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Eight Days of Diapers – Part IV: Miracles Great and Small

This story is written by WingZ

While the snow continued to fall, sleeping arrangements were made in haste. Andy’s mother and Uncle Marty returned to their childhood bedrooms, which had long ago become dumping grounds for their parents’ accumulation of clutter. Boxes were moved, blankets were unearthed and knickknacks were piled and shoved aside. It was less than ideal, but the adults would make do. That left the living room couch for Hannah and the first-floor guest bedroom for the kids.

When it was time to go to sleep, Andy, Jake and Tony shared the bed, while Libby grabbed a pillow and a blanket and took to the floor.

“She thinks she’s too good for us,” Tony chided.

“Shut up,” Libby said.

While Tony and Jake continued to talk, Andy left the bed and knelt down by his cousin. He felt so bad for her. She had to wear diapers even though she didn’t want to, she was teased by her siblings and now she didn’t even have a bed to sleep in.

“You can have my spot,” Andy offered.

“It’s not the space I’m worried about,” Libby said.

“Then what is it?”

“I’m afraid that I’ll leak,” she whispered.

“You won’t leak,” he told her.

“Yeah? How do you know?”

Andy, of course, did not know whether Libby’s diaper would leak or not. But if a little bit of oil could last eight days and a light dusting of snow could turn into a heavy blanketing, then surely God could make a diaper last through a night.

“Trust me,” he said. “These things hold a lot. They have, um, polymers and stuff. I learned that in school.”

“OK,” she said, leaving the floor for the bed.

It was a snug fit, one which would have been unbearably awkward in another year or two. Libby took the end closest to the wall, followed by Andy. They were diapered and would not need to climb over anyone to get up to use the bathroom. Jake lay to Andy’s right, then Tony took the end. The one upside to the arrangement was that nobody was cold.

“Andy?” Jake asked. Andy wondered if his brother would ever learn when to stop talking.

“What?” Andy said.

“Can we build a snowman tomorrow?”

“Maybe,” Andy said. ‘Maybe’ rarely satisfied Jake, but on that occasion it did. He was quiet and Andy was quiet and Tony and Libby were quiet too. The only sounds in the room were the light crinkling of diapers whenever Andy or Libby turned. Amid such silence, sleep came with surprise ease.


The next morning threatened to turn Andy to a liar. He felt dampness on his back and his first thought was that his diaper had leaked after all. But when he felt the front of his pants to check the damage, his fingers came up dry. The dampness wasn’t around him, it was underneath him. It was Jake, he realized. Jake had wet the bed.

“Damnit, Jake,” Andy grumbled. His brother woke up, realized what he’d done, and started bawling almost immediately. It took Andy a good minute or two to calm him down.

“It’s my fault,” Tony reluctantly admitted. “He kicked me like he wanted to get up, but I was too tired to move.”

Ironically, it was Libby, the only incontinent among them, who did not wake up with a wet bed. Sleeping so close to the wall had spared her. And though she saw enough in the situation to produce a slight giggle, she dared not say an unkind word to anyone.

Andy sought out his mother to tell her what happened.

“You’re kidding,” she said.

“I wish,” he answered.

Shaking her head, she acted decisively, stripping the wet sheets off the bed and gathering them up to toss in the washer.

“I’ll do a load of pants and underwear next,” she said. “You can take turns showering in the meantime.”

“What are we supposed to wear while our clothes are getting washed?” Tony asked.

Clearly at a loss, Andy’s mother bit her lip. There was no way the kids’ grandparents had any clothes that would fit. She was about to tell them to go around wrapped in towels – even though there probably weren’t enough towels for everyone – when Grandma Gellman, who had just put in her hearing aid and was hovering nearby, came up with a solution.

“I keep some cloths for polishing,” she said. “Big ones, in your old room, dear. Maybe for now they will do.”

Andy’s ears perked up. “Big cloths” sounded to him like diapers. He knew people sometimes kept them for cleaning – he saw some once in a friend’s garage. But what were the odds his grandmother would have them too?

And yet a package of cloth diapers was in Andy’s mother’s hands when she returned a few minutes later. His grandmother wasn’t exaggerating. The clothes were big, big enough to fit even him. Though he dared not show it, Andy was excited. He’d never tried cloth diapers before.

He would have to wait awhile to get his turn though. Libby had wet her diaper during the night and was thus the first to shower. While waiting for his turn, Andy walked into the kitchen. He found his Uncle Marty sitting on a stool in the breakfast nook and nearly recoiled.

“You’re scared of me, aren’t you?” Uncle Marty asked.

“No,” Andy lied.

A knowing smile spread across the sick man’s face. “It’s OK,” he said. “Every now and then, I look in the mirror and I get scared too.” He ran his hands over his face and asked, in mock-seriousness, what happened. “I’m getting better though,” he continued. “I just need to take it one day at a time. By the time your Bar Mitzvah rolls around, I should be close to 100 percent.”

“I wish I didn’t have a Bar Mitzvah,” Andy blurted out. He hadn’t meant to confide in his uncle, or in anyone, for that matter, about this, but it slipped out anyway. He expected his uncle would chastise him, tell him how he should look on it as an honor and a privilege. Instead, Uncle Marty said he didn’t want to have his either.

“I was always the rebel,” he told a surprised Andy. “I wore my hair long and nearly got kicked out of high school. I did a lot of stupid things. Your mother looked up to me for it, I think, but I’m glad she never followed. It wasn’t until I met your Aunt Deb that I really settled down…Anyway, the Bar Mitzvah. I didn’t want anything to do with it. All that Hebrew to memorize, all those people there to watch me if I screwed up. Your grandparents made me, of course, and I was mad about it. But then when your cousins came along, I was glad that I had one. Because now I know what it will be like for them. I guess what I’m trying to say, Andy.” He paused to cough. “Is that whatever doesn’t kill you does more than make you stronger. It makes you smarter, too. You learn from it. Not just the good things, but the bad things and stupid things. All of it. Does that make any sense?”

“Yeah,” said Andy. “It does.”

He wasn’t lying or paying lip service. The cloud of confusion in his head began to evaporate and he felt two giant puzzle pieces slide together. The conclusion he reached last night playing dreidel was right after all. Everything, good and bad, was there to test him, to make him better, and if he couldn’t quite get comfortable with that idea, at least it was one he understood.

Andy headed for the bathroom next, hoping to take a shower. Someone had beaten him too it, however. The door was closed and the water was running. The second-floor bathroom was likewise in use. Andy returned to the first-floor hallway and waited so no one else would steal his turn. Across from him, the door to the guest bedroom was closed. Andy guessed Libby was in there being rediapered by Aunt Deb. He wondered if she would always hate diapers. He hoped not. It was almost enough to make him feel guilty for liking them.

Libby exited the bedroom just before her brother emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. Aunt Deb summoned him to the bedroom and he entered reluctantly.

“Lay down so I can put this on you,” she instructed.

“Why do I have to wear a diaper?” he protested. “I’m not the one who wet the bed!”

“I know that, honey. This is just for now.”


“Noah, I am not going to ask you again.”

Andy chuckled. He knew his cousin didn’t like his real name and he knew his aunt only used it when she was serious. He took his shower, left his pants in the pile that was accumulating on the bathroom floor and returned to the guest bedroom for his diapering. Aunt Deb was waiting for him, a cloth diaper fanned out on the floor beside her.

“Have you seen my mom?” Andy asked.

“I think she went to help your dad with the shoveling,” she replied.


“Don’t be silly, Andy,” she told him. “I used to do this for you all the time when you were little.”

That was true enough, he supposed, though he didn’t remember any of his diaper changes from when he was an infant. Nevertheless, he lay down and let his aunt diaper him. She took more time than her daughter did, carefully tugging the cloth up and over and securing it in place with a safety pin on each side.

“Thanks,” Andy said. He was amazed by how soft the fabric felt against him, though he doubted it would hold very much. That was OK – he didn’t plan on wetting until he got home.

Freshly diapered, Andy joined his cousins in the living room. Hannah had stumbled across a deck of playing cards and had a game of poker going.

“Deal you in?” she offered.

“I’m not good at it,” Andy explained.

“Like any of us are,” she said. “‘Sides, it’s mostly luck anyway.”

Andy agreed to play. He was dealt two losing hands before Jake joined them. He still looked sullen following his accident and declined the invitation to play. Instead, he sat on the floor watching. He was finally quiet.

The card game ate up a good chunk of time and it wasn’t long before Andy’s mother told the kids their pants were ready. They rose to retrieve their trousers, but not before Hannah snapped a picture of them in their diapers with her cell phone camera.

“Hey!” Tony objected.

“Sorry, but when am I ever going to see this again?” Hannah said. “You guys look too cute.”

“I’m telling Mom.”

“Oh please, it’s not like I’m gonna show this to anyone…”

Andy walked away from the argument red-faced, snatched his pants from his mother and promptly put them on. “Can we go soon?” he asked. He was sick of all the arguing and just wanted to be back at home.

“Actually, I think we’re all headed out for an early lunch,” his mother told him.

Andy sighed. If this kept up, he’d be in as bad a mood as Jake.


The late morning sun was hot and strong and the temperature had kicked up into the lower 40s. Snow had begun to melt into watery pools. Cars along his grandparents’ street were cleared or half-cleared, some carrying snow on the roofs like hats. Where there was only a white monolith the night before, Andy could make out the green of the grass and the gray of the sidewalk.

“It’s too melty,” Jake protested. “Now we can’t make a snowman.”

“It will snow again,” Andy reminded him.

In a three-car caravan, the family made its way over to a diner, an old standby from Andy’s mother and Uncle Marty’s childhood. The building had been remodeled and changed names and ownership several times, but a diner it remained. Somehow, Andy’s grandparents had fallen behind and so the rest of the family waited outside for them to catch up.

“You’re lucky you don’t have any sisters,” Libby whispered to him while they waited.

“Why’s that?” Andy asked. He thought Jake was bad enough.

“On the way over here, Hannah told my mom and dad to stop and get me more diapers. She said I’m going to leak again. She thinks I wet the bed instead of your brother.”

Andy looked at Hannah. She had her back to them and her cell phone out, no doubt texting her friends. Before he could talk himself out of it, he scooped a handful of wet snow off a nearby bush and flung it at her butt. She spun around angry, demanding to know who did it. Neither Andy nor Libby gave anything away.

“Urgh!” she said, barging inside the restaurant.

Libby giggled. “Thanks,” she said.

“Sure,” said Andy. “Any time.”

Their early lunch ended up being closer to a late breakfast. Having worked up an appetite, Andy downed a glass of orange juice and devoured most of a three-egg omelet. Jake, in contrast, only picked at his food. It was clear that wetting the bed still bothered him and Andy resolved to talk to him about it later. For as annoying as Jake often was, seeing him down like this was actually worse. He was only 7, Andy thought. Seven-year-olds are supposed to be bouncing off the walls.

“I’m glad we all got to see each other,” Andy’s grandmother declared. “It isn’t easy these days, with everyone being so busy. And the weather, oy! But we made it.”

“We sure did, Mom,” Uncle Marty said, raising his glass of water in a toast.

Though talkative as ever, the family made it through the meal without a single argument and Andy began to relax. He felt a pang of regret as he said his good-byes. He hoped he would see this side of the family again before his Bar-Mitzvah, especially Libby. For a girl, she took everything…well…like a man.

“I hope you, uh, feel better,” he said.

“What? I’m not si….oh. Thanks. You too.”

“They’re not bad, Libby,” he told her. “You just need to give them a chance.”

“I might have to,” she answered, regretfully and on that note, they parted.

The sun was still shining when the Greenbaums reached home an hour later. Andy put his presents away and changed into a disposable. He kept the cloth diaper though. He began thinking of what he could substitute for plastic pants so he could wear it again.

That evening, he and Jake battled it out on the Wii once again. Andy took it easy on him this time, and, perhaps out of gratitude or perhaps because he’d walked a mile in his shoes, Jake told him he was sorry that he laughed at him for wearing diapers. Andy told him not to worry. He was glad to have his brother back. All that remained was for him to figure out what he was going to do about school.

This story is written by WingZ

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Eight Days of Diapers – Part III: Trapped in White

This story is written by WingZ

Andy often had to pee when he woke up and Saturday was no exception. He half-turned to rise from his bed and head for the bathroom, but the crinkling that came with this movement reminded him there was no need to do so. He was wearing a diaper now and he might as well put it to use.

Unfortunately, that proved easier said than done. His bladder was well-trained and would not yield. Andy experimented with several positions before he found one – flat on his back, butt raised, knees tucked to chest – that worked. He relaxed and began to fill his diaper. It felt warm, wet and wonderful.

Later, after he’d changed and eaten and had started on some reading for school, his mother approached him with a worried look. A dagger of fear struck Andy at the base of his neck. This was too good to be true, he thought. They were going to take his diapers away.

“I just got off the phone with your Aunt Deb,” she said. “It looks like you won’t be the only one in diapers today.”

Andy glared at her, bewildered. Who else could it be?”

“You know your Uncle Marty’s been in and out of the hospital a lot lately,” his mother continued. “It’s been very rough on all of your cousins, especially Libby. She’s been having accidents.”

“Oh,” Andy said. He didn’t know how he was supposed to react to that. Was he supposed to feel guilty? Sad? Relieved?

“I told your Aunt Deb a little fib,” his mother confessed. “I said you’d been having accidents too and that’s why you’re wearing diapers. Would you be willing to play along, Andy? It would make your cousin feel a lot better.”

“Sure,” Andy said, without really thinking about it. He had four cousins on his mother’s side. Matt was nearly a decade older, an adult away at college who he rarely saw. Hannah was 17 and almost home free. She had little use for him or Jake, he suspected. Noah or “Tony,” as he liked to be called, was 9 and seemed pretty cool for his age, but Jake liked to hog his attention. That left Libby by default. She was a few months younger than Andy and he never had any problems with her, but she was a girl and he was never sure what things girls liked, so they never had much to talk about. He doubted diapers would bring them closer together.


The family would be celebrating Hanukah that evening with Andy’s grandparents on his mother’s side. They lived about an hour away, a straight shot down two highways. Snow was forecast for that night, but Andy’s father said they should be back home before it got too bad. Andy hoped so – he looked forward to playing more Wii later on.

They set out in the late afternoon. Thick clouds grayed the sky, but the ground was still dry. Before they left, Andy handed his mother one of his diapers and asked her to hold it in her purse. She gave him an odd look, but did not refuse the request. Andy hadn’t planned on wetting his diaper in front of his cousins and grandparents, but he had no idea how far he’d have to go in pretending to need them.

It had been months since Andy saw his mother’s family – they’d gone to his father’s grandparents’ for Thanksgiving – and Andy was surprised by how different everyone looked. Aunt Deb’s hair was shorter and Tony’s was longer, while Hannah had put on a few pounds. No one, however, looked more different than his Uncle Marty. When Andy last saw his mother’s older brother, he had sandy brown hair that was lightly flecked with gray. It was completely silver now, verging on white. Uncle Marty had also lost a great deal of weight. Fighting cancer had left him gaunt and nearly skeletal. He also looked very, very tired, as if the easy chair he was sitting on could swallow him up whole.

Andy was able to stifle a gasp when he saw him, but there was no stifling his flinch when he felt Uncle Marty’s bony fingers on his arm.

“How’reya doing, champ?” he said.

“Fine,” Andy replied, a little too quickly. “I…uh…hope you feel better.”

Uncle Marty pressed his thin lips into a smile, but Andy could not bring himself to match the gesture. He knew at one point, when he was in the hospital, that Uncle Marty looked even worse than this. It was no wonder Libby was having problems. If he saw his own father so close to death, he’d have problems too.

Libby, for her part, looked almost exactly the same. She was a little sullen, perhaps, but she did not seem taller, older, thinner or fatter. She also did not seem to be diapered. She was wearing a denim skirt with burgundy leggings and Andy couldn’t make out a bulge.

After his initial hellos, Andy stayed clear of her. He tried to talk to Tony instead, but stupid Jake kept monopolizing the conversation (“What’d you get, Tony?” and “Tony, guess what I got?” and “What do you think you’ll get tonight?”). Andy could have told him to be quiet, but they would have argued and the last thing he wanted to do then and there was stir up trouble. With Hannah ignoring him and his grandparents vaguely terrifying (his grandfather was very tall and scowled often, his grandmother was slowly going deaf), he finally found himself sitting next to Libby regardless.

She’d taken refuge on the floor, where she sat with her head on her knees. “I’m sorry about your dad,” Andy told her.

“He’s not dead!” she snapped. He was taken aback by her insistence and scooted an inch or two away. While he moved, his diaper crinkled, and he found Libby staring wide-eyed at his pants. “You too?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Andy said, embarrassed.

“I hate it,” she told him.

“I…it’s not so bad,” he said. He wouldn’t own up to liking diapers, at least not to her, but he could only pretend so much for her sake.


It wasn’t long before dinner smells beckoned everyone to the long dining room table. Grandpa Gellman took the head, Uncle Marty sat at the foot so he could get out easily. Andy sat roughly halfway down with Jake on his left and Libby on his right. Soon, the table began to fill: iced tea in a glass pitcher, brisket on a platter, bowls of vegetables and a plate piled high with latkes.

It took several minutes for everyone to plate up and the wait made Andy’s mouth water. For as different as his religion made him feel, he never felt self-conscious about liking Jewish food. Latkes were a treat his goyim friends would never know.

He was heartened too by the game of dreidel which started not long after dinner ended. He and Jake and Tony and Libby sat in a circle on the living room floor. Their grandmother passed them a wooden dreidel and some gelt to play with and they took turns spinning the four-sided top. Two of the four faces – gimmel and hey – meant he got at least some of the gelt in the pot. Only one, shin, meant he’d have to give something up. With those odds, Andy did more than OK for himself.

While he was playing, two things happened. The first was that Andy began to think about what it really meant to be Jewish, about how the stuff he liked, like latkes and dreidel, connected to the stuff he didn’t like (sitting in Synagogue during the High Holidays…bleh) or didn’t really understand. He tried to put it all together and what he came away with, what he hoped was right, was that he should still try to do the stuff he didn’t like, because even if he didn’t understand it, God did, and sticking with God meant he’d ultimately end up with more of the stuff he did like. That, as near as he could figure, was the only way it all made sense.

The other thing that happened was that Andy wet his diaper. He’d meant to hold it until the end of the dreidel game, but suddenly the dreidel was in his hands and his cousins were looking at him, waiting for him to spin. With a turn of the wrist, he gave the top a spin and when he let go, he was peeing himself. He could only hope nobody noticed.

The table was cleared by the time the dreidel game ended and a menorah had been set up. The menfolk donned their kippot and Grandpa Gellman did the honors, lighting the candles and delivering the prayers in loud, clear, familiar Hebrew. Andy chipped in an “Amen” with the rest of the family at the end of each blessing, relieved to have the spotlight off him for a change.

Coffee and dessert were served while the candles burned. Andy made quick work of a pair of jelly donuts and went to take his plate to the sink. When he entered the kitchen, he saw his grandparents standing near their breakfast nook, arguing. They didn’t hear him come in, which was just as well – they were arguing about him.

“His Bar-Mitzvah is next year,” Grandpa Gellman said. “He is going to be a man, but still in diapers? Pah!”

“Oh, so you’re perfect now?” Grandma Gellman retorted. “These kids, Victor, they aren’t like us. They have it easy. For them, Marty getting sick, whatever, it’s very hard on them.”

Andy was shaken by what he heard. It was almost enough to make him want to tear his diaper off and stomp on it. Maybe his grandfather was right. How could he ever grow up if he was still wearing diapers?

Instead, he returned to the dining room and ran into another argument.

“Hannah,” said Aunt Deb. “Why don’t you go help your sister?”

“I’m fine,” Libby protested. “I don’t NEED any help.”

“Yeah, right,” said Hannah. “That’s why you leaked the last time. Because you don’t need any help.”

“Mom…” Libby appealed.

“Libby, go along now.”

“Come on, tinklepants,” Hannah admonished.

They left for a guest bedroom and Andy waited a minute before following. He was only half aware of what he was doing. In a more reflective state, he might have realized how strange it was to watch his cousin get her diaper changed. But he was acting on impulse now and a desire to be in her place.

Either embarrassment, guilt or fear kept Andy from actually watching what was happening. He stood just outside the doorway and listened. There was more bickering between the two sisters, then he heard the rustling of plastic as Libby’s leggings were pulled down. The popping of tapes followed, then more rustling, then, a moment later, some unexpectedly quick footsteps.

Andy didn’t have time to get out of the way before he was face-to-face with Hannah. She was holding a rolled-up wet diaper in one hand and a look of disgust on her face.

“What?” she asked. “Do you need a change too?”

Andy was too awe-struck to answer, so she just told him to go in there and lay on the bed. He did so quickly, brainlessly, before his good sense had a chance to recover.

He came in just as Libby was finishing rolling up her leggings and caught the quickest, barest flash of her diaper. It embarrassed him now to be in here with her, to have something he liked twisted into something she needed and dreaded. Sighing, he lay down on the bed.

“You’re getting changed too, huh?” Libby asked him.

“Yeah,” Andy said, sounding none too happy about it.

“Why didn’t you put up more of a fight?”

“I dunno.”

“I think you like wearing diapers,” she said.

Andy blushed furiously and looked away. Was it that easy for her to tell? And if it was, it would be easy for others to figure it out, too. His friends would find out. He’d be forever known as Andy the Diaper Boy, among other things. Oh God, why couldn’t he have kept his big mouth shut?

“I don’t care if you do,” Libby told him. “I just wish I didn’t have to.”

“I’m sorry,” Andy said. “I wished you didn’t have to, either.” Then, a moment later, “Hannah shouldn’t be so mean to you.”

Libby sighed. “What happened to Daddy happened to all of us. I think she thinks I’m doing this on purpose to hog the attention.”

“But you’re not though,” he said. “And it’s still not right.”

Their conversation ceased when Hannah reappeared. She had a fresh diaper in her hand and that same look of disgust on her face. She went to work quickly and efficiently, with lots of haste and little affection.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said, yanking his pants down. “At least when I babysit, I get paid. I can’t wait….lift your butt up….til graduation. There’s no way in hell I’m doing this next year.”

She finished in what seemed like record time. Andy had gotten what he wanted – someone else had changed him. But the good feelings associated with his diapers were gone.


Andy and Libby’s diaper change wrapped up just in time. Jake, and, to a lesser extent, Tony, were getting antsy. “Presents!” Jake exclaimed, leading a retreat back to the living room.

“Hold your horses,” his father said. Andy was glad he wasn’t the only one who found Jake’s enthusiasm to be grating.

In due time, the present swap began. Bags and boxes and neatly-wrapped packages were passed around, first to the kids and later to the adults. Andy’s haul was satisfactory. He ended up with a new polo shirt, a Barnes and Noble gift certificate and, from his grandparents, a chai on a golden chain. He said his “thank-yous” and meant every one.

When the last of the gifts had been given and the last of the wrapping paper disposed of, everyone began saying their goodbyes and gathering their coats. Gifts in hand, Andy began advancing to the door, but Hannah’s voice brought him to a sudden halt.

“Oh, shit!” she exclaimed.

“Language,” Aunt Deb chastised.

“Sorry, Mom, but you’ve got to see this. It’s a mess out there.”

During their Hanukah celebration, the family had neglected to check the weather forecast on the TV or pay much attention to what was happening right outside the window, for that matter. The snow that was predicted to arrive later that night came early and at a greater volume than the meteorologists had counted on. When Andy looked out his grandparents’ front door, he found cars covered with white from wheel to roof, streets and sidewalks submerged under snow while more of it continued to fall. It was obvious that no one was going anywhere.

This story is written by WingZ

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Diaper wetting girl – fluffy-omorashi

Looks like this girl sure have some relaxing time whit here diaper. The diaper on the other hand dont have time to relax ;)

Sogg – ElliePadded

Yes someone sure seems to have a very soggy diaper here. It is kind of amazing that the diaper tape is able to handle the heavy load.

But at the same time it is good that the tape do handle the load from the diaper´so she don’t need to stand there half naked ;)