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Order new ABDL books from Madeline De Hywis

Now when i have finish the first 6 book about Peteys New Life In Diapers is it time to order some more abdl books that i can read. This was the book that i order this time from Amazon kindle store.

Book Description

Petey is back at it again. He can’t seem to stop finding himself in the company of dominant women wherever he goes. His dominant motherly wife Stephanie is taking him on the trip of his life, to her mothers for 2 weeks! Unknown to Petey, a couple dominant friends will be there… And of course, Steph still has Petey in diapers and she makes him use them in the most humiliating ways! A several part story begins here, with a very humiliating trip through the supermarket, a long drive in diapers, a very embarrassing introduction to the mother in law and her friends, and a steamy scene with Steph. Can Petey avoid falling deeper into the pit of diaper humiliation?

Not light hearted adult baby/infantile play. This is for those who enjoy a strong dose of humiliation with their adult baby play. No minors involved.

forced adult diaper wearing (and using)
sexual themes
consenting adult baby/infantilism play (NO MINORS INVOLVED)

Book Description

Three tales of male submission. The first and longest story, “It’s So Easy to Get you Back into Diapers” is a first hand account of a dominant woman’s methods of slowly breaking down your defenses, bringing you to the point of finally allowing her to first panty and then ultimately diaper you. Many humiliations follow. The second story “Stinky Pants”, Tracy makes Marty do very humiliating things in his diapers as a “fun” dominating game. The last story “My Story of Total Humiliation” involves a main character (male) who meets a beautiful woman in a bar and tries to give up his diaper fetish. Can he do it?
It should be nice to read the last book and see what that is all about.

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Does this diaper make my butt look big?

Does this diaper make my butt look big?pichuboy asked for this picture with his shoes on. Looking adorable while crawling I’d say :3

Pichu: pichuboy

Draw by: pichu90


Yes pichuboy the poofy diaper that you wearing right now make your butt look big and cute. But that is nothing that you need to worry or think about it is normal for a pichu at your age to have a big and poofy diaper butt.

What nice shoes you got hold of the really fits you weary good whit this poofy diaper :)

I hope you have some nice crawling time and maybe you find something new that you can investigate.

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Absorbency Plus A+ XP Medical adult brief

YouTube Preview Image

Absorbency plus diapers distributed by XP Medical.

These are new on the market and are a heavy absorbency premium brief.

they can be purchased here:

Text and video by: diaperman89.

It is nice to see that diaperman89 finely have made an review of the Absorbency Plus from XP Medical i have been waiting for that review. It should be interesting to here and see what he thinks about this diaper.

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March Madness Mad Baby Save 25%

March Madness Mad Baby Save 25%Promo Code: “madbaby”
Offer can only be used on new orders with the use of promo code “madbaby” within the sites cart. Offer expires 3/28/2014 and can not be used in conjunction with additional promotional code, on existing or previously mad orders or on order exchanges.

You can order the diaper here:

This is first time i have seen this type of promo code and the ads that the have for this sale is kind of special to.

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Introducing Dry24/7 Briefs to Canada


Dry Care has developed a reputation for manufacturing one of the best overall quality diapers in the world. Now manufactured in the USA, their briefs are made with only the top quality products and technology.

Designed for heavy incontinence & maximum protection, Dry 24/7′s 3-D Core Absorbancy System enables a capacity of up to 2-3 liters. This unique system makes this brief suitable for continuous and undisturbed full nights rest. The dependable leak control system, keeps skin, clothing and bedding dry for 12 hours or more.Dry 24/7 unequaled brief allows for Only 2-3 changes in a 24-hour period.

The exceptionally strong and durable construction considerably helps in preventing severe skin problems, guarantees skin dryness, odor control & pH neutralization, not to mention comfort, soft downy lining which allows walking, traveling and even exercising.

Soon is this adult diaper going to be available in Canada on

Introductory offer ends April 14th, 2014. After this date, pricing will be going to regular pricing.
Introductory offer ends April 14th, 2014. After this date, pricing will be going to regular pricing.
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Foxy is not allow to change his own diaper (gift art)

Foxy is not allow to change his own diaper (gift art)Ronald and Foxy were playing video games, when suddenly Foxy needed a diaper change!

Ronald:”Don’t move from here, Foxy!Luckily I’m always ready for any emergency!Luckily I have ready your new and fresh diaper, I just have to go to the bathroom for a moment to look for some baby powder!Remember, don’t do nothing and don’t touch your used diaper! I’ll come in a second!”

But apparently Foxy was disobedient, and he changed his diaper just by himself, without Ronald’s permission!

When Ronald returned, he saw that Foxy was wearing a new diaper!

Ronald was very angry and said:
“I told you that I was going to change your dirty diaper!And look what you’ve done!I’m sorry Foxy, but you will be punished with a good diaper spanking!”

Maybe Foxy’s diaper will protect his little bottom a little, but his punishment was administered very firmly!Next time you need to be a little more patient,Foxy!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Ronald: Ronald_Mc_Coon

Foxy: abdl86

Do you think that Ronald is doing the right thing now when he spank Foxy because he have change his own diaper?

I love the cute diaper butt that i have. It look so cute and babylis.

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