Nappy rubbing – XTube

Nappy rubbing powered by XTube and posted by corbypaul89

Yes can really here how wet and soggy his diaper is during his diaper rubbing. This diaper is well used and sounds like it is close to leak.

If you wont to order this diaper you can find it on or

Early morning urges

Early morning urges
Kyouka getting dressed in the morning and letting some… pent up urges take over before she gets very far.

Kyouka, text and draw by emeritus_terciel


Looks like this diaper bat have a nice and cozy diaper rubbing time this morning.

Teasing and Crinkling (Diapers)

Teasing and Crinkling (Diapers)ChocolateKit and kitkiama


Looks like this red panda having a nice and cozy time when this diaper girl is rubbing the front off his diaper.