BlackmailWolf axel1456

Draw by jimmyrumshot


Poor wolf wounder what sort of strange people that he have meet that have decided to do something like this against him?

Dreamsicle’s Diaper Fun

Dreamsicle's Diaper Fun (Clean Ver.)Dreamy really starts to enjoy her thick diapers, but what fate lies in store for her?

Text and Dreamy by KeatonFox

Draw by catmonkshiro


Dreamsicle's Diaper Fun (Wet/Messy Ver.)Dreamy really REALLY starts to enjoy her thick diapers as she quickly soaks and fills them to the brim, but what’s the price? (Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn!)

Text and Dreamy by KeatonFox

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes it really looks like she put the diaper to some very well use here It starting to look very wet and messy now.

Derpy DreamsicleAnd now? Now the poor unicorn has totally lost herself in her diapered indulgence, now only using her magic to fill her diapers over and over again, her mind lost in an endless cycle of wetting and messing herself. It was total bliss…

Text by TheAnon

Dreamy by KeatonFox

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes it sure looks like things have get out off hands now for this poor unicorn.

The big fight

The big fight
Foxy have end up in a big battle whit the terrifying monsters of all the potty monster. Foxy is going to win the fight to protect all the cubs in the world from the potty monsters horrible grip. He use everything that he have to win this fight and he have his Pikachu plush as backup and cheering partner if something going wrong or that he need some support or cuddling.

Who go you think is going to win this match? Do you think Foxy can defeat the biggest and most evil monsters of them all?

Draw by ZombiNeko

Baby Pikachu can’t reach his pacifier

Baby Pikachu can't reach his pacifierPikachus mother was trying to learn Pikachu that he need to stop sucking on his pacifier so match that he did right now so she took his pacifier and and hung it on a hook so Pikachu could not reach it even if he was standing on one of his diaper package.

Pikachu love to suck on his pacifier and when he relished that he dont could reach it make him very sad so he was starting to cry big tears.

He did dent wont to stoop sucking on his pacifier.

Draw by Veemonsito

Momma knows best!

Momma knows best!The rubbery mommacow certainly knows how to keep her big babies happy. Make them helpless, and take care of their needs while making sure their bellies are full. Good parenting!
As a heads up, she is an “adoptive” family member. All my characters are family, brought together through sheer fetishy kinkiness.


Draw and text by Frozenpawpadz

Yes it sure looks like the mommacow know how to take care of helpless babys. She is good to make sure that their bellies are full and the pee pee inside the diaper is all happy and big inside the thick diaper.

Unpacking a package from Save Express 8 Oktober 2015

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Something that i received from UPS today from Save Express.