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“Tock!Tock!Tock!”Someone knocked at the door!
Grandpa Richard asked to  himself: “Who is knocking at  my  door  at  this  early  hours  of  the  morning?”

When Richard opened the door, Matt and the boss were standing there and said:
“We came to say hello before going to work, and we took this  opportunity  to  see  if  you  can  make to us, a nice cup of coffee, I know that you do it very delicious,dad!”

And Richard with a big grin, said:” Both take  a  sit, and I’m coming right away with  the cups of coffee!”

But while they were waiting, Richard still had in his possession, the youth formula invented by Matt!
Richard:”I still haven’t forgotten you, my dear formula!They will remain here, at least all day …they  will be transformed into pups!Just  one…no  three…darn!Four  drops  and  that’s  all!”

When Matt and the boss took it the coffee, they were transformed instantly into pups!
Richard:”Awww!What we have here? Two pups that need diapers because otherwise both of you will make a big mess on the floor!”

Then, Richard took each pup under his arms and carried them to  his room!There,their little  butts, were cleaned, powdered  and  diapered  too!

Richard:”All  done!Now don’t make any mischief or you will gain a good spanking!Aww! They  have  little cute bottoms!I will bring milk,I will right  back!”


But when Richard returned, he  found the boss,  checking  his front  part  of  the  diaper!
Richard said so himself:” I have to record this  on video!”

And the whole scene was recorded …
Richard:”Don’t worry, boss! Soon you will have your normal size … and your  little doghood too!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88.


aww what a nice drawing and i hope they have some fun time now when they are cubs again. Now can they play all day long and dont need to think about any thin else then having allot of fun.

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New Wellness Absorbent Underwear (Pull-Ups)

Unique Wellness have release a new sort of Pull-Ups that should help you stay dry up to 8 hours. This is a new type of Pull-Ups that you newer have seen before.

New Wellness Absorbent Underwear (Pull-Ups)

A revolutionary new way to manage incontinence. These pull-ons are so innovative that they were featured on Discovery Channel’s How stuff works and are designed to last 8-12 hours using NASA inspired multi layered InconTek® technology similar to designs used by astronauts in space for long missions. It has a unique scheduled changing system and is therefore is one of the easiest to use. This is revolutionary because changes can actually be scheduled to only once in eight hours/ three in 24 hours putting the wearer or caregiver in control with no worry of any exposure to the effects of urine. More cost effective than other absorbent underwear because of fewer changes and rarely requires expensive creams or ointments.

Wellness Absorbent Underwear’s Unique Features.

  • Based on the same technology used for NASA’s briefs.
  • Reseal-able Tape.
  • Wetness Indicator.
  • Soft Waistband.
  • Unprecedented Odor Control.
  • Color Coded Sizes.
  • Double Absorbency.
  • Economical.
  • Doctor Recommended.
  • Discreet & Ideal for Travel.
  • Environmentally Friendly.


  • Change 3 times a day. Suggested 1st change: 9-10PM, 2nd change: in the morning, 3rd Change: only if needed.
  • Tapes should be fastened in the direction as seen on picture.
  • For maximum protection, the 2 lower tapes must be pulled upwards in the direction of the arrows for a snug fit, as seen on picture.
  • Reseal-able Tapes: Tape the blue tab onto the brief when it is first put on, to untape & reseal leave the blue tab on & reseal the white tab on the brief itself.
  • Wetness Indicator: Change is due when all printing along the central portion of brief disappears.

If you wont to try this new Wellness Absorbent Underwear (Pull-Ups) you can click here or on the image above that lead you direct to the site where you can order a sample.


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Have received my order of samples on ComfiCare M10

Finely i have receive my samples of the new ComfiCare M10 that i order the last week. The order arrived on Friday, but since I was not home i need to wait to Monday before i could have my diapers. I know that i should post about this earlier but it have bean allot of things to think about now when i have a new job. But now i have some time to post some photos on my order.


Like you can see of this photo of the package no one can find out what it is that you have order.


The front seems to be weary nice whit some nice blue colors on the place where you should putting the tape.


Little more how the diaper look like.

How thick the ComfiCare M10 is

Here can you see little closer how thick the ComfiCare M10 is and it seems to be a weary thick diaper.

I dont going to take any photos right now when the diaper is unfolded because i dont going to try it yet. That is something i wont to do when i have more time for it so i maybe get back on this whit some more photos of the ComfiCare M10 lather this year.

If you wont to try this diaper to you can bought them from the manufacturer or you can order the diaper from Save Express.

See you in the next post and remember to stay diaperd so match you can and wont.

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Boundboy are tied down in dirty diaper – DPRTube

Bound to the bed after releasing a large enema in my diaper.

Text and video by: boundboy.

Wounder way boundboy have deserve to get this sort of treatment? And it is bad that they dont film when he get this enema and release it into his diaper. Wounder how large enema it was? But from the look on his weary messy diaper butt it seams like it was a weary big one. Should be nice to try a enema one time to see how it feels like whit some proper equipment. When i have try it i have use the shower hose but it maybe get a better feeling if you use some stuff that you are meant to use for enema.

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Leaking diaper at the store

Leaking diaper at the store

Leaking diaper at the store.

Whoops! Seems Coren’s diaper leaked in the incontinence aisle again… Silly kitty, this is why you don’t wait until your last one is already wet before going out to buy more. Anyway, she’s sure to attract plenty of gigglepoints on the way to the register. At least she’s got her plushie and pacifier to make it easier. It’s not the first time she’s leaked all over herself at the sissy store…

This is a sequel to this picture..

Cub: Coren.

Draw by: wen.


In the store is not the right place you wont to end up whit a wet leaking diaper. I hope that Coren is close to a changing room before to many furrys have found out what have happen. And I hope that she will not have any problems with the staff when they discover what has happened.

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Japanese Company Turns Adult Diapers into Energy Source

Wearing adult diapers just got a whole lot cooler — a Japanese company called Super Faith has developed a miraculous system that turns used diapers into a clean fuel source in about 24 hours. The elderly care industry in Japan is growing and along with it the number of disposable adult diapers. Super Faith has figured out a way to divert the smelly waste from the landfill and use it for a cleaner cause.

Apparently the transformation from diaper to energy source is easy as pie. You simply place the bag of dirty diapers in the top of the machine and close it up. Once set it motion it pulverizes, sanitizes and dries the material in the diapers and then forms it into small pellets. The pellets are dry, odorless and contain 5000 kcal of heat per kilogram and are meant to be used in biomass heating and electricity systems.

Super Faith — we’re wondering if this is some sort of “lost in translation” name — has reportedly installed two SFD systems at a hospital in Tokyo’s Machida area. Each is capable of turning 700 pounds of used diapers — and everything they hold — into fuel every day. It seems the system could be used for children’s diapers as well, but Super Faith is pretty set on the adult market. With the amount of adult diapers rising each year in Japan this is a great green solution to the dirty disposal problems they are facing.

The text have i copy from this site:

If you click on the link above you can find more pictures of this machine.

This sounds like something awesome. wounder if it is any Youtube video about this so you can see how it works that should be something awesome and interesting to see. Finely can the wet and messy diapers be use to something good.

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