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Foxy on Diaper Package

Foxy on Diaper PackageFoxys mother was looking in the newspaper on morning when she notes a special ad text about a new diaper company that was looking for a cute cub that could be on the diaper package and in the commercial on the TV. Foxys mom thought this could be a awesome thing. So see send in a pitcher on Foxy whit some information about him (Age information, other stuff and of curse what she think how a diaper should work and look like).

A couple of weeks lather she receive a mail from the company and it seems like Foxy have won. So now can Foxys mother she him on the TV some time and in the store when she bought the baby stuff.

And now you maybe wounder if she get something more? And the answer is yes 1 years supply of the diaper. So it look like Foxy dont going to be potty trained for some time now. They have allot of free diapers now that he can use :)

Draw by: ruugiaruu

My first big order of Comficares adult diapers

Today when i get home from work was it a package waiting for me by my front door. It was my order from Comficare that i had revived and like you can see on the photos below no one can figuration that is was diaper inside the package.

comficare 2comficare 1

And like you see the package looks good.

I most say that the design on the diaper package is weary good it dont look like other adult diaper package that is available. I love that they have add a photo of the diaper on the top of the package and on the side and whit some good information about the diaper like how it work and the size of the diaper. And they explain it in a completely new way that make the package more special then a regular diaper package like Tena or Abena and i like that.

Comficare 3Comficare 4

I am thinking about that this diaper maybe is going to be my new night time diaper special because they are especially designed for situations when it is long time between changes.

A fresh diaper for my plushie

A fresh diaper for my plushie
A fresh diaper for my plushie.

Cub: babysonicthehedgehog.

Plushy: threeinone.

Draw by: TheGentileFenrir.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11386055/.

This is the cutes diaper changing picture i have seen. And i agree whit babysonicthehedgehog that even plushy`s like threeinone need to have a new fresh and clean diaper before that bedtime. So i thinking it is weary nice of him to help out and it look like he is really good on this diaper change to :). I only hope that he get the diaper on right so we dont have any leaks during the night if the plushy have a little accident in his diaper. But i think he can fix this so threeinone get the right and proper fix so we can avoid diaper leaks from a diaper that is not on right.

And i hope he remember to use some powder and maybe some rash cream before he put on the fresh diaper. We dont wont this plushy to end up whit some nasty diaper rash in the morning.

I hope they have a wonderful sleep now when they both have some fresh diaper on.

Foxys morning check

Foxys morning check
Foxys morning check

Foxy like to do a check up every morning on his diaper that he have. It is so nice to whats all this diaper that he is going to wear and use like a good baby do. The diaper to the right is the thick night diaper and the one to the left is the thick day diaper. Every thing is thick so he can get a very cute and big diaper butt and he can focus on playing whit his favorite cars. His mom always say that boys always wet more then girls and need thicker diaper for that. But foxy dont mind it because it give him that thick and cute diaper butt that make him very cute.

Right now he is thinking about what type of diaper he is going to wear this day. Foxy decide that he should go whit the dolphin print diaper.

Draw by:  batladie

  • The Well-Stocked Diaper Drawer (adriansurley.com)

Foxy’s play time with his plushy

Foxy's play time with his plushy
Foxy’s play time with his plushy

It is so nice and awesome to have a playtime in the soft and cozy crib in the morning. When you are waiting for mom to com and change your wet night diaper.

I try to learn my teddy bear to walk and it is important that you hold his hand when you learn him. So he dont fall and get hurt that should be something very bad. Mom try to learn me to walk yesterday and i hope that my plushy learn to walk the same day that i learn to walk. Like you can see he is very happy about this thought like i am.

Draw by: thegentilefenrir

I would like to thank thegentilefenrir for this wonderful and cute drawing.

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