Diaper Review Of Absorbency Plus

You maybe remember that i create a post for a couple of days ago about the new Absorbency Plus that XP Medical have release. Today i found a good review of this product that ADISC had link to.

So i decide that i should create a new post and link to this review so more people found out how this diaper are when it comes to Padding Size, Shape and all other things that can be good to know before you deiced to place an order on this new diaper.

Here is the link to the diaper review of Absorbency Plus that i was talking about: http://www.incontinencesupport.info/Absorbency_Plus_Briefs.html

Sure Comfort adult briefs review

Review of Sure Comfort Adult diapers. These diapers are supplied by Western Family and are found at small grocers and family owned pharmacies.

Western Family site: http://www.westernfamily.com/.

My site: http://www.diaperinfo.com.


Text and video created by: diaperman89.

My first review on the new Race Car Diaper

This is my first review about the new Boy’s 2X-Large Race car Diaper from qualitydiapers.net.


The size on the Race Car Diaper is very good. The wing of the diaper is wide and good you st like it should be on a diaper. So it is no problem to get a really nice and good fit. I compare the size to the regular adult diaper medium. So if you can wear medium adult diaper then you can even were the new Race Car diaper whit no problem. You get a nice and cozy diaper that goes up high on both front and back like a diaper should do.

Even more then Bambino and ABUniverse diaper do. You can compare it like the diaper give you a big hug around the waist.


I dont have match to say about this subject more then the diaper feel comfort to wear special around the waist like i have mention early. But it needs some improvement to get a  more secures feeling around the legs special around the butt.


Dont seams like it can handle thats match wetting. Easy leak when you you sit down. Special if you have wet the diaper standing. The diaper get very saggy fast and leak in the back. Seams to have problem to handle if you wet to match in the same time. One possitiv thing is it that it dont feels so wet against the skin. I have only try one diaper so it is hard
to say yet. Can be that i need to put it on in another way. But it is kind of thin so it can be good to have some booster pads to help the diaper absorb.

I dont know whats more i can say about this diapers right now more then it needs to make some big improvement on the absorbing part. Special if i should bought this diaper again. The diaper can handle small wetting but seams to have big problems when it comes to big wetting or flooding. So i dont recommend this diaper special if you need something that can handle allot of wetting. This diaper maybe work good for children whit bed wetting problem. But i dont think this is a diaper for adults that wets more.

I hope this review get you some good information about how this diaper works.

Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi Review

This Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi Diaper Review is written by: Xanthia on ADISC. Many thanks to this user that give me the permission to post this.

Lille Supreme Fit - Maxi (3370ml) Medium (80-130cm) Pack of 20
Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi (3370ml) Medium (80-130cm) Pack of 20

The appearance of these are not something to be bragged about. They’re plain white with an ‘M’ pattern on it (assumably so you know which size they are!) and rectangular stripe down the middle.

Lille Supreme Fit - Maxi1

As advertised the sizes is pretty spot on. Unfortunately I can’t really compare it to other brands that you’re familiar with. Long as you know what waist/hips you are, you got no problems getting into these.

They have a yellow wetness indicator which turns blue so you know when abouts you’re a due a change. Although I don’t use it, some people like this feature. There is also some elastication on the front of these, allowing good movement without them feeling like they’re gonna fall off in one position to another.

The tapes are pretty standard with nothing particularly impressive. The material is pretty soft and not too plasticy. I think it’s considered more cloth like? If these were to be worn out I would suggest plastic pants as you can feel as if you’re clothes are wet when they’re not.

As well as the usual leak guard, it is elasticated around your thigh for a sure fitting. I’ve yet to have a leak in these! So going onto fitting…

Performance and Fit

I think these fit really well. They’re comfortable, and have no complaints in that aspect. I have found they can hold 3 good wettings if not a few trickles while sat down with no leaks.

As I only wear at home, only take this as a guidance. The noise of these are next to nothing. I can walk to and from my kitchen without hearing too much of a crackle, snap or pop!

The tapes stick well and don’t move, rip or unstick. I also found that if I had done it up too loose I could easily re-stick it tighter and it would still hold perfectly fine. They stayed on my waist very well even when full.

I don’t find these particularly discreet while on though. They bulge a lot on the front, and being a women this isn’t necessarily a good thing! This is probably my only complaint so far.

Price and Final Thoughts

These were bought from Amazon in the UK from a seller called DryLife. They cost me £13.75 for 20 which I consider a reasonable price compared to some and the overall performance. They were AB/DL friendly in regards of packaging and shipping completely discreetly, even if the package is quite big!

Overall I really like these, and the only real comparison I can give is I think they’re better than Tender All-In-One Adult Diapers. So if you’re in the UK, I would give these a try

You can find lot more pitcher on Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi on this forum post:

First Quality adult diaper max absorbency test – Video

Video created by: diaperman89.

Doing a absorbency test on a First Quality adult diaper.

Final result = 2050ml / 134.6g.


Seams like this is a relay good diaper if it can handle 2050ml. But i wondering should it be the same result if he was wearing the diaper? I dont know how exact this type of diaper test can be. I should like to see a test when he wear the diaper to so i can see if it is any different between the two test way.

I have post more videos from diaperman89. You can check out them here if you like.

List of store that sell Firts Quality Adult Diaper.

If you decide that you wont to try this diaper for your self and see how this diapers works for you.

Medex Supply – Have this diaper brand: Kendall, Attends, Prevail, Tena/SCA, Tranquility, First Quality and Medline.

Direct Line Medical Supply – Have follow diaper brand: First Quality, StayDry, Value Buy and Prevail.

Incontinence Supplies at medicalsupplydepot – Have Follow brand: Invacare, Attends, Attends Healthcare Prod, Covidien, Discovery Trekking Outft, First Quality, Hartmann-Conco and Tranquility.


Prevail per-fit brief adult diaper review

Video is created by: diaperman89.

His website: http://www.diaperinfo.com/.

What i see from this video is the diaper look weary tin and dont seams so nice to wear. This is not a diaper that i should wear at night because it look way to tin. This seams to be a diaper for daytime or whit people that have small incontinence problem not any thing that can be good to wear if you have big wetting problem. But it is up to you if it is a diaper that you wont to wear but from look on this video it dont look like prevail is a good diaper to me.

If you wont to try this Prevail diaper here is some shop where you can bought it. Maybe it is a diaper that you are going to like. And if you decide to try i hope you not going to be disappointed.

Health Products For You – Have follow diaper brand: Prevail, Tena/SCA, Kendall, Attends, Tranquility and Dignity.

Direct Line Medical Supply – Have follow diaper brand: First Quality, StayDry, Value Buy and Prevail.

Kleins RX – Have this diaper brand: Attends and Prevail.

Medex Supply – Have this diaper brand: Kendall, Attends, Prevail, Tena/SCA, Tranquility, First Quality and Medline.