nekonekodiamata helpers need helping

nekonekodiamata helpers need helping looks like two of the Heroes’ helpers are in a bit of a pickle of a jam… But i wonder how they got here in the first place…

I also discovered why some people dislike drawing Midna. Personally i woulda picked Navi… Padded her up until all you could here were muffled shouts from a large ball of padding…

but these two need help… will anyone assist them?

Midna is © Nintendo
Fidget is © Humble Hearts

Draw and everything by catmonkshiro


Yes i wounder the same thing to? How did they end up in this place and who is going to change there very messy and wet diapers? It really seems like they need a diaper change now.

Taki Lost and found 3

Taki Lost and found 3Taki further investigates the bag and discovers it’s contents… it was clearly meant for a large baby… but she hasn’t seen anything like that around the park.

Skunk: Taki

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes wounder who own this diaper bags? I think it is a magic diaper bag.

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Locked in a nursery

Locked in a nurseryChase by axel1456

Draw by Lizab


Poor Chase it looks like he have end up in a strange nursery and he have been forced back to diapers and sucking on pacifier. And if you look closer on the diaper you can see that he have been forced to use it to.

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