Crinklz by Comficare Pack Opening

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This Crinklz diaper package opening video is created by Pup’s Diapers

Rivett’s Wondrous Adventure

Rivett's Wondrous AdventureArgi himself and his jackelope Koray as well as my character Rivett! He’s a huge plush monster that transforms people into diapers and plushies! That or diapers them :p depends how he feels at the moment.

Order and diaperfur: Argi

Draw and text by carnival-tricks


Poor Argi it cannot be so match fun to be transformed into a diaper and that someone decided to use that diaper.

Maybe just one more

Maybe just one moreDraw and everything by emeritus_terciel


This is going to be a very thick diaper that this fox is going to end up wearing its going to make him waddle allot.

Oh sweet, I was hoping for these!

Oh sweet, I was hoping for these!Husky tripleccc

Draw by emeritus_terciel


Looks like this husky received what he have wished for in his Christmas present a new Cuddlz diaper package.

Raichu Sized Diaper

Raichu SizedRicky wearing Raichu sized frilles, as evident on the packaging. He sure has gotten big X3

Ricky pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90


Yes Ricky really starting to look very chubby now and it is good that he have found some Raichu sized frilles diaper that he can wear now that really seems to fit his chubby body now. He really need to start cutting down on the food now.

First time trying diapers uodated

First time trying diapers uodated
Later of saving money selling candies in her school, she had enough for buy a whole pack of diapers, and looks like she likes them :)

Everything done by ConejoBlanco


Yes the diaper that she have found sure looks very nice and cute on this bunny. Now can she relax and have a wonderful time whit here new diaper package.