Just an innocent saggy SDK :)

This girl sure have one sagging diaper butt right now. I think she sure needs to start thinking about changing here diaper now before it start leaking in the middle of the kitchen.

Getting use to wet diapers – dipsandlife


Yes it can sure take sometime getting use to wearing a wet diaper. Special when it start feeling wet around your butt. But it seems like she have someone that is helping here whit that.

Feeding the bunny

Feeding the bunny

Draw and everything by The-Padded-Room

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/the-padded-room/art/Feeding-the-bunny-755980087

Awww this sure is one super cute bottle feeding drawing we have here and that bunny sure look to be pretty relax and happy to get bottle feeding.

This is one amazing drawing. Do you wont to see more cute drawing from The-Padded-Room ? Be sure to check out the persons Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/thepaddedroom/

Onesies Problem – blazylazy


Aww poor girl looks like the onesies could not handle the sagging diaper :( But it sure was good it was there to handle the accident :)

Wearing 5 diapers – sweetelsababy


This diaper girl dont seems to be needed any diaper change for a wile The first diaper sure going to be ended up pretty soggy and wet when it get changed.

PlayDays GIRL 4 Different Designs – ABDLFactory

PlayDays GIRL 4 Different Designs

When discretion is key, daytime protection can be a little boring. With PlayDayz Diapers we’ve kicked out the plain and brought in the fun with our range of colorful nappies featuring printed landing zones.

PlayDayz Diapers feature a soft breathable cotton-feel backing, each pack contains 12 nappies with 4 different vibrant pink or blue pastels designs. There’s butterflies, unicorns, moo cows, fairies, flowers and fluffy rainbows. Playdays feature elasticated waistbands at the front and rear, tall standing leak guards around the legs, 4 strong resealable tapes system with a smooth plastic landing zone and a total absorption of around 3500ml.

Content pack: 12 diapers (4 different designs)

MEDIUM = 71-91cm (28-36″inch)
LARGE = 91-117cm (36-48″inch)

You can place you order for the product here and each bag cost €19.50.

The design on this diaper sure looks super cute :)