nekonekodiamata immersive VR

nekonekodiamata immersive VRLucha and Rosa get to try out a new VR system.

it’s really good, but there are a few kinks to work out :P

Order by Nekonekodiamata

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes it sure looks like they have something to work out here. Poor furry it seems like he is blushing big time when he notes that he have use his diaper whiteout notes it. It sure looks to be pretty messy and well used to. Hope not this is permanent thing for him now.

Babyfur Comic: Chloe back to the nursery 2

Babyfur Comic: Chloe back to the nursery 2Order by babychloe

Draw by Tato


Aww poor girl looks like here mother have decide to put here back into some thick diapers after a public pants wetting incident at the supermarket. She have even bought some baby cloths for here that should fit together whit the diaper. Looks like this girl needs to accept that she is going to be wearing diapers for quite some time now.

This is not going to be easy around here friends when they found out about this.

Diaperfur Comic: o sonho do gigante, página 7

Diaperfur Comic: o sonho do gigante, página 7What have I done…? I… didn’t mean to…

Too full…

Very full…

I’m too big to continue this game. But too big to relieve myself in this planet.

I don’t want to cause any more destruction. Even if just imaginary.


Draw and everything by Yure16


Poor cat it looks like he is very close to have a full bladder release into his awaiting diaper.

This sure looks like it don’t was a good night for this cat.

Ellie´s first time wetting

Ellie´s first time wettingJust a sequel from this drawing:

here is David making Ellie more confident to use them :)

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Poor Ellie it seems like she have problem to get use to use here diaper. Good thing she have a good friend that help and support here during this wetting process.

Gaming Time 3

Gaming Time 3
evem more mess soon :2

Order by fennecbunny

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


It sure looks like this bunny’s diaper starting to get pretty soggy and messy now. Maybe she should taka a brake from the gaming and change it before it starting to leak.