Babyfur Comic: Diaper Factory

Babyfur Comic: Diaper FactoryFurrys: Arcanist_Jakko, Not_original77 and Kitsuna

Draw by tato


Poor furrys looks like they are having a little special dream about how it is to be a diaper. Good that it was only a dream but it most have been kind of scary to dream about something like this.

Izzy’s diper factory misshap

Izzy's diper factory misshapthis is a follow up picture to something I haven’t actually posted yet! wowie! But anyway, Izzy found herself falling into a tub of diaper fluff and getting sucked off to the diaper production line. She was processed and somehow turned into a diaper critter! Well, unfortunately for her the machine has detected that there’s something wrong, she doesn’t look like a normal diaper, so into the reject chute she goes, deeper into factory where who-knows-what will happen to her.

Story and order by Not_original77

Draw by tato


Yes it sure looks like something is wrong whit this diaper so i can understand that the machine is going to rejects it. The the problem is this is not a diaper. Wounder what is going to happen next?

A Glitch In Programming

A Glitch In ProgrammingStaff at the Padded Perfection adult diaper factory were warned that the new software update for the robotic assembly line had not been properly tested and to not load the software yet. Unfortunately, a rather idiotic employee missed the safety meeting and uploaded the software anyways. Later that day a tour was offered to local diaper lovers and it was during this tour that the machines began to wreak havoc. They changed the diaper design and added and thick butt plug to the design and itching powder to the material.

I found myself grabbed by claws and forcibly lifted unto the conveyor belt of the new diapers. The claws roughly pushed my arms into a straightjacket and cinched it tight. A final touch of a pacifier gag strapped tightly into my muzzle and I was ready to be an unwilling participant in the first round of product testing.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by Musuko42


Poor boy it cannot be so fun to be forced to wear this sort of special made diaper that have itching powder including in the material and a thick buttplug. I bet this diaper is going to be weary uncomfortable to wear and try out.