core
Super sticky 3M tapes, 2 per side (4 total)
Frontal tape landing zone
Super leak guards
Front and back elastic waistband
Durable PE plastic outer layer

Soft Paws DiaperSoft-Paws-Diapers-Info

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Trying Cloth Diapers

Trying Cloth DiapersSo, Lucario and I bought a pair of cloth diapers each, and they’re really comfy. I kept mine one for about 30 hours, and Lucario took his off after he wet it 3 times. Well, I don’t think he likes the way I smell right now, but he can deal with it, they’re waaaay to comfy to take off now. Funny thing is, he’ll have to change me when I decide I want out. You can tell he’s looking forward to it.

Draw and text by: Poke-anima


So this is what a soggy and well use cloth diaper look like. He really need to have that diaper change now i bet it is super stinky now.

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The yummy sandwich

Testy sandwichRicky is eating a peanut butter sandwich, just as mom prepared for him

Ah childhood~

Ricky: pichuboy

Draw and text by: pichu90


Aww this is so super cute. It look like Ricky really love the peanut butter sandwich that his mom have prepared for him. Se how happy he is when he fell the taste of it in his cute little mouth.

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giant diaper attack

giant diaper attack
sometimes you’re just minding your business when you get attacked and swallowed up but a giant, wet, living diaper. You try to escape, but it’s already wrapped itself nice and snug, leaving you trapped and struggling against the soft mushy padding. Whatever will happen next?

Cub and text: Not_original77

Draw by: liljdude


Yes it really looks like this cub raccoon is trap inside this big fluffy wet diaper now. Wounder how he should get out or if someone will notes this big diaper.

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Attack on Tummy

Attack on TummySource:

Look like that boy is going to wetting his diaper pretty soon special if that other boy continues to tickle him on his belly.

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