Fire Trucks BD Comfort+ Diaper Cover

Fire Trucks BD Comfort+ Diaper Cover

Fire Trucks BD Comfort+ Diaper Cover

New soft and comfortable waterproof pants.

Featuring a waterproof outer shell made from flexible PUL; and a soft inner lining, with covered elastic at the waist and legs.

The inner lining lets these double as swim diapers, or for added protection when using pads or guards.



This sure is some cute pants and the price is $11.99

That sure don’t sounds so expensive for this kind of cute pants.

Latex Rubber Adult Diaper Covers Overview

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Overview of latex rubber adult diaper covers.

These diaper covers are used for adults with incontinence.

Ebay link for these here:

The review is created by diaperman89

Pokeballs and Pokemon Diaper Cover


I received this two cute diaper cover/plastic pants in the mail yesterday. This two product is order and made bay JayKay Baby. It dont seems like he is able to make some new diaper cover right now of this two prints but if you send him a note and ask him he maybe can find some more fabric of this design or something similar that you like instead.

The pants is very soft and nice to wear and the inside is soft to everything whit this two product is so soft and nice to touche. The quality of this products is very good and i dont regret my order. The products quality is better than I had expected. So i really recommend this shop if you thinking about to order from it.

JayKay Baby make some good quality product for the ABDL community :)

acepup really a roo

acepup really a rooAce pretending he’s a roo. and is adamant that his stylized denim diaper cover is really a storage pouch that all roos have.

and like all kids. when told different than you want to hear… pout :P

Rabbit: Acepup

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Aww this is so cute. Yes diaper cover can be a good place to store the plush if you need to have your paws free for a second. Only hope it dont get wet from his diaper if it starting to leak a little.

Baby Per Sempre release a new option in there shop

Baby Per Sempre have release a new option in the store and that is something that they call SuperSize. But what is this SuperSize?

This is the description that they have one there website about this subject: 

Do you tend to wear really THICK diapers? We now offer a new option we call “Super Size”. Just select this option and your cover will be made using the correct size waist and leg cuffs however with the NEXT size UP for the actual cover giving you MUCH more room for that HEFTY sized diaper. Need even MORE room, keep same waist/leg sizing but go up TWO sizes in the cover body and be sure you have all the diaper room you need for your most MASSIVE diaper bulge.


This can be something for you that like to wear weary thick cloth diapers or if you use double disposable or if you use allot of boosters in your diaper.

And i also wont to mention that they have release Underoos that you can find some kids printed underwear for adult. And i hope they going to release some more underwear whit some cute print. I should like to have something more baby related. Or some Pikachu underwear’s that should be something awesome.