What a big mess – diaperpuprawr


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This is one well use diaper that really needs to be change before it starting to leak. And a leaking messy diaper is not so match fun to clean up after.


Bulky wet diaper – happyworldforever


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This is one wet diaper that happyworldforever have end up whit. I think he needs to change that one if he dont wont to end up whit a leaking diaper.


The Three-sided nature of Diaper attraction – AB Discovery

AB Discovery have recently start something new that they call Discovery Sessions. The sessions is going to be about Adult Baby and items that is related to that topic.

This is the sessions that they planing to cover:

  1. Introduction to AB Discovery.
  2. The Three-sided Nature of Diaper Attraction.
  3. Infantile Regression: Nature’s Time Travel (coming soon).
  4. For Spouses/Partners: What is an Adult Baby and what is Adult Infantile Regression?(N/A yet).
  5. The objects and behaviours of my Baby Universe (N/A yet).
  6. Living safely and happily as a single Regressive Adult Baby (N/A yet).
  7. Integrating the Adult Baby into an adult relationship – Part 1) (N/A yet).
  8. Integrating the Adult Baby into an adult relationship – Part 2) (N/A yet).
  9. Integrating the Adult Baby into an adult relationship – Part 3) (N/A yet).
  10. Fantasy vs Reality: Who am I?  Who is everyone else? (N/A yet).
  11. The search for Balance and Control (N/A yet).

The first sessions that they have release is this one.

The Three-sided nature of Diaper attraction

This session is the first in our series and tackles the big question of WHY you are wearing diapers and what is driving it. We look at fetish, regression and roleplay and look at how they interact in diaper/baby activities. This session is important because it lays the foundation for discussing the Regressive Adult Baby, which is the over-arching theme of this entire series.

For more info and a short review you can visit this site.


I have order this session my self and it gave me allot of thing to think about and i think you will get allot of different thought to when you have watch this after your order.

Diaper Time Issue 1

Diaper Time Issue 1New ABDL Magazine featuring original stories, full-color photos, diaper advice and more!

In This Issue:

~ Tips for hiding your diapers in public

~ Real Life AB Girl Ally tells you how she got into diapers and modeling.

~ Two original short stories and one true-life tale of how a young man got back in diapers.

~ Full-Page photos of diapered Gals and Guys!

~ New! Includes access to a bonus set of 20 photos featuring the models from this issue! Sample.

Diaper Time is published as an art and lifestyle magazine and contains no nudity or pornography.

Source for the text and image: http://www.diapertime.co/

And that is also the place where you can order it.