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Sissypaws is so embarrassed

Im so embarrassedUm no i am totally dry i swear.

Text and Feline: Sissypaw

Draw by: fjf


Awww poor Sissypaw but i am sorry your diaper is not dry it is all wet and it look weary heavy. So i bet that you need to find someone that can change the diaper before you start leaking all over the floor. You are going to be more happy when you are wearing something dry and cozy instead of the cold wet soggy diaper that you wearing now.

Or maybe that is something whit the diaper change that make you sad or scared?


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Whisper Diaper Pail

Whisper Diaper Pail

Product Description

The Whisper® Diaper Pail is a revolutionary new idea in dirty diaper disposal that delivers superior odor elimination by trapping and locking odors away forever. The Whisper® offers three levels of odor protection to lock away diaper odors forever – a top lid, and inside lid with trap door and an effective odor eliminating spray. The Whisper® Diaper Pail features a patented odor-free aerosol spray that’s easy to apply with just one press of a button at the top of the lid to eliminate odors from even the stinkiest of diapers! The top lid is completely hands-free and easily opened with a foot pedal so you can keep one hand free while you hold your child. When you discard the dirty diaper into the Whisper® Diaper Pail, simply press the button at the top of the lid to release a fine mist over the dirty diapers. The molecules in the ODOGard® spray technology go to work immediately to stop any bad odors from escaping. First ODOGard® molecules attract the diaper odors and form an irreversible bond. Next, this strong bond changes the structure of the newly combined molecule to quickly lock the odors away. Once the newly combined molecules take form, the odor is trapped inside the pail. And, if you want to be extra safe, simply press the spray button before you open the lid to discard a new dirty diaper so you keep any odors from the other dirty diapers from escaping. The patented combination of the Whisper® Diaper Pail and ODOGard® Spray Technology eliminate diaper odors, and its water-based aerosol spray is safe to use around people and pets. Plus, to save money you only need to use seven gallon plastic kitchen bags to line the inner pail. Go to to see firsthand how the diaper pail design and aerosol spray works to keep your home free of dirty diaper odors.


Trap:After discarding the dirty diaper into the Whisper® Diaper Pail, simply press the button at the top of the lid to release a fine mist of ODOGard® spray molecules over the dirty diapers. ODOGard® goes to work immediately and stops old odors from escaping.


Once the newly combined molecules take form, a lock on the odor is created keeping your diaper pail fresh. Not only is the odor trapped in the can, you can rest assured the next time you are ready to discard a diaper the odor is locked in as well. And if you want to be extra safe, simply press the spray button before yu open the can to discard a new dirty diaper.

You can read more about this diaper pail on Whisper Diaper Pail website and you can order the diaper pail on amazon.

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Wahhhh!Now is Foxy here again whit a new toasted hurting bottom from a long spanking.

Now you maybe wounder what it is for sort of bad things that Foxy have been up to?

He disobeyed his mother when she told him that he can not get a cookie before bottle time. But Foxy dont wont to wait to after the bottle to eat a yummy cookie. So when Foxys mother was away to make his bottle he decide to have a cookie any way. But when Foxys had his paw inside
the cookie jar his mother come back whit his bottle and notes this bad little Foxy.

Poor Foxy now he have a toasted hurting butt instead of a bottle and a cookie.

Draw by: xxxchaotickitty

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Now can you pro-order Comficare

Comficare-logo-1If you dont know it already from Comficare blog post that they post early today. You can now start to order the Comficare adult diaper again. So you sure know that you going to get the amount of cases that you wont to have when they start to ship June 26th.

You can place your order on Comficare website i place my order today and the amount off diaper package i pick was 6 pieces and that is two cases loaded whit 60 ComfiCare L10 diapers and it will last a really good while.

So it can be good to place your order now before they run out again.

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Trapped in rubber

Trapped in rubberI was exploring an abandoned factory when I accidentally turned the machines on, I tried running out, but I slipped and fell into a pool of liquid rubber. the edges were too far up to grab. I was poured into a mold and felt the rubber heat up and solidify. When the mold opened, I found I was trapped in a giant block of squishy rubber. I tried pushing, but all that did was stretch the rubber. I was completely stuck. I was put into a storage room filled with more rubber, which got me worried, because I don’t know how long that rubber has been there for…

Text, Pikachu and draw by: Poke-anima


This dont seems to be a fun place to end up in special now when he is trap in all this rubber whit no chance to get out by himself. Wounder what will happen if no one find him?

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False alarm! (gift art)

False alarm! (gift art) Little Foxy was playing with his little drum, when suddenly an alarm sounded!
The machine called “All in 1″ has a new device that detects if a cub needs a diaper change!

“All for nothing!” shouted Foxy with a pouty face!

The only thing that the machine could say was … “false alarm”!

Fix and draw by Victor and nelson88

The All in one machine seems to have forgot that Foxy get a new diaper five minutes ago so he have not have the change to use it before the machine decided that he need a diaper check.

No wounder what Foxy is not happy about this. Maybe it is something wrong whit the machine ?

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