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Grandpa’s secret dungeon!

Grandpa's secret dungeon!Grandpa Richard wanted a full day of stillness and peace … but suddenly came to his home, Matt, the boss, Remi and Sammy!

As  always, the pups began to argue!Meanwhile, the  boss and Matt were arguing over from whom of them  would do the dinner!

Grandpa Richard  didn’t take it anymore and shouted:

It’s true! As was heard!Grandpa Richard has a special secret dungeon  for those who misbehaves at his home!And each of them will receive their deserved punishment!

But before he  started,grandpa  Richard  pick up his phone and said:”Hello! Is this the “barking pizzeria”?I would like to order a pepperoni pizza and a soda…many  thanx!Ok,boys…spanking  time!”

The  boss thought among his misfortune:”I would have preferred to stay on my bed today!”

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


I think that Grandpa Richard is going to do a massive spanking here now in his secret dungeon and they look kind of worry. I can understand that i think i should look the same if i was trap in a dungeon like this and know that i going to be bondage and receive allot of spanking that i dont can avoid.

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Leaking In The Trees

Leaking In The TreesCrunch, with his secret love for wetting, drank plenty of water before going outside to play. playing on the trees, the poor poochy fell and almost met his fate. he should have never ventured on the platformer realm and he hoped he wasn’t a one-hit wonder too. he waited for help, but the wait was making all that water go down to his cub bladder. it began demanding relief. Crunch, thinking his super thick diaper could take the pressure, peed his diaper like a boss. time kept passing and passing, Crunch kept calling for help. eventually, he needed to go again. he tried to hold and hold; being seen in such situation was bad enough and it would be ever worse if he was seen in leaky diapers. as soon as help came, his struggle ended and he leaked right in front of whoever offered help.


Crunch: poochyena

Draw and text by: Yure16

Aww poor Crunch but i think the person that find you is going to understand way your have a leaking wet diaper. It is no a easy think for a little cub like you to focus on your bladder when you are stuck in the tree over the dangerous thing that are on the ground.

And beside you look so cute in your leaking wet diaper and i think that someone is going to find you soon so you can get some help and a diaper change. You really need one.


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Come On Foxy

Come On FoxyRonald and his friend/boyfriend was out shopping that they do every weekend together. And it is always the same thing when they come to the diaper section at the store. Foxy dont like to be at that part of the store. It always make him worry allot that someone should notes the diaper that he is wearing under his pants and understand that the diaper is for him. In the beginning Ronald let Foxy go away so he dont need to be at that part of the store when Ronald shop the diaper for both of them.

But Ronald have notes that when he let Foxy be alone he is up to some weary naughty things like visiting the big boys bathroom and trow things on the floor. So Ronald have decide that he always should have Foxy close to him so he can watch over him and make sure that he dont do any things bad.

And like you understand that means that Foxy need to stay in the diaper section now when Ronald is shopping for some new diapers.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by: rainydays

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Diaper Time Issue 1

Diaper Time Issue 1New ABDL Magazine featuring original stories, full-color photos, diaper advice and more!

In This Issue:

~ Tips for hiding your diapers in public

~ Real Life AB Girl Ally tells you how she got into diapers and modeling.

~ Two original short stories and one true-life tale of how a young man got back in diapers.

~ Full-Page photos of diapered Gals and Guys!

~ New! Includes access to a bonus set of 20 photos featuring the models from this issue! Sample.

Diaper Time is published as an art and lifestyle magazine and contains no nudity or pornography.

Source for the text and image:

And that is also the place where you can order it.

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Surprise kiss

Surprise kissRonald love to surprise his best mate Foxy. And this time he surprise him during the sucking thumb time whit a hug and a kiss on his cheek to show Foxy how match he loves him and car for him.

And you most agree this is something weary cute. And something even more cute is Ronalds big and poofy diaper butt that he have.

When Ronald decided to surprise me like this like he most of the time do it always make me blush allot. And Ronald find this weary cute and sweet so thats is the reason way he do this all the time because he cannot resist it.

Ronald think that i am the best friend in the world

Draw by: xxxchaotickitty

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Bambino Diapers: Oops! Diapers with a Print Error

Oops! Diapers with a Print ErrorOops! printing error! In our excitement to receive the first shipment of Bambino diapers with the new soft cotton-like lining, we rushed our material suppliers, and the frontal panels were printed upside down. Photos of diapers with the upside-down printed panels are available below. The printing error is purely cosmetic and does not affect the function or performance of the diapers. However, we are offering 3% OFF on all these products since it is still a printing error. We hope that you enjoy our new diapers even with the small oops…

You can find the upside-down printed panels diaper here:

This is some really funny text together whit the image but only 3% discount? That is not so match you save on this printing error diapers. Wounder way they dont offer a little more discount on this diaper? Maybe because the only problem whit the diaper is the printed panels that are on the front?



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