Bouncemaster 3000


Aww poor diaper boy it sure seems like the Bouncemaster 3000 soon going to force him to be using his diaper for everything. I bet its going to force him to release one big stickies into the waiting diaper. Then he sure is going to be pretty humiliated.



“oh you should get used to being a messy bottom puppy.. in-fact ill help.”
“why don’t you make stickies hmm? if you don’t itll be a month of chastity..”
silly doodle.

Draw and everything by Charry

Source: //

Awww it looks like someone soon is going to have a nice orgasm in his wet and messy diaper. I bet that is something that is going to feel pretty nice :)

New Diaper Sticker At AB Universe

AB Universe have release some cute new diaper stickers that you can use on your diaper front. And you can find and order the new stickers from AB Universe website: // Be sure to check it out because they have release some very cute new diaper stickers.


AB Universe Diaper Sticker Store

AB Universe Diaper Sticker Store

AB Universe announced today on there Twitter account that they have start whit there very own diaper sticker store and from the begging they have 5 different diaper sticker available. You find all info about them and place your order on this page: