Thief’s Escape

Thief's EscapeOrioles03 and Dustyfoxy manage to catch an elusive thief, and before the authorities arrive they discover just WHY he’s so elusive.

Draw by catmonkshiro

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Poor little puppies it seems like they are in for some hard time now when they seems to be forced back to baby hood and diaper wearing whit help of some hypnosis.

That Warm, Wet Feeling

That Warm, Wet FeelingNetto enjoying her soggy diaper~

Netto and text by UK-Brony

Draw by laydeekaze

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Yes the feeling of a wet soggy diaper is kind of awesome and i can understand that Netto is enjoying her diaper state now.

Training and oops!

Training and oops!Blaze is aking her power better, while she is doing this, is going potty for avoid distractions and cream is behind her talking what she is doing…
I think Cream dont notices about what blaze is doing in her diapers :)

Text, draw and the girls: ConejoBlanco

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Wearing a diaper can be very good some time special when you wont to focus on your training whiteoutdisturbing potty breaks.

Training pants wet – XTube

Training pants wet powered by XTube

Video uploaded by yellow_owl on XTube.

Looks like this diaper boy is not ready for some training pants yet. It seems like he had some big wet accident in his pants.

Wounder what it is for type of music in the background?

Taki Lost and found 4

Taki Lost and found 4fully skunked and still examining this mysterious bag she found, she ensures all the necessary things are inside…

Skunk by Taki

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Yes it seems like the diaper bag have everything you need when it comes to changing a use diaper and it seems like she is going to have some good use whit the item later when she decide to change the diaper that she is wearing right now.