Forsite Health AM/PM Maximum Adult Briefs Diaper Review

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This diaper review of the Forsite Health AM/PM Maximum Adult Briefs is posted and created by LollyLaLaz

Summer Punishment Chapter 15

Story is written by DLglasgow

Summer was now coming to an end and we had both managed to avoid any major punishments. It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I was just lying on the sofa pretty much oblivious to my rather full nappy when mum came and spoke to me.

“Hannah, seeing as there is only 1 week or so left of your punishment we’ve decided to send you on a camp so you can socialise a bit.” She said as she removed my dummy so I could reply

“Really? So you’re going to take me out of nappies?” I asked

“Well no you’ve still got to continue your punishment but don’t worry you’re going to a special camp and everyone is in the same boat.”

“Arh, ok… I’m not sure if I…” I replied but mum quickly cut me off

“You’ve got no choice Hannah, and you will be picked up tomorrow morning. Lucy will be staying here though.” And with that she reinserted my dummy and left.

A hundred emotions where pulsing through my head, it would be nice to get out of the house, but other people would see my nappies, but those people would also be in nappies, it would be so embarrassing but could be fun…

The next day I was ready in a clean double nappies, yellow sun dress, mittens and dummy tied in place waiting for a person from the camp to pick me up. When the knock came and the young man entered I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was the attractive 20 something year old who had fitted my crib. Following him out I wished I could say something but he just ushered me into a mini van parked outside, strapping me into an adult sized car seat.

I wasn’t alone, four other teenagers were also strapped in around me. Two girls who I guessed were just a little younger than me, a teenage boy maybe around 14 and another boy who was at least my age. They all, like me were clearly in nappies and judging by the smell at least somebody had a messy one.

Just before we set off the young man reached from the front, untying my dummy and letting it hang around my neck. “At camp you allowed to speak free as long as you behave” he said winking at me.

“I’m Chris by the way and everyone this here is Hannah” he said speaking more loudly to the whole mini-van.

“Hi Hannah, I’m Aimee” said the girl closes to me. At the van started to move away they all introduced themselves, the two girls Aimee and Chloe were 15 & 16, I was right about John the younger boy being 14 and oldest boy sitting in the back, Jake was 19.

As we journey continued on we all got to know a little more about each other’s story. Chloe’s was so similar to mine it was scary and she too was a level 4 admitting this with the fact that the bad smell was indeed coming from her. John the youngest was only a level 2 but his jeans did nothing to hide the big nappy they contained. Aimee was a level 3 along with Jake although he admitted he had been decreased from a 5 to a 4 and then to a 3 after good behaviour.

With Jake being the only one in the group experiencing level 5 we all started asking questions.

“What’s it like?” asked John the youngest

“Boring mainly. The drugs mean you’re pretty much helpless and I spent most my time sleeping, eating or being changed…”

“My parents were threatening me with Level 6 at one point so I just went along with it quietly and luckily they started decreasing my levels.” He added

“Level 6?” I asked

“I thought there were only 5 levels” Aimee added

“Yeah, there is a level 6 its just you can’t start on it, so most people don’t know about it” Jake replied

“So what is it? I can’t imagine anything worse than 5?” I said, thinking in my head what it could be…

“Well on the face of it it’s not worse, I mean all the baby clothes, dummies, cribs, etc go but instead they give you an injection. This injection makes you lose full control of your bladder and bowels for about a year” he finished with everyone either gasping or staring at him with fear

“Oh god, so it means you have to like stay in nappies through school and everything”

“Yeah exactly, they only use it when the parents feel the teen need constant correction to keep them on track and they can keep it going until you’re 21” was his reply

I swore loudly

“Hey, I’ll have none of that Hannah or that dummy will be going back in” came a sharp voice from the front

“Sorry” I mumbled back, still thinking over the simple horror of level 6

Story is written by DLglasgow

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Bedtime Baby Lita

Bedtime Baby LitaSource:

Aww looks like this little diaper girl have some sweet dream hugging here teddy bear. Looks like the diaper she is wearing is all dry and soft to. Bet she is having some awesome dreams right now.

This is one super cute diaper girl.

Summer Punishment Chapter 14

Story is written by DLglasgow

Another two weeks had past and I was now in double nappies all the time. We had both accepted that we no longer had any control with every change now involving a huge wet and messy nappy. Another interesting development was I had also stopped being aware of the smell of poop which surround us both pretty much constantly. The only good news was we were half way through our punishment time which mum had informed us a few days ago was lasting 6 weeks (unless we misbehaved).

It seemed however that Lucy had forgotten this last part as currently she was poking fun into me about having to eat like a baby, having a dummy in all the time and the noises I made when I had the vibrator in. I suppose it was overdue as we hadn’t had a fight in a few weeks and which before the nappies was almost a daily occurrence. But I lost control and soon we were throwing punches and pulling each other’s hair.

Dad bounded into the living room and pulled us apart.

“What the hell are you two doing!” He shouted

“You realise that you’ve both earned a severe punishment for this”

Now I’m going upstairs and if either of you touch each other I will keep you in nappies until you leave for university.

We were both left in a stunned silence knowing we had made a huge mistake and waiting for dad to return. At least 20 minutes had past when he returned holding two envelopes.

“Right girls, you know both me and your mum have no tolerance for fighting so I have picked out a punishment card marked ‘severe’ for each of you.”

We both nodded, tears already filling my eyes.

“As you know I don’t know what this is so I’m going to read them out now”

Pulling open the first envelopes he turned to me
“So Hannah, here is yours:

1.      Your nappies will be removed completed.

2.      You will spend the next 24 hours in a form fitting, full body plastic sleeper.
(See punishment box 2)

3.      Food and drink will doubled and will be force fed through the punishment gag (See punishment box 2)

4.      Laxative & diuretic doses will be maintained”

Oh God! That’s all I could think as my mind played through what was about to happen. Dad however didn’t seem as fazed as he moved straight onto Lucy.

“Lucy, yours is:

You will be moved up to level 5 for two days, this will involve:

1.      Full baby clothes, dummy & mittens at all times

2.      Kept in a crib for 18 hours a day

3.      Use of muscle relaxants which will reduce your ability to walk completely

4.      Smacking’s before every change”

Lucy’s didn’t seem that bad compared to mine but at least I only had to endure 24 hours of punishment.

“Right girls, you have both heard your punishments and I’m sure your mum will agree they are wholly appropriate when she returns from shopping. Now both of your follow me upstairs.”

The next 10 minutes involved my surprisingly only wet nappies being removed and replaced with the sleeper. It felt good to be out of the nappy but once encased in the sleeper which sealed around my neck, wrists and ankles, I wasn’t so sure. The punishment gag was horrible, it’s huge bulb filled my mouth and was strapped into place behind my head, a tube following the strap to allow food and liquids to be pumped in.

Lucy was also soon in full baby gear and I had to admit she looked cute. To finish everything off he gave Lucy a muscle relaxant tablet and we headed back downstairs.

Sitting back in the living room gave me a chance to look at the sleeper in more detail. It was completely clear so provided me no modesty at all. The material was like a mixture of thick plastic and tight leggings, it hugged my body everywhere leaving almost no areas of untouched skin. The other noticeable thing was the heat which was building with every second, causing beads of sweat to appear. God this really wasn’t going to be a fun 24 hours.

Lunch provided the first use of the gag into which mum, whom had returned from shopping, pushed blended food and milk. The quantity was huge but I had no choice but to swallow or choke. Lucy wasn’t having a much better time being fed by dad. She had to be carried in as the muscle relaxants had done their job causing her legs to be useless and even her other movements were slow and weak.

The sleeper did nothing to hide my budging stomach after lunch and soon the inevitable happened. I was watching cartoons alone as Lucy had been taken back to the crib, when I felt an incredibly strange feeling. Looking down I could see my yellow pee spreading from my crotch in all directions seemingly unaffected by gravity. My whole lower body felt wet as the liquid moved around but pleasantly warm, although that would last for long.

It was during a commercial break that what I was really dreading happened. A huge wave of cramps was followed by an equally huge quantity of poo. At first I couldn’t see it only feeling as it first bulged out before being spread by the material. A minute later the full damage had been done and my lower back, crotch and upper legs were caked in brown poo. I broke down crying, this was much worse than being in nappies.

By the time dinner came I had wet again twice and my huge lunch had moved through my digestive system resulting in much more extended area of brown mess surrounding my lower body. Lucy was sat in my highchair looking helpless so I got the enjoyment of sitting in a proper seat. Sitting on such a hard surface however caused a high pressure wave of body fluids straight up my back causing me to cry out in shock.

Dinner was a quite affair and soon I was back in the living room with a hugely full belly once again. The itching had now started which I expect was the actually punishment and by the time I was told to go to bed it was quickly becoming unbearable.

Lucy was asleep in my crib so I had to stay in her room for the night and although I could not escape the horrible smell and itchiness at least tonight I could move around without being restrained in the crib. Just like my first night sleep took a while to come but when I did wake in the morning it was to a lake of pee surround my fanny and a massive bulge of poop covering my backside.

“Morning sweetie” my mum said softly as she stroked my hair and I release it must have been her that had work me up.

“A few more hours and then we will get you out of this awful thing. I hope you’ve learned your lesson!”

Replying “yes” through the gag just made a gurgling sound but I think she understood.

“Now unfortunately Hannah I’ve got some more bad news, we’ve read the detail on punishment card and it says in the morning things can be pooled up so we have to spread it around again”

“What!” I stuttered through the gag

“Lucy if you argue I will extend your punishment and we both don’t want that so just stay still” She said as she reached down and pulled off my covered exposing my plastic clad body.

To be honest I couldn’t have believed I could be more embarrassed than what I had suffered over the past few week but I was very, very wrong. Already lying on my front my mum pushed the bulge of mess which exploded in every direction but she didn’t stop there and continued massaging it over my whole body. I could feel the mess now spread from my back to down my legs and once mum turned me over she continued, now moving the pee and poop all over my front. It was truly disgusting and I could tell even she too wasn’t at all enjoying this.

“Right all done, you can come down to breakfast now” I got out of bed slowly and saw my reflection in the mirror. I was a horrific sight, my whole body a patchy shade of yellow and brown. God I can’t wait to be back in nappies I thought to myself.

Luckily I managed to cope through breakfast and only had another small wetting before at around midday I was told it was time to get out of the plastic suit. Standing in the bath mum peeled it off me before spraying me down for a good 20 minutes. Another shower later and after nappy rash cream being applied to my whole body I was back into the glorious comfort of the nappies.

A day later Lucy was returned from babyhood to level 3 and normality returned to the house.

Story is written by DLglasgow

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Jody’s New Job Chapter 14

Story is written by neverdry

Kim stood over Jody, watching her sleep. It was 8am. Kim gently placed her hand down onto the front of Jody’s bulging diaper. A couple soft pokes and Kim could tell, Jody had soaked her diaper during the night. Kim placed her hand on Jody’s shoulder. “Time to get up baby.”

Jody stirred and then slowly opened her eyes. She smiled when she focused on Kim’s face.

“Good morning sweetie. Did you have a good sleep?” Kim asked.

Jody nodded her head. Kim placed her hands under Jody’s arms and lifted up, out of bed, resting her on her hip. “Let’s get some breakfast and then we can get you ready for your first day.”

Jody rested her hand on Kim’s shoulder and let Kim carry her out in the kitchen. Susan was sitting, drinking her first cup of coffee. She look up and smiled as Kim carried Jody towards her.

“Good morning baby girl.” Susan said.

Kim waited for Susan to push her chair out and then transferred Jody onto Susan’s lap. Susan placed her hand under Jody’s diapered bottom and gave it a few pats. Susan could tell right away that her little girl had proven once again, she was not interested in using the potty. Susan bounced Jody a couple times on her lap.

Jody paid no attention to the fact that she had soaked her diaper during the night. The first bounce on Susan’s lap made her smile.

“Are you excited to start your new job?” Susan asked.

Jody pulled her head up and away from Susan. “I am.”

“I thought you would be.” Susan said, and then gave Jody another little bounce.

Kim returned with a plate. Toast and strawberry jam, cut up into eight small slices was placed in front of Jody.

Jody turned away from Susan and looked at the toast and jam. She reached out to take one of the small pieces.

“Aren’t you forgetting something Jody?” Susan cooed.

Jody’s hand stopped just before she reached the toast. She brought it back towards her and  up towards her mouth. Jody’s index finger went between her lips. She turned back toward Susan.  Jody looked so cute with her finger in her mouth, Susan had no choice but to smile and even let out  a little laugh.

Kim had returned standing beside Jody and Susan holding onto a pink bib.

“I forgot. I’m sorry.” Jody said softly.

Susan pulled Jody in for a light hug. She patted her diapered bottom a few times. “That’s okay baby.”

Once Susan let Jody sit back up on her lap, Kim  pulled the bib over Jody’s head. “Okay, eat up honey.”

Jody pulled her finger out of the mouth and reached for the toast and jam. The jam was so sweet and tasted great. In no time Jody had almost finished it all.

“Kim, there is a cup in the fridge for Jody.” Susan half turned to say.

Kim opened the fridge and picked up the pink sippy cup. She brought it over to and handed it to Susan. Jody was on her last piece of toast. Once Jody finished, Susan held up the sippy cup to Jody’s mouth. “Here honey, a drink for you.”

Jody opened her mouth and the plastic spout went in. Jody began to suck in  the half orange juice, half water. Jody’s both hands went up to the cup and Susan let go. Slowly, Susan made Jody lean back so that her head was resting on Susan’s shoulder. Gently, Susan pulled Jody’s legs across her lap. Jody was now  lying across Susan’s lap, sucking on her sippy cup, holding it with both hands. Susan looked down at her little girl. ‘A bottle is not  far in the future’ she thought.

Jody felt so relaxed and did not have a care in the world. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so good. It seemed that all her cares and  worries were no where to be found. Jody was so comfortable, she didn’t feel herself adding more wetness to her diaper.

Kim watched and smiled at Susan. Susan returned the smile. Kim let Susan enjoy her moment with Jody and waited until Jody had finished all of her juice.

Kim stood beside them. “I think its time to get your bum changed and get you ready for work.”

Jody opened her eyes and sat up. Still holding onto the sippy cup. She placed the empty sippy cup on the table and then giggled.

“What’s so funny honey?” Kim asked.

Jody’s finger went back up to her mouth and she giggled again. “Nofing.” Jody thought it was funny Kim said, ‘bum change’. She had never heard that before.

“Okay then.” Kim reached out and picked Jody up off of Susan’s lap. She set her on her hip and bounced her a couple times. Kim walked Jody into the bedroom and stood her on the floor. Jody’s finger was still in her mouth.  Kim took a step back and looked down at her.  After a few seconds Kim bent down and unzipped Jody’s pj’s. She pulled Jody’s arms out and then had her step out of them. Jody stood in nothing but a very wet, sagging diaper. Jody with her finger in her mouth, looked very much like a tall toddler.

Kim went and got Jody’s  romper and placed it on the change table. She took her time getting things ready to change Jody. Kim loved how Jody stood still and look on as Kim was getting things together.

“Okay baby. Up you go.” Kim picked Jody up and placed her on the change table.

Jody still had not taken her finger out of her mouth. It wasn’t  like Jody was sucking on her finger, but Kim couldn’t resit.  Kim slowly reached up and pulled Jody’s finger out of her mouth. She bent it down carefully,  making  Jody’s hand into a fist. She pulled Jody’s thumb away from her fist and placed it on her lip. “Does it make you feel better to have something in your mouth honey?” Kim asked.

Jody had not put her finger in her mouth on purpose. She really had no idea that she had been doing that, this morning. Jody pulled her thumb away, just a little bit. “I don’t know.”

Kim placed her hand on Jody’s and guided her thumb back to Jody’s lip. “It’s totally fine honey. I bet it makes you feel more relaxed.” Kim pushed Jody’s thumb past her teeth and held it there. “Just close your mouth honey.”

Jody closed her mouth, wrapping her lips around her thumb.

“I bet that feels good.” Kim said. Kim stuck her thumb out and placed it, into her mouth. She started to suck her thumb, trying to get Jody to do the same. Kim pulled her thumb out after 30 seconds or so.  “It does feel good, doesn’t it?” Kim placed her thumb back in.

Jody watched as Kim stood over her with her thumb in her mouth. KIm looked like she was enjoying having her thumb in her mouth.  Jody gave her thumb a little suck and then another. It did feel good. Jody nodded her head up and down.

Kim pulled her thumb out of her  mouth. “Thats  right honey. It feels so good. You can put that thumb in there anytime you like. Okay?”

Jody’s head nodded up and down again. She was getting into a rhythm now and she was feeling great. Why had she never down this before. It felt very relaxing.

“You’re  such a good girl Jody. You’re just the cutest girl I ever saw.”

Kim quickly noticed  a smile from from behind Jody’s hand and she kept talking. “Yes you are. You’re so cute.” Kim said, in a sing-song voice. “Now, lets get that little bum of yours changed.”

Jody was so content and happy. It was like she had just found a new best friend.  Jody closed her eyes and concentrated on sucking. She did not even flinch when Kim used a cool baby wipe on her.

Susan was on her second cup of coffee and was watching Kim and Jody. Something stirred in Susan when Kim placed her thumb in her mouth. Her face quickly  went closer to her phone, watching her girlfriend suck on her thumb. Something about seeing Kim with her thumb in her mouth made Susan excited beyond anything she had felt before. Susan’s hand went down between her legs and without thinking, she started to massage her private part. Susan had the quickest and most intense orgasm she had ever had. She leaned back in her chair. She could feel that her panties were wet. She needed to change. Susan slowly got up and went to her bedroom.

Story is written by neverdry

Summer Punishment Chapter 13

Story is written by DLglasgow

True to her word when I crawled into the kitchen for breakfast I met a Lucy dressed in a pale pink onesie instead of her pj’s. She must have kept her extra change over me as her nappy was clearly fresh, unlike mine which as dad lifted me into the highchair squelched loudly.

“Morning girls” mum said as she put down the plates of pancakes for the others and what looked like mushed banana’s for me.

“Now lucy, before you start you need to take these” mum said holding out two pills.

“Oh mum do I have to?” Lucy wined, knowing full well these would spell an end to the control of her bodily functions.

“Yes, you do missy and any more moaning will earn you a punishment” mum fired back

Lucy knew better than to continue argueing and soon had swallowed the pills and began tucking into her pancakes. Dad also took this as the cue to start feeding me, filling my mouth with wave after wave of warm mushed banana. As usual two bottles of milk followed and I was released into the living room to join Lucy.

We switched on some cartoons and settled in the playplan. Less than an hour later Lucy let out an “oww” and I could hear pee splashing into her nappy.

“I didn’t even feel it coming, does that happen to you?” she asked me looking shocked

I shook my head quite surprised too. My pills only made me need to pee and poop all the time, I still could feel the need before having to let go. Just a few seconds later Lucy spoke up again

“Oh god” she moaned and I could see, hear and smell why. She started crying, lying back causing the mess to spread.

Mum soon arrived and manage calm her down enough for her to explain that she didn’t even feel it coming.

“Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that. They sent a new type of pill which both increases the quantity of bodily fluids and removes all control. Hannah will be moving over to the new pills as well at lunch” She said finally looking at me

Being 10am it was time for my change so she took me upstairs, Lucy however would have another few hours before getting out of hers.

Lunchtime soon arrived and I knew crushed into my food was the new pills which would remove all my control. Shortly after it was time for my second change of the day, I was only wet but still looking forward to a dry nappy. Unfortunately though when mum came she said that she had noticed my 2pm nappies were never full and it was a waste so from now on I would only be changed twice a day.

“What?” I muffed though my dummy. This was horrible.

“Lucy you too will be losing a change and only getting three” She followed.

Within 30 minutes I experienced what Lucy already had as pee and poop exploded into my nappy completely without warning. Mum wasn’t joking when she said these new pills increased the output. When dinnertime arrived both mine and Lucy’s nappies were full with pee and poop. I could feel it encasing my whole bum and right up over my fanny and I could feel a slight leak as I was placed into my highchair. Maybe if mum realised I leaked she would reinstate my change I wondered.

After another disgusting dinner dad lifted me out and commented “Oh Hannah you’ve leaked. That’s happened a few times in the morning as well. We might need to look at a booster or doubling up” he said looking towards mum for approval. She nodded.

Today couldn’t have been worst, I had now lost all my control, was peeing and pooing more, had one less change and now it looked like I would be in even thicker nappies.

My fear was confirmed when dad who after my mum complained about the work load decided he too would also change our nappies, changed me before bed. I was so messy he let me have a shower but on returning I saw two of the huge nappies laid out. Like for first my punishment slits were made in the first before the second being taped over. Just as he finished buttoning me into a sleeper, Lucy arrived in similar attire and judging by the bulge also sporting one of my thicker nappies.

I was lifted into the crib after dad watched me unsuccessfully try to climb in, inhibited by the huge bulk around my waist. Lucy joined me in the crib which was then locked before the lights being turned out.

“Mum was right I wasn’t finding it too bad, but I am now” Lucy spoke knowing full well I couldn’t reply through my dummy.

“I hate the surprise and now I have to spend longer in messy nappies. Not as bad as you though she said touching me on the back.”

“God I’m never going to misbehave again” she muttered

Sleep came fairly quickly but didn’t last long. I woke up with a start seeing nothing in the dark room but the reason was apparent, as poop was still flowing into my nappy. I had obviously already wet in my sleep and judging by the smell in the room Lucy’s nappy was also no longer containing just liquid. Getting back to sleep was harder with the mess moving around with every turn while trying to get comfortable.

I woke up the bright morning sun beaming into the very smelling room. Lucy was on the changing table being attended to by my dad. I knew however that I would be in this huge nappy for probably another hour or so, god this is going to be a long summer I thought.

Story is written by DLglasgow

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.