Snuggling time Jeanne_Onmura

Snuggling time Jeanne_OnmuraCat by Jeanne_Onmura

Draw by Yookey


Aww so cute looks like she have a amazing time snuggling whit here favorite plushy. It is always good to have someone to love and it looks like this little cat have found the perfect friend :)

DiaperGal Tillie is changing her Diaper

Video belongs to: DiaperClips

Looks like this diaper girl wont to try out some new diapers the Abri Form X-Plus Premium.

Get ABENA ABRIFORM ORIGINAL BRIEFS for Only $24.99 at Age Comfort! or for around 20,99 at NorthShore Care Supply depend on what size you need.

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Back to diapers for PKMotors

Back to diapers for PKMotorsPeople should think twice before being mean spirited about someone’s interests… you never know what the other person is capable of…

Cub: PKMotors

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor PKMotors its look like it is back to diapers for him now and its dont seems like he can do anything about it. I only hope that he learn to accept his new situation.

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What are those?!

What are those?!oh whops, Thernol being caught wearing pampers in the armory while gearing up for his duties. What would you do now Thernol?

Thernol and text by Thernol

Draw by Catmonkshiro


Yes what would Thernol do about it when he seems to end up whit a embarrassing situation?

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