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Not Ready Yet For Big Boy Pants

Not Ready Yet

*Tailtucks* But… I don’t wanna be put back in diapers. Those are for babies!

An amazingly cute and wonderful commission from the equally amazing wen.

Art by: wen.

Fox: Swiftfoxfire.


Yes diaper maybe are for babys. But only because you need to wear this thick night diapers dont mean that you are a baby because of that. Allot of boys have trouble to stay dry during the night time so you are not the only boy that still need to wear night time diapers. You are going to grow out of it sooner or lather you only need to have some more time before you can handle it.

I know how hard it can be when the only thing you wont is it be a big boy that wear your cute underwear instead of the diapers that you wear now.

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Fitnessdk – Diaper

YouTube Preview Image

Fitness DK was beginning to loose customers in the age group 18-25 and we were asked to win them back.

Directed by William Stahl.

Video by: peterstrange

I never would have thought that the man was wearing a diaper and what poofy diaper it was to. Wounder what sort of diaper that he is wearing?
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You need to wear your diapers

You need to wear your diapersYou are going to wear your diaper wether you like it or not!


I think that the dadda makes the right calls here. This baby boy needs to learn that good little boys wear there diapers and if they do something bad like tacking it off they get spanked. So i hope that baby sherlock have learn his lesson and that he listen and obey his daddy now like a good boy should do.

But i think that his daddy needs to put him in thicker diapers. The one he is wearing now dont seems to be that thick.

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City Gross investing in environmentally labeled Bamse diapers

Citygross now take up the fight with the established brands of nappies . Under its own brand Favorite is the first in Sweden with diapers that are both Swan and FSC certified . It was in turn required to enable it to use the world’s strongest bear and his pals on the packages.

Trend in the retail market is moving towards a higher share of private label products. The chains see their own brands as a way to create a competitive advantage in the market.

In line with this ambition is now focusing Citygross with a whole new range of environmentally friendly nappies. The world’s strongest , kindest and most famous bear adorns the packaging for the new generation of eco-labeled diapers. They both are kind to sensitive baby butts and our environment. He is joined by Cat Jansson, house mouse , Lille Skutt and scariest .

- It feels good that we can be the first diapers that are both Swan and FSC-labeled , while those with Bamse coupling should appeal to end users , says a smiling Torbjörn Larsson , head of house brands in Citygross .

Citygross Favorite Teddy Diapers have been approved by both the Swan and the FSC. Swan labeled diapers can not contain any environmentally harmful or allergenic substances. Are also set very high standards for performance and quality. FSC supports the conservation of protected forests , respecting nature and the environment and helping people to a better life.

Citygross Favorite diapers are as open in three sizes and pant diapers in two . They are available in all Citygross stores.

The text is translated from this page.

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Two-year-old boy was found outside crying

The two-year boy was found crying while sitting on a blanket outdoors.
He was wearing only a diaper and had lacerations and bruises on the body.
Police suspect that he has been beaten, writes Ilta-Lehtinen.

17 -year-old Mikael Sundberg found the crying boy in a recreational area in Masala in Finnish Kyrkslätt Friday.

The boy had dried blood on his face and scrapes and bruises on the body.
“Shocking sight ”

- I heard a baby crying but saw nothing. As I walked closer , I found a small child sitting on a blanket on the ground, says Mikael Sundberg Ilta- Lehtinen .

He continues:

- It was a shocking sight. I put my jacket on the child and immediately called the emergency number . They immediately sent out help. I tried to calm the child during the time but cry just continued .

Police suspect that the boy has been beaten . Mikael Sundberg saw no other humans around – and the police during the day looking for the boy’s parents.

According to Helsingin Sanomat , the police have managed to identify the boy during the evening. They have been in contact with both parents but refuses to answer questions any of them have been arrested. One of the parents should at least not be suspected of a crime.

- According to what we know so far , there are no reasons to suspect hen for assault , said police Inspector Jarmo Joki – Anttila Ilta- Sanomat .
Care manager : It is heartbreaking

The news has shocked Finland. So far, none have been able to give any explanation as to what happened to the boy.

- It is heartbreaking when a young child is forced to experience something like this , says Liisa Ståhle , care manager in Kyrkslätt , to Ilta- Sanomat .

According to Helsingin Sanomat , it was zero degrees outside when the boy was found . He was taken to hospital but had no life-threatening injuries.

The text is translated from the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

How can someone do something like this?

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Did you forget mommy?

Did you forget mommy?

Did you forget mommy?

“One day, Foxy was grumpy and sad, he didn’t want to talk to anyone!His mother had noticed and went to him and asked:
“Something  wrong,sweetheart?”

Foxy just looked at her with sad eyes and asked:
“Did  you  forget,mommy?”

His mother replied:
“About  what, honey?”

Foxy:”The most important day for me and for you!”

Foxy’s  mom:”I’ll never forget the day when  you were born, the  most  important  day  in  my  life,my little  star came to this earth and I celebrate twice … your birthday and Christmas Eve season!Do you know who’s that little star that always shine in my heart?”

Foxy:”Who is the  little  star,mommy?”
Foxy’s  mom:”You!My  adorable  little  fox!Happy  birthday!”

Fix by nelson88 and his friend Victor.

This was a weary cute and nice gift that nelson88 and his friend Victor fix for me. And a good thank to nelson88 for the cute story to.

Do you wont to have your own Pikachu plush then you maybe can find one here.

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