Cub,baby powder

Cub,baby powderA commercial advertisement, which I imagine was paid by the boss, which promotes baby powders!
And the baby model used here is the ever adorable little Foxy!

Linearts by Victor/colors and story by nelson88

Looks like Foxys mother have decide to put here son in another commercial advertisement and this time it is for some new baby powder and this time he is allow to have his Pikachu plush to snuggle whit during the shooting of this new ads.

Together whit this new baby powder formula that is special developed to help protect the cubs skin around and inside the diaper. Thats even make them special calm during nap time and together whit the cubs special plushy it is almost 100% sure that the cub is going to sleep in the next 30 minutes.

This is really some powerful new baby powder. And like all cubs they can fall asleep in all kind of positions.


Dress Up!

Dress Up!sands24 of Brandyn dressed up in cute little girls’ clothing with his teddy :)

Cub: sands24

Draw and text by: poofy-shark


This boy is really good on dress up it is kind of hard to see that this is a little boy and not a little girl that is hugging the teddy bear plush. But it is super cute drawing and poofy-shark make a weary good work on this one.

I bet he is weary proud over how cute this end up to be.


Classic Diaper

This is an Attempt of a lineless vintage diaper :)
Look at Those bunny Design :)

Draw and text by: ConejoBlanco


I think this attempt of the lineless vintage diaper turn out weary good. This look weary cute and good and the bunny design on the diaper panel look weary cute.


Kickstarter Update – Little AB Co

An exciting update from Little AB Co about there new diaper Soft Paws. They recently post this information on there blog:

The Soft Paws diaper Kickstart is just about ready to launch! Just having a few people review and make sure everything is good to go. There is some very important news on the project.

Launch Date:
Looking to launch the product this weekend! Announcements will be made.

30 days after launch of the Kickstarter project

International Shipping:
There are international shipping options for all Backer Rewards. Please note the shipping cost are what it cost us to ship the product. We are not making any money on your shipping.

Backer Rewards:

2 diaper sample

$38 (Regular $39.60)
$1.60 off regular price
1 pack diaper

$55 (Regular $58.8)
5% off regular price
2 packs diapers

$68 (Regular $75.60)
10% off regular price
3 packs diapers

$80 (Regular $93.60)
15% off regular price
4 packs diapers

$155 (Regular $187.20)
20% off regular price
8 packs of diapers
First orders to be shipped


This look awesome and i hope they going to post the review lather on. should be nice to read them to find out more about this diapers.


HUGE mess in my Bambinos – DPRTube

Feelin’ iffy all day until this happened. All I have to say is thank god for Bambinos!

Text and video by: Hudsonbab3

From the messy sounds that is easy to hear in this video it sounds like this boys tummy dont feel weary well. so it was good thing he decided to wear diapers today.