Illyas choice between being a baby or big girl?

Looks like Illyas bodey decided that she should go for the diapers when the body released it content into the awaiting diaper.

Looks like she is going to be spending some time wearing diapers now.

I love when a diaper expanding

I sure love to watch when a diaper expanding like that when you use it and it sure seems like this diaper girl know how to put here Crinklz diaper to some good use.

Super close up diaper messing – Anmerkungen

This sure is one very close up diaper messing video that we have here. She sure released a messy load into here waiting diaper.

Hard time diaper messing – pantypoopfemallover

Poor girl it sure sounds like she is having a very hard time to messy here (Abri Form X-Plus) diaper :(

It sure looks like here diaper is pretty well used now. But it seems to be pretty thick to so i bet leaks is nothing to worry about yet.

One super cute diaper butt – nappycouple

This diaper girl sure have one super cute and thick diaper butt :)

I sure wont to give this girl a nice diaper pat.