Ellie missed her diapees – ElliePadded

Yes it sure looks like that and i bet the diaper have miss you to :)

I bet you are going to put this diaper to some very good use and that it going to be working allot to keep everything else dry.

Squishy diaper play – ElliePadded

Aww looks like it is time for someone to change the diaper here it sure seems to starting to get pretty squishy. Special the diaper front during the diaper playtime.

Messy diaper during playtime – princess-stephy3


This girl sure is happy that she decided to wear a good diaper during here outside playtime today :)

You newer know when you body decide that it is time to go potty :)

That diaper sure is pretty heavy now from the messy load that she decided to release in to. But after all that is what a diaper is there fore to handle so you can focus about other things during your playtime :)

Not quite ready for pull-ups – bbabybbear


No i think we all can agree on that this girl is sure not ready for pull-ups yet. She sure have ended up whit one quite soggy and sagging Tykables Overnights diaper here. Someone sure should start thinking about changing that girls diaper before it start leaking :(

Olivia and the magic nursery

Olivia and the magic nursery

The arrival of a new babysitter at a certain teddy bears’ nursery takes an unexpectedly fluffy and crinkly turn.

Originally posted on The Cushy Pen

Draw and everything by The-Padded-Room

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/the-padded-room/art/Olivia-and-the-magic-nursery-766733931

Yes it sure seems like this magic automatic nursery decided to take good care of this new babysitter :)

It is amazing that the robot nursery was able to find some good diapers that was able to fit this big baby :) But the new baby dont seems to be so happy about the result :(