Here comes the usual morning conversation

Here comes the usual morning conversationHere comes the usual morning conversation

“I can’t believe you’re still unable to remain dry!
Look how well your little brother’s progressing,
we’re putting him in training pants today and
we can forget diapers completely in two weeks.
But you! You’re not even trying!”

“Dad it doesn’t work like that,
I’m doing my best but it keeps happening.
Maybe this whole potty-training thing is not for me,
I mean I’m fine with wearing these by the way.“

“Nonsense! Now go to your room and get yourself changed,
and from now on your brother’s helping you as he
turned out to be more mature and responsible than you!”

“Daaad there’s no need I can do it alone.”

“Don’t make me say it again! To your room Now!”

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Awww poor thing looks like his little brother is in charge of him from this point :(

This sure going to lead to allot of blushing situation here.

Amy and the Broom

Amy and the Broom

Amy the bunny has brought a broom to life a la Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequence in Fantasia.

Order by DanielMania123

Draw and above by warpwarp1929


Looks like someone is practice some magic here.

Harieo Fell Asleep

Harieo Fell Asleepter replying “But I’m not tired” Harieo seems to have fallen asleep anyways.

Order by?

Draw and above text by Blankie


Awww but at lest he already have his night diaper so even if he have fall asleep on the couch it should not be a problem if he end up whit a accident during his sleep. His diaper sure can handle it and make sure that the couch dont get destroy :)

I sure hope that he have some sweet and nice dreams now :)

That’s a Full One!

That's a Full One!

Little Starbuck proud of his full load!

Starbuck belongs to GibsonScratch

Draw and above text by BabySteps


Awww it sure seems like Starbuck have manage to get his thick diaper pretty well used. It is kind of amazing that the tape on the diaper is manage to handle the load from this heavy diaper. But it sure most feel kind of nice to be wearing that squishy heavy diaper between his legs.

But still he sure is in need of a diaper change so he dont end up whit a diaper rash.

leaky dragon nap

leaky dragon nap

gibsonscratch leaking allllll over the couch while he naps. should’ve put down a puppy pad or something.

The leaking furry belongs to gibsonscratch

Draw and above text by emeritus_terciel


Awww looks like Starbucks thick diaper was not thick enough to handle the wetting during his nap :(

He sure not going to be so happy when he wakes up and found out what have happen :(

I sure hope that the leak is not so bad :)