Diapers EVERYWHERE!!!! OH GOD! Part 3

Diapers EVERYWHERE!!!! OH GOD! Part 3

Order by ManureBovine

Draw by kratox

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27940964/

It sure most be pretty stinky inside that diaper pail now whit all those well used diapers but it sure looks like its have room for a couple more diapers before it needs to get changed. But who is inside the diaper pail? It sure most be pretty stinky inside the pail now.

Detective Lost and Found 3

Detective Lost and Found 3
Enough time has now passed that the investigation into Carmelita’s disappearance has grown cold. Her file has been shelved in a cold case file, assigned a priority so low that odds are she’ll never be found. Of course, given her current state, even if she were rediscovered, it would be highly unlikely she would be recognized. She’d rather splash and play with the funny water in the toilet than chase down a criminal these days, much to the chagrin of her caretaker. The plumber, however, never seems to mind the extra income.

Order and text by TheAnon

Draw by catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27806928/

Awww poor caretaker it seems like Carmelita decided to have a little fun whit the toilet.

At lest there plumber is going to have allot of stuff to do. I hope they get some sort of discount.

Detective Lost and Found 2

Detective Lost and Found 2

A few days have passed since Carmelita found herself in the care of an unknown individual. The Contessa herself wouldn’t want to dirty her hands (literally!) with being her babysitter, so the vixen found herself in someone else’s capable paws. Considering how well this nursery was stocked for her, perhaps this adoption had been planned for some time…

…But even the best-prepared caregiver underestimated just how many diapers Carmelita would go through.

Order and text by TheAnon

Draw by catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27806880/

Yes it sure seems that Carmelita is using allot of diapers. Poor thing here system sure most be in some kind of power mode to produce that match of body waste. Poor thing they really needs to stock up on allot of diapers now in order for this and change here diaper regularly. It seems like the diaper she is wearing now have start leaking to.


The baby business part 11

Copyright (c) 1995 by Babydoc.

No sooner had Doug flopped down on his bed than he fell asleep, exhausted from his ordeal. He awoke several hours later, during the early evening, and it was dark. Doug was disoriented. For the moment, he had forgotten what had happened earlier. His first sensation was a strong urge to release his bowels. He stood up in the darkness, and was surprised when he heard the crinkling of a disposable diaper. He wouldn’t have expected this, since he didn’t usually wear his diaper to bed (it excited him too much to allow sleep), but he was pleased, since he could just use the diaper to relieve himself. Drowsily, he relaxed his rectal sphincter and allowed what turned out to be a gush of fluid into his diaper. Somehow the diaper accepted the whole load without leaking, and, more comfortable, Doug sat down on the side of his bed to try to figure out what time it was. The clock said 7:30pm. That didn’t quite make sense. He felt the warm squish of his messy diaper, and smiled. He loved that feeling. But why WAS he wearing this diaper? What had happened before his nap?

Then he remembered. “Oh, God.” Could it all have been true? That had just been a couple of hours ago. No wonder he was wearing the diaper. But now that he’d remembered, he felt totally uncomfortable. There was something about the memory of his humiliation earlier, and the embarrassment of having been forced to wear this diaper, that now made him want to take it off immediately. He waddled into the bathroom and carefully removed the messy diaper, taking care not to drop any of the mess on the floor. Then he stepped into the shower to rinse himself off. He had no sooner finished drying himself off, however, when he once again felt an urgent call of nature. Would this diarrhea never stop? he asked himself.

He headed over to the toilet to relieve himself in a method more appropriate to his age, but saw for the first time that there was something wrong with it. There wasn’t any water in it at all, or more accurately, there was water, but just a little bit, and it was colored blue. He tried to flush it: nothing happened. It was apparently turned off. Well, he knew how to fix that, he thought, as he gingerly bent over to adjust the water supply on the pipes under the tank. He had to be careful as he squatted, because the release of his bowels was imminent, and crouching was obviously sort of dangerous with this kind of diarrhea. When he squatted to look, however, he found that there was some sort of locking contraption attached to the pipes. He couldn’t turn on the water!

Now he was in trouble. He refused to mess his pants twice in one day. He ran downstairs in a kind of panic to check on the other toilet, but it, too, was drained, with blue dye, and was rigged up the same way underneath. Now what could he do? He didn’t have much time, certainly not enough to figure out this locking thing and fix the toilets. What other options did he have? He didn’t want to get dressed and knock on his neighbor’s door just to use his toilet; that was embarrassing, and also might take too long. He couldn’t really imagine relieving himself in the tub or the sink; it was bad enough he washed himself off in there. He didn’t want it to turn into a toilet, especially for this kind of excrement.

He had no choice, he knew. Not for now, not for tonight. He dashed back upstairs and, swallowing his pride, picked up the top diaper from the pile on his dresser. He quickly grabbed a pad and took them both over to his bed, where he spread out the changing pad, laid out the diaper and pad, and taped himself securely in. Still sitting on his changing pad, he eagerly released his bowels, fully soiling his diaper for the second time in ten minutes.

Wow, he thought. That diaper juice has some half-life. Then he remembered the milk Mrs. Warren had made for him to help. If ever he needed some help, it was tonight, with his toilets locked up. He gingerly got up, and when he saw that his full, messy diaper didn’t leak, he waddled downstairs to the kitchen.

He poured himself a large glass of the “milk,” and drank it quickly down; then, thinking it would help, poured yet another and drank that, too. That should help, he thought. Despite how Mrs. Warren had manipulated him earlier, getting him to submit to being tied up, making him wet and soil his pants, making him sign that contract thing, he still didn’t suspect any further trickery. He certainly never suspected that this milk was, by now, the major cause of his bowel problems. He thought the whole goal had been to get him to sign the contract so he’d feel roped in to this program. He didn’t understand the extent of her plans for him, and didn’t know how important she thought it was to keep him constantly in diapers this night. After tomorrow, her techniques would change, but this first night she liked to have him diapering himself out of need, not out of fear. It was more amusing that way. But since Doug didn’t know that Mrs. Warren enjoyed his suffering, he wasn’t cynical enough to suspect the vast extent to which his actions were now being dictated by her. And in the end, his naivete would cost him dearly.

But for now, Doug just sighed when, fifteen minutes later, he pooped in his diapers again, which severely strained their capacity. He again cleaned himself up, showered, and thought he didn’t like the idea, rediapered himself immediately afterward. He accepted the fact that he wouldn’t be able to fix the toilets tonight, and that due to his upset stomach he might have to wear the diapers until tomorrow morning. But, he told himself, it wasn’t just because this lady said he had to do it. It was his decision, because he was sick. And it was obviously just temporary.

He took a look around his room. It was well-stocked with diapers and other supplies. And all of his underwear was gone! She’d stolen his underwear. He’d have to buy more.

He suddenly realized he was starving. He hadn’t eaten since last night! He went downstairs again, wearing just his diaper and a t-shirt. It didn’t make any sense to wear pants, since he’d just have to change his diaper again soon anyway. He made himself some dinner, and thought about what to do tomorrow, when Mrs. Warren came back. He ought to accuse her of stealing, he realized. He ought to take some sort of legal action, because it really was absurd, the way she waltzed in here, tied him up, humiliated him, threatened him with blackmail, and stole his underwear. But what would the police say, he thought to himself. He’d let her in, allowed her (a perfect stranger!) to bind him in his own home, and then had signed a contract agreeing to all of this. Or at least he thought he had. He went upstairs and found it next to his bed. He brought it back down and read it while he finished dinner.


Well, this document would certainly be incriminating, he thought to himself as he finished reading. It gave her permission to do all of this to him, and more, apparently. He nearly choked when he read the part about abstaining from sex. I mean, I don’t have a girlfriend, but I do have an active fantasy life, he thought. TOO active, he replied to himself. His spirits sank as he realized that this piece of paper, of which she had a copy, essentially gave him no legal leg to stand on. He didn’t know much about the law, but it seemed to him that a signed document agreeing to wear diapers would look pretty voluntary to a judge. And, he had to admit to himself, he didn’t relish admitting his fetish, let alone the day’s humiliating activities, to ANYONE, and certainly not the general public. It would certainly cost him his position in such a small, tightly-knit program.

No, he thought to himself, I’m on my own here. I’ve got to find my own way out of this.

He put away his dishes and went back upstairs. He picked up the two soiled diapers he’d left on the bathroom floor, and put them, for lack of a better place, in the diaper pail that waited expectantly by his dresser. He sat down on his bed, noting the ever-present crinkling sound his diaper made. How could he get out of this?

He’d asked himself this only the night before, he realized, and tonight he didn’t have too many more options. He could try to talk to her again, make her believe somehow that he wasn’t really incontinent. A full confession of his fetish might be his best chance. He could explain why the whole thing wasn’t appropriate for him and how the confusion had all happened. But if it hadn’t worked today, why would it work tomorrow? Mrs. Warren didn’t like excuses, he realized, and his failed continence test loomed large in the background. Besides, even the truth sounded hard to believe now. He’d WANTED to buy diapers, but didn’t really need them? Who did that? And why would he have waited until now to protest?

Another alternative would be to stand up for himself and challenge her physically. He didn’t want to fight, but maybe this was the best way to convince her how serious he was about not wanting to be in this program thing. He’d simply refuse and protect himself if she tried to force diapers on him. On the other hand, as he thought back to their encounter earlier, he began to remember her size and apparent strength. He wasn’t small, but she really was very physically intimidating, and he began to wonder who would win a fight, if it came down to that. Yet anything was better than submitting to this nonsense. And if she tried to spank him (Spank him! That hadn’t happened since he was six years old!), then he would have no choice but to protect himself and his pride.

His only other options were unthinkable. He could always go along with this little program for a while and wait for another idea to come to him, perhaps after a detailed analysis of the flaws in the program’s rules. Or he could go along with this thing whole-heartedly, and try to “graduate” soon. But these options reeked of giving up, and were unthinkable. Submitting himself to such humiliating treatment daily was not something he could allow himself to do. He’d have to fall far lower to even consider it. It didn’t matter that he’d fantasized about just such a situation before. BEING in this situation made him realize he enjoyed his freedom far too much. He had other areas of his life to enjoy as well, after all. He couldn’t give all that up just for the opportunity to enjoy diapers a little more frequently. No, if he had infantile fantasies, he’d enjoy them on HIS terms.

Yet he had to admit that he was out of ideas tonight. He grimaced as he almost reflexively let another runny BM out into his diaper. He was tiring of this diarrhea, and of these diapers. But he was prepared to bear it through the night, if he could get things back to normal tomorrow.

Just to help things along, he waddled downstairs in his messy diaper and had two more large glasses of Mrs. Warren’s special milk. It hasn’t helped yet, he thought, but on the other hand, I’d hate to think what this diarrhea would be like without it.

Then Doug waddled back upstairs, showered yet again, and changed himself once more. He watched TV for two hours before returning to his bed to sleep for the night. He soiled three more diapers that evening, and yet another when he awoke during the night, but he was so tired that he slept well anyway.

So well, in fact, that he didn’t notice when Mrs. Warren stopped by shortly after midnight to verify her new copy of his housekey and check on her new baby boy. She was pleased to see nearly all the milk gone, and seven blatently soiled diapers in his diaper pail. And as she peeked in on Doug, she was gratified to see him sleeping only in his diaper and t-shirt. As she completed her inspection of his apartment, she was happy to find the toilets as she had left them, but she clucked quietly when a quick survery of trash cans and the bathtub revealed no evidence of shaven pubic hair. She wondered if he hadn’t shaved himself on purpose as a gesture of defiance, or had simply forgotten, or whether he’d even read the rules at all. It didn’t really matter, since she’d get to spank him tomorrow regardless of the reason, but for the future it would be good to know so she’d know whether she could anticipate further compliance problems.

She drove away relatively disappointed that Doug was behaving himself so far by wearing and using his diapers, because midnight spankings were favorites of hers. She liked the element of surprise, and could often be inventive in whether or not she tied her naughty boys, and in how she woke them. But no matter; like all the others, this boy could certainly expect to receive his share of spankings in the future.

Copyright (c) 1995 by Babydoc.

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Cyan Diaper pail

Cyan Diaper pailOf Mrs.Cyan being tossed in a diaper pail.

Order by BabyCyanWolf

Draw and text by Perfectly.Patches

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27383166/

Aww poor Mrs.Cyan looks like another soggy wet diaper is one its way to get dump into the diaper pail. It sure most start to be pretty stinky inside that pail right now whit all those well used diaper inside.

What have happen to here to deserve a stinky fiat like this one? It sure not going to be easy now whit another soggy wet diaper inside the pail now. But at lest the pail dont store any messy diapers. I think it should stink even more inside the diaper pail then.

Oli got Diaper Pailed

Oli got Diaper PailedThe sleeping pills hit Oli harder than Fisk expected.

Within 10 minutes, Oli was passed out on the floor of the nursery. Fisk was getting back at Oliver, who’d tossed away all of his underwear only to replace them with diapers. It’d made Fisk’s work.. extra challenging. The otter wasn’t as amused as Oliver was.

Fisk worked fast, starting to mummify Oliver with three rolls of bondage tape. He figured it was kind of overkill, but this guaranteed Oli wasn’t going anywhere. He could feel Oliver wriggling in his sleep in response to being shifted around. The wolf let out a little groan as Fisk picked up the now-encased wolf, and he was placed down next to their new diaper pail. The otter picked him up and placed him down in it. It was already half full, so Fisk made a make-shift, squishy chair for Oli to sit on.

Fisk dragged the other pail over. With the amount of diapers Oli, Fisk and guests went through a day, it was no surprise the nursery had three pails. Fisk started filling up the pail Oli was now in. Fisk had to plug his nose at the smell; he might have been used to Oli’s, but this was pretty bad too. And that’s probably what woke the wolf up.

“F-Fisk..? w-what is that smell..?” Oli said groggily as he started to wake up. Fisk paid him no mind and continued to fill his pail with used diapers. After a few more moments, Oliver mustered the energy to move-

but he couldn’t.

Panicked now, Oliver’s focus returned and he looked around.

“wait, what aRE YOU DOING?!” Oli said, struggling against his bindings. There must have been a quarter-inch of bondage tape around him, he could practically feel how thick it was. Fisk just kept burying the wolf in used diapers, already up to his chest. He could feel the pressure grow around him as he was squished from all sides.
Fisk placed the last few diapers around Oliver’s head, making sure the smelliest ones were saved for last.

“There, that should do it! All nice and buried.” The otter said, still keeping one of his paws on his nose.

Fisk enjoyed watching Oliver struggle in his predicament. He squirmed, whimpered, and tried to bite the tape, only to bury his nose deep into the diapers to no avail. Fisk chuckled as he saw the wolf’s cheeks puff out as he tried to hold his breath.

“Anyway,” Fisk started. “It’s 11am now, I’ll be back at 10 to check on you. I’ve got to work!” The otter smiled. “And don’t worry about food,” Fisk said, shoving a hose in Oli’s mouth. “Eat when you’re hungry. I’m not sure how much lax I ended up putting in here. Tripp could tell you.”


“Oh, right! I mentioned to your friends I’d be having a little fun with you today. They definitely agreed not to help you out.” With that, Fisk turned around and walked out the door, pulling down his shirt to try and hide the diaper he had on.


Oliver was really struggling now. Every time he did, the smell got worse and he could here the squishing of all the diapers he was surrounded by. After just two hours, he was already hungry, and his diaper was soaked. Once he started sucking the food mush from the tube, it activated and started to pump it into him. Oli gulped down cheek-fulls of mush at a time, having a hard time keeping up with the machine. He figured he’d just wolf-down 2 kilos of food and spit out the feeding tube. That would keep him until Fisk got back to let him out.

After 15 minutes, Oliver could feel his bloated stomach already putting pressure on him. After 30 minutes, he couldn’t hold it back anymore, and as quickly as the mush was pumped into him, it started to pack the back of his diaper. Oli could feel the warm mush completely fill the back, and started to force its way to the front. He whimpered at it reached his crotch, over-stimulating his sensitive area as he tried to squish and hump it all around. He moaned in pleasure as he kept filling his pampers, and let out a squealed whimper when he finally reached climax.

Oli sat panting, buried in diapers and exhausted. When he finally re-cooped from the climax, there was now nothing he wanted more then getting out. “TRIIIIIIPP!” “TRIIIIPP!” Oliver shouted for his A.I assistant, who appeared as a hologram in front of him.

“Tripp, p-please let me out of this. This is gross.” The wolf said, shifting and squishing around in his pail.

The small snow leopard chuckled. “No way I’m doing that! I helped Fisk PLAN this! You’re stuck in there, kid.” The snow leopard taunted.

“Can’t you do ANYTHING?” Oli pleaded, his ears splayed down.

“Hmm… –right!! There is one thing! What time is Fisk back?”

The wolf’s eyes glimmered with hope. “22:00! So..?”

Tripp smiled deviously, and before Oliver knew it he heard a more primitive-robotic voice announce: “Permanent Seal Activated: Set to 22:00.”

“What is–“

“Your lab assistant, Oreo, was getting a little tired of the smell you two left behind. She modified this pail to seal the diaper bag, permanently. It’d take a hell of a lot to tear it, because steal just won’t ‘cut it’.”

Oliver went pale.

“Don’t worry! CO2 and O2 are completely permeable~! I can’t say the same for the… other gasses. But hopefully, Fisk comes home early!” With that, Tripp’s hologram disappeared. Oliver gulped.


Through the rest of the time, Oliver could hear little warning beeps from the pail, followed by: “1 hour remaining.” “30 minutes, remaining.” which he could only guess were for checking if you’d accidently dropped something in the pail, like you phone… or your significant other.

At about 15 minute remaining, Oliver heard the front door open. It was Fisk. He took his time getting undressed and settled in. Oliver shouted out for him.

“Fisk? Let me out!”


The otter opened the door to the nursery, immediately bringing his paws to his nose.

“Oh gosh, Oliver! You really stink now, don’t you!” He said, walking behind him and rubbing his headfur. “It’s been a long day for me, but don’t worry, I got you something!”

“Fisk, you have to let me out now!” Oli heard the sounds of tapes ripping.

“Please! Fisk, Tripp activated a setting on the p–” Before Oliver could finish, Fisk wrapped his well used padding around the wolf’s head with a big *SQUIIIISH*.

“MMPH?! MMMNPH!!” Oliver’s headfur was now completely soaked, and his highly sensitive nose was buried in the squishy padding material. Oliver shook his head as Fisk secured the tapes tightly around him. It wasn’t coming off.

“Oh, sorry; what did you say? You didn’t really finish.” Fisk taunted, squishing his paws into the diaper and muffling Oli. Oliver tried shouting through the diaper, but it was secured, tight. Two minutes were left on the timer. Fisk hadn’t seen it.


“Oliver, you should really learn how to talk properly one of these days. I can’t understand a word you’re saying!”


“I’m going to go watch some TV now, I’ll get you out in an hour!”


With that, the door shut, and the wolf was left buried in squishy diapers, his own completely packed with mush, and a well used one secured around his head. It really did come back to bite him in the end.

Oliver heard a long beep. He could now feel himself sinking deeper into the diapers as they started to squish around his face more and more, until his head was completely submerged. There was a brief pause, and he heard a faint crinkling from above him;
the bag had sealed shut.

Draw and everything by Oliver_AD

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27243981/

Poor Oliver wounder if he now is forced to spend the rest off his time inside that stinky bag of soggy wet and messy diapers. That sure is not a nice fate for him :(