Neat diaper disposal system

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Yes a good diaper pailNeat diaper disposal system is always good to have to dispose your used diaper so you dont need to smell all the stinky diaper that you have store away inside there.

Bouncy Drooly Babby Tailsy

Bouncy Drooly Babby TailsyTailsy bein’ a big drooly, babbling baby while he plays in his favorite bouncy toy~! Taken from several rp’s that me and CJ do where Tailsy loves being a tinkybutt and bouncin’ in his bouncy toy to properly mush his poopy tushy. X3 I wonder who’s praising him for being a tinkybutt?

Tails and text by BlackNightWing

Draw by sir-dancalot


Look what a messy diaper Tails have ended up whit and it look like he know how to make his diaper pretty soggy to. His diaper pail seems to be well loaded whit heavy well used diapers.

artie baby bullies 3

1461615575.catmonkshiro_diaper_splash_pagepoor artie just keeps going from bad to worse… these babbehs are getting the best of him

Fox artie

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor artie it could not be so match fun to end up in that diaper pail together whit all this soggy wet big diapers. It probably going to be kind of a stinky situation.

A family affair

A family affairOrder by Coshi_Dragonite

Draw by tato


Looks like someone is force to handle the storage of this very stinky and smelly diaper so it ends up inside the diaper pail where it belongs.

I really love the expression that this Fox have in his face when he is about to drop the stinky smelly diaper into the open diaper pail. This is something that you need to count on to handle when you looking after a cub.

Changing there diaper can be a very smelly and stinky work.

Ishiko knows the rules P3

Ishiko knows the rules P3As a idea Stoneth had, she suggested that I would sometimes become a full vulpix at random moments, but when it happens, it becomes hard to control one’s self.

Even though Rogey has the ability to breathe fire and incinerate things, he’s still stuck in thick fire proof diapers and he isn’t happy about it.

Ishiko finds this adorable and teases Rogey, telling him that the rules still apply…

Draw and everything by Rogeykun


Poor little Vulpix good thing that the diapers that he wears are fire proof.

He look so cute in this pose :)

Restock my diaper pail supply 3/3-2016

20160303_102845Today i restock the refills for my diaper pail Korbell Maxi because the store that sell this refill had 20% off everything in the store. So i thought it was a good time to restock on this product. So now whit the refills that i already have i dont need to worry about running out of this things for some time.