Comic pg 2

Comic pg 2

Order by brevity and subdivisions

Draw by torne


It sure seems like the drink really starting to work now forcing him to release one big messy load into his diaper. His diaper butt sure seems to be growing allot from that load. It sure is good that the diaper is manage to handle everything :)

A leaking messy diaper sure is no fun :(

Mall n’ Stall

Mall n' Stallgibsonscratch bamboozled me in the store. He can laugh now but I will have my revenge soon enough.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to BetaBrothers and gibsonscratch

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes this sure is one blushing embarrassing situation here. Standing here in the middle of the store whit a well used diaper that have start leaking to. To make things worse you even starting to notes that you start wetting your diaper even more.

This two furry sure is wearing soggy well used diaper and they should leave a trail behind them when they walk away from the diaper section.

Adult baby Comic: Aether Foundation Page 3

Adult baby Comic: Aether Foundation Page 3This is a collab between Rogeykun and tato


He sure letting go big time here and really flooding his diaper. Look how heavy and squishy he diaper is after only one wetting.

Someone really sure know how to make some good use on his diaper here ;)

But it dont seems like he wont to be a part of a diaper change ;)

I sure hope we are going to see more part of this comic.

Silly Alex

Silly Alex

you’re already going, dude, it’s too late. just wait for her to come out to change you c:

i think caretakers do this on purpose, like, a lot.

Draw and everything by MonsterBunny


Awww poor thing it seems like your bladder already have let go and you are wetting your diaper right now. The only thing left for you to do now is to let go off your bowel and start messing that squishy diaper.

Its sure sounds like you are a need of a new diaper any way.

Lazy Bun

Lazy Bunshe is just a lazy bun un the morning :P

Freebie piece for lulshi

Draw and above text by ConejoBlanco


Yes it sure seems to bge one lazy morning for this bun and it sure is a good thing she is wearing here diaper ;)

Wearing a diaper sure can have it advantages special when you will have a lazy morning.

So that’s where babies come from?

So that's where babies come from?The diaper messing fox belongs to artie

Draw by Coren


Giggles looks like someone wont to have a little close up and see when he putt his diaper to some use :)

Someone cubs sure love to have there padded butt in the air ;)