Diaper monster attack Part 1 & 2

diaper monster attack part 1

It’s hard living in a strange made up world filled with magic and technology that all interacts with diapers in weird ways. Unfortunately for Cynthia she just found a giant diaper monster. The monster tries to lay in wait in dark corners and shadows where it can’t be seen. Once it senses prey is near it leaps, it’s tapes are surprisingly dexterous, allowing it to snare and strip victims before wrapping around them

Draw by http://bluebarondl.deviantart.com/

Human girl and text by Not_original77

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19011319/

diaper monster attack part 2 once the diaper monster has its victim snared it wraps itself around them and tapes up tight. It holds them and waits as they struggle and push against it’s soft wet insides. Of course, the diaper is very very snug and is quite difficult to escape from. Once it is very sure the victim is secure the monster will roll back to its dark corner and wait. The diaper monster feeds off of the prey’s continence and age. once it has had it’s fill it will unwrap itself, letting the now slightly younger and much much less potty trained prey go.

Draw by http://bluebarondl.deviantart.com/

Human girl and text by Not_original77

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19011358/

This is one very powerful and special diaper this girl have found.

Jody’s New Job Chapter 11

Story is written by neverdry

Jody never answered Dr. Wells about her nap. She was feeling very odd, and still tried.  She looked down at the diaper that was around her. Thoughts of Kim telling her it was better then using that big scary potty. Just the thought of using the big scary potty almost made the diaper feel, well, okay. It did make it a little harder to walk, but it was worth it.

“I came up with a little project for you Jody.” Dr. Wells said.

Jody looked up slowly. “A project?”

“Yes. I won’t tell you what it is for, until after you have finished it. But, I know that you will really like it.”

“Okay.” Jody said, with little energy.

Susan got up and put on a pair of shoes. Standing by the doorway that led to the stairs leading outside she said, “I will be right back. Kim could get the markers and crayons?”

Kim had no idea what Susan was up to, but played along. “Will do.”

Susan left and Kim went over picking Jody up, setting her on her hip. “Let’s find the markers and crayons.”

Jody put no fight up, as Kim lifted her onto her hip. She rested her head on Kim’s shoulder. She was still tried, even after her nap.  Kim carried Jody over towards the cupboard at the end of the kitchen. She opened the door and pulled out a big plastic container. Kim walked over to the kitchen table and placed the container on it.

Susan went into a little shed that was in the corner of the yard. Opening the door she found what she was looking for. They had purchased a new fridge a few weeks back and the box that it came in was leaning up against the wall.  She had meant to break it down for recycling, but had never got the chance. Susan pulled the box out and made her way back into the house.

Kim sat down with Jody on her lap. She gently bounced little Jody on her knee. Jody’s diaper rusted and crinkled.  “What do you think Dr. Wells’s project is?”

Jody had no idea. “I don’t know.”

“I don’t either.” Kim said, smiling as she bounced Jody a little more.

Susan returned with the big box. Slipping off her shoes. Kim and Jody looked at the big box she was carrying.  “We need more room then that. Bring everything into the family room.” Susan announced.

Kim stood Jody on the floor and picked up the plastic container.  Kim waited for Jody to start walking. “Let’s go see what Dr. Wells is up to.”

Jody started to toddle towards the family room. Kim looked on as Jody’s diapered bum went side to side. She let Jody get almost into the family room before she followed. It was just the cutest thing ever, watching 22 year old Jody walk in her thick animal print diaper.

Dr. Wells had placed the big box on the floor and waited for Jody and Kim to arrive. Susan could hardly contain her excitement as she looked back and saw little Jody toddle over towards her.

“I need some scissors Kim.” Susan said. kneeing on the floor with the big box in front of her.

Kim set the plastic container down of the floor and opened it. She pulled out the scissors and handed them to Susan. Susan cut up one side of the big box and then flipped it over, so the inside of the box was facing up. Susan turned and took Jody by the hand and pulled her towards the box. “I need you to draw a big picture. You can draw and colour anything you want.”

Jody stood looking down at the big box. “Why?” she asked.

“I told you, I will tell you once you’re finished. Trust me, you’re really going to like it.”

Jody was never much of an artist. She looked over as Kim pushed the plastic container filled with markers and crayons  beside her. She watched as Susan and Kim both stood up. She looked up at the two of them. “I’m not very good at drawing.”

“That’s okay sweetie, just do the best you can.” Susan said.

Jody looked back down at all the markers and crayons. She knelt down and reached into the container. She wasn’t  sure  where to start or even what colour to start with. Kim and Susan slowly backed up, away from Jody. They slowly and quietly sat down beside each other on the couch. They couldn’t take their eyes off of  Jody’s diapered bum sticking up, as she knelt on the floor.

It took Jody a few minutes to decide what to do. Then she remembered seeing a big farm with cows and horses on her recent bus trip. She thought back to the farm house and tried to picture it in her head. Picking up a black marker she moved so that she was in the middle of the big box and then laid down on her stomach. Jody started to draw the outline of the farm house.

Susan and Kim took a hold of each others hands when Jody started to draw,  Neither of them could believe, that in just a day and a half of picking Jody up, they would be watching her colour in nothing but her t-shirt and diaper. With Jody’s back to them, they turned smiling at each other and then kissed. After the kiss, Kim whispered into Susan’s ear. “I think I should get our little girl something to drink.”

Susan nodded her head up and down. Kim quietly got up from the couch and walked as quiet as she could out towards the kitchen. She had to turn back and look at Jody. She was so happy and excited to have the opportunity to care for a little girl.

Kim got out to the kitchen and opened the fridge. She pulled out the jug of orange juice and took it over to the counter. She opened the cupboard door and saw the sippy cups they had purchased. She reached up and took out a pink one with a picture of Barbie on it. She looked at it, but  decided that it might be a distraction. Everything was going so well.  She place it back and grabbed a plain plastic pink cup instead. Kim filled it 3/4 full with OJ and placed the jug back into the fridge.

Susan picked up a magazine off the coffee table and placed it on her lap. She would make like she was reading it, if Jody happened to turn around. She of course didn’t what to take her eyes off little Jody.

Kim returned with the plastic cup. She knelt down beside Jody, setting the cup down. “Something to drink honey. Be sure not to spill. Two hands, okay?”

Jody laying on the floor had to turn her head to see the cup and Kim.  “Ohhh, okay. Thank-you.”

“Your welcome honey. Two hands remember.” Kim said, standing back up and making her way back beside Susan.

Jody stopped drawing after a few minutes. She set the marker down and went back onto her knees. She picked up the pink cup with both hands and took a big drink. She carefully set the cup back down and looked over what she had done so far.  She was actually getting into it, enjoying it even. She thought the farm house looked pretty good.

Kim and Susan holding hands with magazines on their laps. Magazines that they had not even come close to looking at, smiled at each other as Jody picked up the plastic cup with both hands. It seemed that they just had to say something a couple of times and little Jody did what she was told. They could hear Jody’s diaper crinkle, when ever she moved.

A hour later, Jody stopped to have yet another drink. Kim had refilled it with water after Jody had finished the orange juice earlier. Just plain water. No medication.  After drinking some water, Jody looked down at all the work she had completed.  The farm house was pretty much finished.  She  just had a  few  little things to colour in.  The barn was about half done. She decided to finish off the farm house before going any further on the barn. When she recached over to get the crayon she wanted,  she felt her bladder twinge. Jody straightened back up and looked down at her diaper. Nineteen years, okay eighteen years of potty training seemed to fly out the window, after thinking about going to the big scary potty for a millisecond.  She easily let her bladder go and peed into her diaper. She finished and was surprised, she didn’t feel wet. Anytime before when she had a accident, she felt wet and cold within seconds.  She had thoughts of saying something, ! but instead, laid back down and went back to finishing the farm house.

Kim and Susan had hardly taken their eyes off her the whole time.  They both had a feeling of what Jody was doing. They were both surprised, that if Jody did what they thought, why she never said anything.
Susan whispered in Kim’s ear. “I think we should order pizza. That way we don’t have to make anything.”

“Sounds good to me.” Kim replied in Susan’s ear.

Susan stood  and walked over to Jody. Jody was so involved in colouring, she never heard Susan. Susan gently placed her hand on Jody’s diapered bum. She squeezed the thick diaper. She could feel that it  was wet. She took her hand off of Jody’s diaper and when she did,  Jody turned her head around.

“We’re going to order pizza for supper. What do you like on it?” Susan asked.

Jody was a little shocked to see Dr. Wells beside her. Jody got up, onto her knees. “Uhmm, pretty much anything, except I don’t like Hawaiian.”

“Oh that’s fine. Either does Kim.” Susan said, with a little chuckle. “You’re doing a fantastic job. That looks really good. Are you having fun?”

Jody looked down at the work she had completed. It did look a lot better then she ever imagined it would. “Yes.” she had to say. She was having fun.

“You keep at it. I will let you know when the pizza arrives.” Susan stood and waited for Jody to return to her project. Once she did,  Susan  walked over towards Kim. Bending down she whispered. “She is wet, but lets see how long she will stay in it before she tells us.”  Susan stood back up and Kim agreed by giving her the ‘Okay’ sign.

Susan went to the kitchen and ordered the pizza. She added garlic bread to the order as well.  She walked back into the family room and motioned to Kim. Kim noticed her and made her way out to the kitchen.

Before Susan could say anything. Kim asked,  “Is she really wet?”

“Yes. Not too much. I pretty sure those diapers can take a lot.”

“She doesn’t seem to concerned about it.”

“I know. I thought for sure she would be asking for a change.”

“Me too. So what’s up with the refrigerator box?”

Susan smiled and laughed a little. “Ohhh. You have to wait like Jody.”

“What? Come on, tell me.”

“Nope. You have to wait.” Susan said, leaning in and giving Kim a little kiss on her cheek.

“Fine.”  Kim was a little upset that Susan would not say what she was up to, but was willing to let it go. She wanted to get back out and watch Jody anyway.

Story is written by neverdry

Jody’s New Job Chapter 10

Story is written by neverdry.

Susan made her way into Jody’s bedroom about a hour later. Jody was stretched out with her arms over her head. Susan slowly pulled the covers down, off of Jody. She gently placed her hand on Jody’s pull-up. Soaked. Susan grinned and placed her hand on Jody’s shoulder. “Honey, it’s time to wake up.”

Jody moved a little but never opened her eyes. Susan placed her hands under Jody’s arms and picked her up. Sitting her on her hip. Jody still did not open her eyes. She was still very much asleep. Susan held Jody for a few minutes, bouncing her up and down on her hip. Jody was not going to wake up, anytime soon. Susan decided that she would be the one to get Jody into her cute diapers. Why should Kim get all the fun. Susan carried Jody over to the change table and gently laid her down. Jody made a couple little noises but never didn’t open her eyes. Susan walked over to the closest and pulled out one of the diapers from Rearz. Cute little animals decorated the diaper. Before making her way back over to Jody, Susan popped her head out of the bedroom. “Kim, come in here.” she said,

Kim heard Susan and walked quickly towards the bedroom. “What is it? Everything okay?”

Susan stood holding the diaper. She waved it in the air. “I think this would be a good time to get her into this. Her pull-up is soaked and she is still out.”

Kim walked up to Susan. “You think so? What will she do when she comes around and she is wearing that?”

“I’m not sure, but let’s find out.” Susan said, then walked back over to Jody.

Kim followed. “Okay. I’m good with it. I think she will look adorable in that.”

Susan set the diaper down on the table and then slowly tore the sides of Jody’s pull-up. Taking Jody by the ankles, she lifted her bum up off the table. Susan pulled the soaked pull-up out from under her. Susan kept Jody’s legs and bum up and Kim grabbed the diaper. Kim unfolded the diaper and handed it to Susan. Susan slide the diaper under Jody and then let her legs back down. Jody still didn’t move and her breathing was deep. Susan pulled the thick diaper up between Jody’s legs and placed the four tapes on the front.  Susan and Kim stood and looked down at little Jody with her animal print diaper on. At the same time they reached out their hands and placed them in each others.

“Oh my goodness. Is that not the most adorable thing you have seen?” Susan quietly said.

Kim turned and kissed Susan. “It is. Thank you Susan. I’m so happy to finally have a little girl.”

Susan and Kim kissed again. “Me too. It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have her.”

As the two stood looking down, Kim had a thought. “Would it be better just to but her back in bed? When she wakes up, I can always say that she soaked her pull-up and that you we’re upset.” Kim asked.

“That’s why I love you so much. Alway’s thinking. So smart. Great idea.” Susan replied.

Kim picked Jody up and walked over to her bed. Jody made a few more little noises, but never came close to opening her eyes. Kim laid Jody on her bed and the two women stood, not wanting to take their eyes off of her.

“Leave her covers off. We can watch from my phone.” Susan said, and then took Kim’s hand. They walked back out to the kitchen.

Susan turned her iPhone on and brought up the live video. Jody, sound asleep, wearing the cutest diaper. Her legs bowed out because the diaper was so thick and her arms at her side.

“Would you believe that she is 22? I mean if you didn’t know. How old would you think she was, if this was the first time seeing her?” Kim asked.

Susan let out a little chuckle. “I would say, six tops.” Susan picked up her iPhone and pushed the home button and lock button at the same time, talking a picture of the screen. “Let’s find out from somebody that has not seen her yet.” Susan put the picture in a text and typed, ‘How old do you think our new girl is?’

“Who did you send that to? Your sister?” Kim asked.

“Yes. Beth is excited for us. You know that. Let’s she want she thinks”

“I know she is. I talked to her the other day on the phone.”

Susan’s phone rang not long after. Susan put her phone on speaker. “Hello.”

“Hello, Susan. Four.”

Susan and Kim laughed. “Great guess Beth. Right on the button.” Susan said.

“Really, I thought you said you we’re getting a older girl.”

“Just kidding. She is actually 22, but I think four is a great age for her.”

“22? No way. Ann come here and look at this picture.” Beth said.

Kim and Susan could hear Beth talking to her daughter Ann. “Ann look at this picture. How old do you think this girl is?”

“I would say 3-4. Maybe 5. I’m not sure. Why?”

“This is Aunt Susan and Kim’s new girl.”

“Really. She’s a cutie. Congratulations Aunt Susan.”

Both Kim and Susan said, “Thanks Ann.” at the same time.

“So when can we come over and meet her?” Beth asked.

“I was thinking tonight, but the way things are going right now, it might be better to wait a few days.”

“Okay. Just let me know. I have to run Ann to soccer practice. Good luck with her. Talk to you later.”

Both women again at the same time said, “Okay, bye Beth.” and then Susan ended the call.

“I guess we don’t have to worry about people thinking that she is 22.” Kim said, with a smirk.

“I guess not. I didn’t think we would, when I first met her.”

Kim and Susan went back to the video of Jody sleeping. Jody was still very much out. She had not moved a inch.

“How long do we let her sleep?” Kim asked.

“Let’s give her another 15-20 minutes. If we let her sleep to long, she will not want to go to sleep tonight.”
Kim went into Jody’s bedroom and stood over her. Jody had not moved since they had put her in bed with her new adorable diaper on. Kim did not really want to wake her. She looked so cute and peaceful. After a few minutes, Kim placed her hand on Jody’s shoulder. “Honey, time to get up.”

Jody’s arms moved and her eyes slowly opened. Jody looked at Kim standing over her. She brought her hands up and rubbed her eyes. Jody felt Kim’s hands under her arms and before she knew it, she was sitting on Kim’s hip. She was still kind of tried and rested her head on Kim’s shoulder.

“That was a long nap.” Kim said, gently bouncing Jody on her hip.

It was  the third bounce that Jody felt something odd around her waist. She picked her head off of Kim’s shoulder and looked down past Kim’s breast. Around her waist was a diaper with bright, colourful animals on it. She took her left hand and felt the plastic. In a squeaky voice, Jody said, “What is that?”

“Don’t worry about that honey. You had soaked your pull-up earlier and Dr. Wells insisted that I put you in something that would be better for you.”

“But, I don’t want to wear a diaper. Those pull-up things are bad enough.” Jody said, letting her head rest back onto Kim’s shoulder.

Kim gave Jody a few more bounces on her hip. “Do you want to go and use the big scary potty then?” Kim said, and made like she was going to walk out towards the bathroom.

“Nooo. But……I’m not a baby. I don’t need diapers!”

Kim turned back and walked towards the change table. She set Jody down so that her feet were hanging over the edge. Jody could really feel the bulk of the diaper now that she was sitting. Kim rested her hands on each side of Jody and bent down a little. “Jody I know that you’re not a baby. Babies are not the only ones that need to wear diapers. I know lots of girls and boys that need to wear them.”

Jody looked down at the yellow zebra that was right on the front of her diaper. She was trying to come up with something to say.

Kim carried on. “You wet the bed last night. You had a messy pull-up and you soaked your pull-up earlier. You wet your pants yesterday and I think you have wet your  pants many, many times before. I’m I right?”

Everything Kim said was right. There was no denying it. She has wet her pants before. Yesterday was not the first. But diapers? She is  22, I shouldn’t be in diapers.

“Dr. Wells and I don’t mind that you’re in diapers honey. We think it is much better for you.  You don’t want to use that big scary potty, right?”

Thought’s of the big potty came into Jody’s mind. She had never been so scared of something in her life. “No. But…”

“No buts honey. If you can’t use the potty then aren’t diapers the best thing for you?”

Jody had no response. She knew the answer but couldn’t say it.

Kim picked Jody up off the table and stood her on her feet. The thickness of the diaper between her legs made them bow out a little. The pull-up was nothing like this. Kim took her by the hand and started to walk. Jody’s first steep was a little awkward. Her second was not much better, but by the third and forth she found a way. She could hear her diaper crinkle with every step she took. More concerned with walking with the bulky diaper between her legs the thought of walking around with nothing covering it, never crossed her mind.

Susan could hardly wait for Jody to come out from  her bedroom. When she did, Susan could not help but smile wide. Jody’s awkward walk and the cute animals plastered all over her  diaper, made Jody look like a tall toddler. Susan waited for them to get close. “Did you have a good nap honey?”

Kim let go of Jody’s hand and Jody kept walking. It was more of a toddle then a walk at this point. Jody had came up with a new walk, to make it easier. With the thick padding between her legs she had to do something different. Jody got a few feet from Dr. Wells. Dr. Wells stuck out her hands and took a hold of Jody’s hands. Jody stood in front of Dr. Wells in nothing but her t-shirt and diaper.

Story is written by neverdry.

Messy diaper butt – messycoupleonfetlife


Source: messycoupleonfetlife.tumblr.com

Looks like someone have end up whit a messy diaper butt. Looks like she needs to have the diaper change when she wake up from the sleep.

Wet pull-ups accident

Wet pull-ups accidentSource: omutsu

Poor little girl it seems like she have end up whit a accident in here pull-ups and i cna understand that she is crying about it. I dont think she is going to be allow to wear big girls pants for a long time. Maybe they even decide that she needs to wear tape diaper instead of the pull-ups that can handle her big accidents in a better way.