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Lily – Favorite Part of the Day

Lily - Favorite Part of the DayEnjoying what naughty kitties do best. A huge fan of her big stinky bro, Flo. Lily’s favorite time of the day (and my favorite time too) When you’re wearing a fresh clean diapey, and nature calls, when your tummy starts bubbling up…When you can’t hold it any further even if you wanted to. >/////////////<
Its time to make a big present for mommy to change later! X

A gift for flandrescarlet500 from OverFlo207

Text and draw OverFlo207

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/art/Lily-Favorite-Part-of-the-Day-Clean-721820778

Yes it sure seems like this girl is leaving one big present for here mommy in the back of here diaper. But i bet she is not going to like this kind of present.

Bambino Classico The Noisy Diaper



Bambino Classico sure seems to be pretty noisy. Special when this diaper girl is playing around whit it.

Illyas choice between being a baby or big girl?



Looks like Illyas bodey decided that she should go for the diapers when the body released it content into the awaiting diaper.

Looks like she is going to be spending some time wearing diapers now.

Super close up diaper messing – Anmerkungen


This sure is one very close up diaper messing video that we have here. She sure released a messy load into here waiting diaper.