Pulling a sword from a stone can have unexpected results

Pulling a sword from a stone can have unexpected results

Draw and everything by

Get Suited up

Get Suited u

Kela fursuit is not the best thing to wear, for one it attaches to your body and then gives you all of Kela’s traits including her diaper filling. Then when your all changed, you turn into a kela Stink drone :P

Draw and order by chuckybb ??

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28113669/

Yes it sure seems like she already have starting to filling here LittlePawz diaper. And it sure seems like she dont mind what is happen ;) But we all knows that diapers is made to be use :)

Oh, those warm enemas

Oh, those warm enemasOh, those warm enemas :3 they feel so nice and almost impossible to hold.

The Arctic fox belongs to Vikingfops

Draw and text by Addickted

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28110888/

Its looks like Vikingfops is destroying the buttons on another par of plastic pants now.

Looks like someone decided to help him clean his intestines whit some warm enema ;) And it sure seems like he love the feeling of it.

whoops! – Vikingfops


The blushing arctic fox belongs to Vikingfops

Draw by Addickted

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28110656/

Aww poor Vikingfops looks like his plastic pants buttons could not handle his expending soggy diaper so they break :(

Poor thing i sure know this is kind of a blushing situation. But maybe you need to pick some plastic pants that have a little more room for an expending diaper.  But we can clearly see that you need your diapers now :)

Diaper messing reindeer – LowPoly4

This reindeer sure know how to use his diaper pretty good :) Look what a big load and how match his diaper butt is expending from it :)

Onesies Problem – blazylazy


Aww poor girl looks like the onesies could not handle the sagging diaper :( But it sure was good it was there to handle the accident :)