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Diaper Time Issue 1

Diaper Time Issue 1New ABDL Magazine featuring original stories, full-color photos, diaper advice and more!

In This Issue:

~ Tips for hiding your diapers in public

~ Real Life AB Girl Ally tells you how she got into diapers and modeling.

~ Two original short stories and one true-life tale of how a young man got back in diapers.

~ Full-Page photos of diapered Gals and Guys!

~ New! Includes access to a bonus set of 20 photos featuring the models from this issue! Sample.

Diaper Time is published as an art and lifestyle magazine and contains no nudity or pornography.

Source for the text and image:

And that is also the place where you can order it.

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Episode 1 What is ABDL?

What is “ABDL*”?
ABDL* stands for, Adult Babies , and Diaper Lovers.

“Adult Baby” is a term used to describe people who occasionally use role-play to regress to an infant or child-like state. Most adult babies role play as either infants or toddlers, and typically like to wear/use/play with stereotypically infantile items such as diapers, bottles,stuffed animals ect. While is considered a fetish for many, it is not sexual for everyone. Sexual adult babies may find objects such as diapers, pacifiers, bottles, ect. arousing or they may derive sexual gratification from the relinquishement of power one enjoys by role-playing as an infant. Even for sexual-adult babies there is almost always a completely non-sexual aspect of being an adult baby. Outside of sexuality, being an adult baby can satisfy needs such as comfort and intimacy of a non-sexual nature.

A “Diaper Lover” is someone who enjoys wearing diapers, enjoys seeing other adults wearing diapers or has a fetish for diapers themselves. Diaper lovers are usually thought of as occupying the more sexual end of the ABDL spectrum. This is generally true, however some may wear diapers out of comfort or personal preference rather than for sexual reasons. Many ABDL*s identify as both Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers, but not all Diaper Lovers are Adult Babies.

The “*” is added on the end of ABDL* to include all the other identities that sometimes fall into the ABDL spectrum: Teen babies, Ageplayers, Littles, Babyfurs, Agequeers, Sissies, and Little Girls.

Text and video by: Qwasyr Wadyb.

This video is cover the basic about ABDL.

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Why do some ADBL*s Wear Diapers?

Qwasyr Wadyb try to explain way ABDL like to wear diapers.

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What An Adult Baby Wants – DPRTube

I had a request to explain in more detail what an Adult baby and Diaper lover wants. This is obviously just a generalization and what a person wants may be different!.

This video and text is created by: BabyMitchy on DPRTube.

This was something weary brave thing to do. I should newer have the courage to do something like BabyMitchy did. He explains very good how it works and how you feel when it comes to adult baby.  In the video he mentions topic like parents, stuffed animals, pacifiers and so on.

This is something that can be nice to check out.

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I Support ABDL

I Support ABDL

I Support ABDL

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I bet most of the visitors on my blog support the ABDL community and if you dont do that way dont start support it now?

Start to wear diaper  you are going to love the comfortable feelings they give you.  Thats is what i hope that you are going to feel if you try to wear diapers.

So i hope you give it a try and learn and accept that you love to wear diapers like a good girl or boy.

I wish you the best of luck if you decide to try this :)

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Buying Diapers: A Diaper Lovers Guide

A Diaper Lover’s rough guide on buying diaper’s if you still live with your parents at home.
Covers most of the basics of obtaining diaper’s, as well as some of the more comprehensive subject matter concerning AB/DL issues


A nice and good video guide from DL Guides.

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We support My ABDL Life

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