Close up diaper messing – onlydiapervideos

Looks like someone really needed to go poppy in the diaper. Look what a big stinky messy load :)

Potty Problems

Potty ProblemsEevee lulshi

Draw by HyrdoFTT


Aww poor little Eevee it seems like she have missed a step when it comes to potty training. Before you sit down on the potty you need to remove your diaper so you can use the potty the way it is suppose to be used :)

Lokai and radix: they are the age they act

Lokai and radix: they are the age they actdon’t be a pot calling the kettle black when you’re susceptible to the same hexes, curses or spells… doubly so if you’re not aware of the changing conditions of your own garments…

done for Lokaihuskypup featuring the babbeh butt Radix

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Maybe Lokaihuskypup should check his own diaper before saying that Radix is such a baby. He is standing there and wetting his thick diaper without noticing what happen inside his diaper.

This sure is one cute age regression drawing :)


HypnoLittenDraw by Ludis-Luteo


It sure looks like someone is going to have a stinky diaper to change soon.

Good thing that is not me that going to change this big little baby :)

Masturbating into wet diaper – tim_nullo

Masturbating into wet diaper powered by XTube

I had that diaper on for over 12 hours and masturbated into it in the morning. You can guess what I did after that ;)

Video and text belongs to tim_nullo

Yes we can sure see what you did in your diaper after you was finish whit your masturbation :) I sure your wet and cum filled diaper could handle that thing to :)

Button Popping

Button Popping“Check this out! I can unbutton my onesie with no hands!”

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Yes this sure is a new kind of way to unbutton your onesies. Making a big mess in your diaper :)