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Order from Max Diaper 20-7-2014

Nateen Combi ULTRAThe name on this product is Nateen Combi ULTRA and this is something that i have order from the Swedish shop This is a product that they temporary have in the stock and they dont know if they going to have it in the stock any more it all depends on the responds from the costumers about this diapers. I have not try it yet because of the hot weather that we have here in Sweden now so i have decide to wait for the weather to cool down a little before i decide to try it. That you already know if you have read my post My first order from


This Nateen Combi ULTRA come from a supplayer in China and you can read more about the product on there website there you also can find some nice photos.

Have you try this product before? Maybe you can tell me what you think about it?

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My first order from 23-07-2014

Bambino Teddy PackageThis is  photo that show the first order that i have made from The last week i decided to put an order on there site and today may order finely arrived in Sweden. Yes you maybe wounder how that is possible because they dont ship to Sweden. To be able to order from there website the diaper was first shipped to that forwarded the package to me here in Sweden. so simple is it and yes i know it can be a little expensive but sometime it can be nice to wear this ABDL diapers and special try them now when they have made some improvement that i have mention in a earlier post.

It should be nice to try them when the weather allows it right now it is to hot to wear diapers because you sweat out most of the water especially when it’s almost 28 dgrs C in apartments.

So how about you? Have you try this improved version yet of the bambino diaper? What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts about it.

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Crinkle butt and caught!

Crinkle butt and caught!The boss  had received in his company, a large shipment of diapers with new  designs!

“Matt, the cargo is in the warehouse, go and oversees that everything is in order!”the boss  said over the phone!

Arriving at the warehouse, Matt thought it would be nice if he tried some of those new diapers!And   believing to being alone, Matt began modeling and started  shaking his  crinkle diapered butt!

Suddenly ,a voice was heard:”Nice diaper butt!”

Matt turned around and saw that everyone was watching him…especially Abel the bear!
And began lots of  comments there, such as “cute butt”, “adorable”,” fluffy bottom”,” the boss have a jackpot” and” lovely”!

Then  Abel the bear said:”Ok , the show’s over, now everyone go to  work!NOW!”

And when everyone had gone, Abel closed the  warehouse door and staring at Matt, said:
“The boss is right now on a business trip, I’m the supervisor now, which means that I will try all these diapers on you!Your  adorable bottom  is  all  mine  all day!*giggling*”

Abel  the bear is always taking advantage of every opportunity!He is definitely a naughty  bear!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Aww poor Matt is seems that someone have found out that he likes to wear diapers. It even look like Matt is up for even more blushing moments special now when Abel have decide to try all the diapers on him.

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Spanked at Disneyland!

Spanked at Disneyland!Caiden and his father had arrived to Disneyland in the afternoon, after staying at the hotel, Caiden immediately wanted to go to the park!

Caiden:”Papa!Papa!Let’s go to the park!I want to see Mickey,Donald and all my favorites characters!Please!Please!Please!”

And his father said:”We’ll go later, I’m a little tired from the trip! Let get some rest for an hour and then we can go to any part of the park!”

But Caiden didn’t want to rest, and  he just started to make a big tantrum!

His father very quietly got out of the bed, took  little Caiden with his paws and placed  him face up on the bed!Then he removed Caiden’s diaper, lifted his little legs and began  slapping his bare bottom!

Then Caiden thought:
“I hope that Mickey Mouse isn’t watching me, because it would be very  embarrassing!Ouchie!”

Art by Nelson88 and story by Victor

Caiden: tugscarebear


Poor Caiden it cannot be so match fun to end up whit a spanked bottom at a place like Disneyland. But that is whats happen if you are a bad baby boy you always ends up whit spanked butt.

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Minun Duct Taped in Diapers

Minun Duct Taped in DiapersSo my little minun firend Oliver was wondering what it was like for me when I was duct taped in diapers for two days, so I agreed to diaper and tape him up. I warned him that the duct tape was pretty near impossible to get out of and resistant to electricity, but he didn’t seem to care.After wrapping him in two full rolls of duct tape (Including wrapping it around his diaper so he couldn’t be changed), I told him I’d be back in two days and I set up a camera to record him. I kinda felt bad leaving him alone, but I’m sure he’s doing fine.

After I got back, Oliver’s diaper was COMPLETELY filled and very stinky. Only then did I realize I had wrapped him up in Giga duct tape, which can immobilize a tyranitar with only one layer. I had wrapped Oliver in 23… It’s going to take a LONG time to get him unwrapped…

Draw and text by: Poke-anima


I bet now that Minun regret that he ask his friend if he could be duct taped in diapers for two days now special when he is force to feel and smell the messy diaper that he is wearing right now.  It really look and smells like he need a diaper change now.

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Back In Her Bosom By Croc – Chapter 6


So there I was; crawling on all fours bare naked, peeking up my crazy girlfriend Sarah’s vintage dress; eyeing her French panties drooling at her curvy bottom.

I followed her from the Queen Suite of this bizarre fetish hotel into the next room, Sarah opened the door:

“Welcome to your room Muffin.” – Sarah giggled as she held her tiny hands over her tasteful lips.

I looked beyond Sarah’s beauty and behind her presence was a large furnished Nursery; the Nursery is decorated with baby blue paint, with an adult changing table, which was laid before a large window: with no curtains or blinds!

To my right is a massive prison cell looking adult baby crib; filled with soft teddies, and next to it was a unit of draws, filled with clothes.

“Tony this is your life for the next two days, and I’m not going to take any of your shit.” – Sarah calmly warned me.

I sat on the thick soft carpet at looked up to my smiling girlfriend:

“Please Sarah…please I don’t…” – I hesitated in my voice wanting to change my mind.

Sarah knew what I wanted to say:

“Look this weekend is for my pleasure and for my pleasure only, now Tony, make your Mummy proud…tell me what I want to hear from you eh?” – Sarah softly told me with a smirk manipulating my situation.

“Mummy…I-I…want to…” – I started to emotionally confess my submission.

“That’s it baby; tell Mummy that this is what you want: to be Mummy’s sweet baby boy this weekend.” – Sarah softly encouraged me as she licked her lips with her fine tongue getting turned on with my pathetic and naked position.

“No! This is wrong!” – I snapped in rage.

Sarah’s face turned to anger; she was pissed. Sarah walked passed me and opened the top draw of the unit and pulled out a thick wooden paddle. Sarah held it in her hand turned her head looking at me and gave me a silent smirk:

“Mummy: no!” – I announced as I started to make a run from her…but it was no use.

Sarah rushed over to me, grabbed my hair and pulled me back from the Nursery door:

“Tony, Mummy is very disappointed in her widdle boy; I tried to do this the easy way, but you’re too dumb to do this the easy way, so muffin the hard way it is.” – Sarah sighed as she dragged me over to a large wooden chair.

“Mummy, please don’t I’ll be a good baby boy for you!” – I cried knowing what’s going to happen.

Sarah then froze in her tracks; she bent forward and looked me deeply in each other’s eyes:

“You want to be a good baby boy for your Mummy?” – Sarah asked me.

“Yes Mummy.” – I replied.

“And you really want to make me proud of you?” – Sarah calmly asked me.

“Yes Mummy I really want to please you and make you proud of me: I love you!” – I screamed in tears and I held her hands in fear.

Sarah stood with self-satisfaction and delight; she knew that she is so near to become my Mummy…

“So are you going to listen to your Mummy and not question her commands?” – Sarah softly asked me as she looked down upon my snotty and teary face.

“I sure will Mummy; I don’t want to lose you.” – I softly told Sarah as I sniffed my nose.

“Then, Mummy is happy…but you still need a good spanked bottom.” – Sarah bluntly told me.

“But you said…” – I tried to think of what she just said.

“I said what? That Mummy is happy? Yes I am! But no little boy of mine is going to run riot under my care: being my baby boy means that you’re going to be under my small thumb: your soon-to-be nappied ass is mine and I can’t take liberties. This is for your own good.” – Sarah sternly told me.

I cried a little bit more; Sarah withdrew a hanky from her front dress pocket and wiped my nose:

“Tony, I personally believe little boys – men – need a firm and nurturing hand from their wives and girlfriends; Mummy loves you and be a big boy and take your spanking, come on muffin.” – Sarah softly told me as she kissed my forehead.

I nodded what else could I do?

Sarah grabbed my hand and placed me over her fine thighs, positioning me into the spanking position:

“Tony you’re a broken naked and weak man; some man you are; maybe babyhood is the only life you can lead where you’ll get pity and respect from? I shall find out soon enough. Now, l be a good boy and remember pain is caused because you have displeased your Mummy: I want you to intake this mentality inside your puny mind.” – Sarah told me as she rubbed my bum cheeks with her hand.

“I will Mummy.” – I mumbled.

“Good boy now…” – Sarah smiled as she began to spank my bottom:

“Will you be a good baby boy this weekend for your Mummy?” – Sarah shouted as she spanked my bottom with the paddle.

“Ow!” – I screamed in pain as I kicked my legs.

“Answer your Mummy!!” – Sarah shouted as she spanked away fast and firmly on my pale bottom.

“I’ll be your baby boy Mummy!!” – I cried.

Sarah then grabbed my hair and pulled it back:

“Good, now will you wear and use the nappies Mummy puts you in?” – Sarah asked me hinting my future after my spanking.

“Yes Mummy I’ll wear the nappies that my Mummy puts on me.” – I cried.

“And?” – Sarah asked me as she spanked away.

“And I so want to be your baby Mummy, I want to crawl, drool and by the best little boy for you.” – I cried.

The latter was music to Sarah’s ears, her faced beamed with joy and with that she stopped spanking my bottom. Sarah placed the paddle onto the nursery floor along with weak body.

I placed my two hands onto my red and spanked bottom, Sarah stood from her chair:

“Oh no little boy, hands go on top of your head now!” – Sarah warned me.

I did just that.

Sarah walked over to the changing table; underneath she grabbed a large disposable teddy looking nappy unfolded it and gave me a glimpse of it:

Cuddlz nappies are the best…the best nappies in England.” – Sarah giggled.

Sarah grabbed a bag from underneath the changing table:

“Tony, this is your new nappy changing bag; Mummy will have it with her at all times for this weekend.” – Sarah smiled over to me.

I didn’t bother to reply, I was in fear for another spanking.

“Crawl over to your Mummy muffin.” – Sarah smiled as she pointed her right index finger to the changing table.

I turned round and began to crawl on all fours, ignoring the pain on my bum.

At her tiny size-5 feet I looked up to my beautiful girlfriend – now Mummy:

“Don’t just look up at Mummy, move your cute bottom onto the changing table, so Mummy can nappy you.” – Sarah announced.

I stood up from the carpet as I was commanded; Sarah lightly slapped my bottom and gave herself a giggle. I placed myself onto this changing table – which looked common for disabled adults.

Sarah grabbed something from my new nappy changing bag:

“Now suck on this! I want you to get use to sucking on your new dummy, for soon you’ll be sucking the fresh milk from my large and natural pumped breasts.” – Sarah rejoiced in proudness as she shoved this dark green NUK6 dummy into my drooling mouth.

I sucked on the dummy; I must admit it calmed me down from my spanked bottom, but not for the next part.

I was laying on my back on this changing table preparing to have a babyish nappy across my bottom, I turned to my left to look out of the large window to see two ladies in their early 20s’ dressed as schoolgirls looking up laughing and pointing to my naked and hairless position. Sweet began to form across my forehead.

Sarah opened the window:

“Hi ladies, as you can see I have a baby of a boyfriend, what is a girl to do? I see you downstairs at the bar later for a drink and a catch up while my little one is asleep in his crib.” – Sarah laughed down to the ladies.

The ladies gave a thumb’s up to Sarah and walked away from my view. Sarah shut the window then looked down to me:

“It’s okay muffin, there’s no secrets at this hotel baby, trust Mummy, what goes on at the hotel stays at the hotel…only with a few couples hehe.” – Sarah giggled telling me.

Sarah began to wipe me down with Pampers baby wipes: it felt good…then she supplied nappy rash cream over my balls, bum crack and bum cheeks. She then rubbed in a large amount of Johnston’s baby powder over my body. She placed down the bottle and with her tiny hands she rubbed the powder in and out, deep and all over my body. My skin was smooth and soft.

Unknown to me, Sarah undressed her French panties, and climbed onto the changing table, she looked down to me:

“You become my baby in every way and Mummy will reward you like now.” – Sarah cooed to me with affection.

Sarah then placed her thighs over my crotch, I looked up to her:

“We haven’t fucked for a good few months, until now…oh you worried about making me pregnant? Ha-ha! Aw don’t worry baby Mummy is on the pill: you can cum inside me as much as you please and I want that now!” – Sarah cooed with a dirty facial manner.

Sarah grabbed my now cummed-ready erected cock and placed it into her smooth and hairless petite pussy:

“Ahh…” – I began to moan through my dummy.

Sarah in the best cow-girl position got to down to it:

“I’m a Mummy and you’re my baby Tony!” – Sarah moaned. Sarah then grabbed my dummy and through it on the floor:

“Say my name muffin!” – Sarah aggressively commanded as she rode my cock.

“Oh Sarah!” – I gasped in orgasm, on the edge of Cumming in her pussy for the first time in months.

“I said say my name bitch!” – Sarah in a more aggressive tone, this time slapping my face hard.

“Mummy! Agh Mummy!” – I replied in mix emotions of pain and sexual pleasure.

“Yes…yes I’m the Mummy, I’m your Mummy and you can’t escape babyhood, you can’t escape a life under your Mummy!” – Sarah gasped with pleasure.

“I’m going to fucking explode Mummy!” – I declared.

“Do it! Cum for your Mummy!” – Sarah commanded.

“Ah…oh Jesus…god yes! YES!” – I screamed in orgasm: Cumming inside my girlfriend, who then likewise did the same on my crotch.

We both calmed down, breathing deeply…I was fucked: too weak to move.

“Still breathing baby?” – Sarah giggled as she licked her lips.

“Oh my.” – I commented to myself.

Sarah climbed of the changing table; she placed back on her panties underneath her dress. She picked up my new dummy and shoved it into my mouth.

I was speechless and now weak, I sucked away on my dummy as Sarah cleaned my crotch again, wiping off our semen. I was thinking that this is an erotic nightmare cross over with a sexual fantasy…that’s true it was my girlfriends.

Sarah giggled as she placed this Cuddlz nappy underneath my bottom. She tapped me up and patted my bottom. I got up from the changing table holding onto my new Mummy’s hand.

“Now muffin it’s nap time, Mummy has things to do…by the way; did you just like that?” – Sarah asked me with a tease.

I nodded.

“Do you believe Mummy when she keeps her word?” – Sarah asked me.

I nodded fast in agreement.

“Good boy, now get into the crib.” – Sarah softly ordered me.

I got into this large crib; Sarah tucked me in for a nap which I loved.

“Mummy will wake you up later, go to sleep little one: Mummy loves you.” – Sarah cooed down to me as she kissed my forehead.

Sarah locked me inside the crib, walked over to the door left and locked the door behind her leaving me to my nap and thoughts of the best – and weirdest – shag I’ve ever had with Sarah…only guess could it get better or worse?…

Written by Croc.

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