Babyfur Comic: Halloween Babies: Page 3

Babyfur Comic: Halloween Babies: Page 3

Draw by Rogeykun and Tato


Giggle they sure made pretty good use of there diaper. That sure was some powerful formula that she have that sure made them use there diaper pretty good. Good thing she is prepared and have bring some clean diapers whit here and a changing pad.

I sure think they are going to fell allot better when they are back into a clean diaper.

Diaperfur Comic: School Issues Comic Pt2

Diaperfur Comic: School Issues Comic Pt2

Draw and everything by chuckybb


It seems like Kela is going to experience something very special and embarrassing the coming weeks. Maybe this is what she really wont deep inside?  At lest she maybe can find some sort of comfort sucking on that pacifier.

I kind of looking forward to the next page in this comic to she was is going to happen at the kindergarten. But one thing she really need is a new clean diaper. That sure is going to be a blushing moment for here i bet.

Cyan poofy mess

Cyan poofy messwaking up to a full one.

The wolf belongs to BabyCyanWolf

Draw and above text by Perfectly.Patches


Someone sure seems to have one pretty upset tummy here and this wolf tummy sure have put good use off his diaper. He sure have woken up to one big expended messy diaper here. It sure amazing that it dont have leek or exploded.

In the park

In the parkDj is messing while Ellie is wetting.

The drawing is order by dashie_love

Draw and above text by ConejoBlanco


Yes it seems like them both decided to put there diaper to some good use here in the middle of the parks playground :)

But after all that is what a diaper is there for to handle.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – xephy_buns

Wow this girl sure ended up making one big heavy load here :) It sure is one crazy video but its sure is nice to see it happen :)

She sure seems to be one good girl to know that she should use here diaper.

Pants plopper

Pants plopperThis is why you must always Remember extra stretchy. Pants

Order by Ace.13

Draw and text by yourfur


I dont think extra stretchy pants would help in this case. His messy diaper sure seems to have expended allot from the messy load.

Seems to be a one more messy diaper for that stinky loaded diaper pail he have. It sure seems like he needs to start thinking about empty it.