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Soggy diaper – maternalgiantess

Soggy diaper - maternalgiantessSource: maternalgiantess.tumblr.com

Poor little girl looks like she end up whit a couple of wet accident in the Fabine Christmas diaper when she was out playing. The caretaker dont look so happy about to find out the wet diaper that she have to change now before it starting to leak.

Diappizz with Cute Baby Print

diappizz-all-over-printed-diapers-abdlfactory-1000x1000Daippizz are very popular Adult Baby Diapers with cute baby print on the entire diaper.

Diappizz look the same as ABU Cushies but have 2 instead of only one adhesive strip on each side.
They are nice looking, thick, have a plastic outer layer and have lots of fiber fluff and superabsorbent polymers for extra high absorbency.

Medium = 81-112cm (31.9-44.1inch) hip circumference
Large = 92-132cm (36.2-52inch) hip circumference

The diaper can be order from abdlfactory.com

Soggy diaper butt – natesweet312


Source: natesweet312.tumblr.com

This girl dont seems to be ready for the school yet not whit that soggy diaper butt. She need to have that change before she go so she dont end up leaking in the school.

CM Life is Strange … for Victoria

CM Life is Strange ... for VictoriaMax tries to undo an embarrassing moment, but instead turns back the clock on Victoria. Max can’t help but give Victoria the baby treatment afterwards while taking some pictures in the process.

Max and Victoria © Dontnod Entertainment.

Order by: InSaneWeTrust.

Draw and text by ArtieCanvas

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17093239/

Looks like Victoria get a chance to relive the childhood.