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Good combination

tumblr_nachigU64v1s34k9xo2_400 tumblr_nachigU64v1s34k9xo1_400

Soruce for the photo:diaperedchu

This two thing is a weary good combination one bottle of Coca Cola and one thick and nice Bambino Teddy where the coke maybe going to end up inside in a couple of hours.

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Being cool

Being coolJust being calm and cool

Pichu and text: Pichuboy

Draw by: TaviMunk


Yes Pichuboy look weary cool and special in this nice outfit and the blue diaper butt add something special to the outfit that make him look cool and cute at the same time. Special if you look at him from behind where you easy can see that he is wearing a blue diaper and that he have a weary cute diaper butt that make you wont to pat it allot and say what a cute and cool boy he looks like to be.

Wounder if he going to do something special when he is dress up like this? Or maybe he is going to hang out on some cool place at the kindergarten.

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The danger zone!

The danger zone!One day,Sammy and Remi were playing in the living room with the new ball that  was brought  by Matt!While playing, Remi had kicked the ball a little strong and Sammy didn’t know where the ball had fallen!

The ball is behind you!” shouted Remi!

Sammy leaned down and looked  through his legs … but suddenly everyone in the room was laughing!

Sammy:”What?Tell me? What’s so funny?”

Remi:”Your stinky bottom is a danger zone!”

Sammy:”Very funny!You’re so silly!”

Then the boss and  Matt  said:”Your little heart on your diaper is very cute!”

And Sammy’s face blushed!^.^

***The silly joke  was made  by courtesy from Remi!***

Lineart by Victor/colors by : nelson88


Yes the diaper bottom can be a weary dangers zone special if it is messy. But this cub dont seems to have a messy bottom yet his diaper lock nice and clean.

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Received an order from Baby-Pants today 8-8-2014


Like you see on the image above i receive some new underwear in the mail today. Or it is not regular underwear like big boys wear it is some training pants for almost big kids that i order from Bapy-Pants. They look weary cute and have that kind of print that you could expect that little boys should have on there underwear/training pants. It should be nice to try them out later today and see if i order the right size and if i did i maybe decide to place a new order on this almost a big kid training pants whit different print on. I bet this is more softer and more cozy to wear then big boys underwear they differently have cuter prints.

What do you think about this pants? do they dont look weary cute and something that should fit a little boy like me?

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Assurance Protective Briefs Maximum Protection Overview

Assurance Maximum Protection adult briefs are traditional styled cloth backed diapers designed for people with medium incontinency. I found they worked best for daytime use in warmer weather.

Video and text by: diaperman89

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Cuckoo Crew

It look like this three boys have a weary fun time when they test some adult diapers. Wounder what it is that they are saying? That should be weary fun to know.

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