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Mechanic ready to roll!

Mechanic ready to roll!

Raichu: RenChu

Draw by: Coshi_Dragonite


Here we have a weary cute Raichu that seems to be up to something whit a wrench. Maybe he is on his way to work or maybe fix some toys that is broken.

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Longer fun

Longer funKat used Diapers instead of panties, more longer fun :)

Draw, text and Kat by: ConejoBlanco


Yes Kat now when you have found out how good diapers are you dont need to stop when you having fun because you need to have a potty break. You can wet the diaper and change it when you have the time for it.

Wearing diapers have some good benefits.

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Please change me


Poor little wolf i dont think the person that he ask to change him is going to be able to do that. I think this pink diaper is to small for him. It dont going to fits around his waist. So i think he needs to understand that he needs to spend a little longer time in that stinky diaper before someone could change him. They need to find the right diaper size.

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DryCare ConfiDry 24/7 Briefs Plastic Backed


ConfiDry 24/7 is designed for over 12 hours of maximum protection, undisturbed full nights of rest & carefree relaxation! The dependable leak control and 3-D Core Absorbancy System keeps skin, clothing and bedding dry with a capacity of 2-3 liters. Comfidry with exceptionally strong and durable construction has a plastic waterproof outer layer, refastenable tabs, odor control, soft lining and is discreet to wear which gives a feeling of Confidence.

S = Width 63cm (25″), Length 79cm (31″), Waist 53-79cm (21-31″)
M = Width 74cm (29″), Length 89cm (35″), Waist 81-107cm (32-42″)
L = Width 81cm (32″), Length 99cm (39″), Waist 109-165cm(43-65″)
Is available at ABDL Factory from 39.50 EUR depends on what size you need.
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Wet and messy again


Yes it looks like this boy know how to use his diaper it seems to be pretty wet and that is what a diaper is made for to be.

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It wuz’n accident, Mom

It wuz'n accident, MomThese wolf pups seem to have bad luck when it comes to balls and windows, whether they’re playing indoors or out. After being told multiple times over the last few weeks that playing with balls inside of the house is strictly off limit the inevitable happened. The boys shattered the playroom window while they were tossing the baseball around and glass was everywhere. And broken glass can be dangerous, so Momma Cheryl unfortunately needs to apply some tough love to her little boys. After many nice and fair warnings the two were due for a good spanking. Caiden was first and he had his diaper removed and was given a good licking. Kyle’s underwear was yanked down as he got his as well. Looks like Big Brother Kyle is in for a dose of the hairbrush, too, since he’s the oldest brother and certainly should know better! Hopefully they’ll be a little more careful and listen next time.

Wolf and text by: tugscarebear

Draw by: marinaneira


Poor cubs what a toasted red bottoms then end up whit. This is not going to be any fun to sit on when they are finish in the time out corner. Hope they learn to not play whit balls indoor that can end up weary bad for there butts.

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