All ready for bedtime – ludisluteo

All ready for bedtime - ludisluteo

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Aww looks like someone is going to be force to be spending a very long time in this diaper :( At least it seems to be pretty thick one and when it is finely time for a diaper change i bet that diaper is going to be pretty stinky and well used one. And i am not surprised that they decide to deliver the news when his harness is lock. So it is nothing that he can do about it now.

I think it’s bath time – barkyaanarki

Yes it sure seems like it is time to change that soggy diaper. It sure seems to be pretty soggy and it is kind of amazing that the diaper don’t have started to leak yet.

But at least he have some cozy time wearing that super soggy diaper between his legs.

Brother Knows Best II

Brother Knows Best II“See?” Chase smirked, lifting his phone up, “I don’t know why you argue with me when you just end up agreeing anyway.”

Dash clutched the arms of the sofa nervously. The need to let it out almost invalidated the fact that his younger brother was watching. He just had to accept that it was coming out and going into his diaper regardless, and this was far better than sleeping in it.

“Here we are, baby’s first poop,” Chase said seemingly randomly, until Dash realised he was being recorded again. He wanted to whine, and plead, but it would surely only make the footage even more embarrassing for him.

Instead, Dash let go as much as he pushed, and with an uncontrollable grunt-comewhimper, his diaper filled up at the seat, faster than he could push it out. It was a truly powerless experience, having held it for so long, that once the barriers released, his body forced it out under the pretence of ‘control’. Wave after wave, his diaper filled, spreading, a great mushy lump between his cheeks.

Almost out of breath, paws clutching the sofa, he looked up red-faced to signal he was done, giving the camera quite the shot of his exasperated face, he realised.

Chase wasn’t done though.”

Draw and everything by Gordo


Aww poor thing the first messy diaper is always something new and sometime it can be bad. And from the conversation they are having it sounds like they wear some embarrassing moment recorded on a phone :(

Someone sure have a very strong power over someone here between this two brothers.



commission done for Otta_Tagg of his otter finding themselves in the middle of some kind of programing, he tugs and squirms, unable to break free, but he can’t remember why he would want to, oooh it feels good to be a good boy, doesn’t it otter? let that good feeling of being a diaper boy vibrate through you, head to toes.

Order by Otta_Tagg

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot


Yes i bet this otter is going to agree very soon and wont to be a good diaper boy for his caretaker :)

I bet that ball gag is going to be changed out soon to a pacifier gag.



Finding themselves forever locked in the room of haunted pleasures, helpless to the whim of the kinky spirits that occupy the space, they’re probably all gay kangaroos honestly, will the pup ever be rescued, or are they doomed to a life of endless kinky pleasures! who knows?

Order by anon pup

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot


Yes he sure seems to have ended up in one special haunted room here and i think that he is going to be there a wail. Who wants to volunteer and look for him in a room like that?

At least he get some very special treatment from the ghost.


ROCK PUPS! Anga-Thrakos and RikoTravis rocking on some good vibes!

Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot


Looks like this two having some fun time whit the guitars :)

Wounder how it feels to be playing a guitars and sucking on a pacifier at the same time? Wounder if they are playing in front of a crowd?

At least they are having a fun and amazing time.