Surprise diaper check – lildiaper


I am not sure that this girls dad is going to see if his little baby girl need a new diaper whit that kind of check.

I told you I was clean! *blushes*

I told you I was clean! *blushes*Heya everyone it seems the little jolf needed a diaper check even though he said he didn’t need one humph grown ups *pouts crossing my arms blushing*

Jolf and text: anu_skyrise_jackal

Draw by: Zanten94


Aww poor Jolf he look so cute when he is blushing but even if he say that he is all clean and dry the parents or caretaker wont to make sure that he is telling the truth. They dont wont to end up whit a leaking diaper to change but for now he seems to be all clean and dry.

Diaper changing,checkings and lots of rubs!

Diaper changing,checkings  and lots of rubs!

The news of what happened here, spread like wildfire and reached  to grandpa Richard’s ears too!

Richard ordered a complete package of “Pawpers” and wanted to try those diapers on some “volunteers” …  Matt and the boss!

But his technique was going to be something different:
1) Matt and the boss had to be naked!
2) Any of the two that  resisted, would be punished with a good spanking!
3)Wearing the diaper, Richard would give a good massage on the front and back of the diaper!

So Richard would know the quality and comfort of the so-called “Pawpers”!

Perhaps this is a situation somewhat humiliating for the boss and Matt … but very funny for twins!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


It look like Matt is going to have another blushing experience whit some diaper patting and is look like the boss get some patting to.

Foxy special diaper check

Foxy special diaper check Like i bet you know Foxy and Ronald is the best of friend now. And some time when they play together and Foxy notes a special smell or wont to have some fun whit Ronalds diaper butt he decide to check to see if he is a messy butt.

But the thing is that Foxy have a weary special way to check for messy diaper. Adult always pullback the waistband and look down in the diaper. The Foxy messy diaper check is that he pat his cute diaper butt and see what happens if the diaper smells more or change colors.

He do this kind of diaper check because he love to pat Ronalds poofy diaper butt.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by: kalida

blushy diaper check

blushy diaper check
blushy diaper check.

a YCH done by fangthefox of my otty Lil-Spicy doing a surprise diaper check X//3.

Cubs: Lil-Spicy and Chrisdavee.

Draw by: fangthefox.


Awww you dont need to blushing little Chrisdavee i am only going to check your diaper and see if you need a change it is nothing to worry about. All parents and babysitter do this type of check many times in a day whit cubs around the world so you have nothing to be embarrassed about. We dont wont you to walk around in a messy or weary wet diaper that can leads to some bad diaper rash and i dont think you dont wont to end up whit something like that. It going to hurt allot and you going to cry allot and wish this should go away soon. But it take a couple of days before you going to be good again so i think you should let Lil-Spicy do the diaper check or maybe go and tell him when you are wet or messy so he can check you to see if you need a diaper change right now or if it can wait to later. But that only happens when you are wet a messy diaper need to be change so fast as possible.

I think you have a weary cute prints on your diaper. It is nice to see that they have made some diaper whit pokeballs print it look so sweet on you.

Final diaper check for Foxy (gift art)

Final diaper check for Foxy (gift art)

Foxy is ready to go to sleep,he have his favorite plushie “Pikachu”, his favorite pillow and above all, a very comfortable and fresh diaper!

But his mom gives him a last check out , just in case and says:
“Ok! You’re ready now! Goodnight my little butt crinkle cub!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by Nelson88.

Foxys mom wont to make sure that Foxy is ready for a good night sleep. And to make sure of that she doing the final diaper check to make sure it is on the right way. Foxy need to spread his legs some but because of the diapers thickness. But he dont mind he have his favorite Pikachu Plushy that he can cuddling whit and beside this is nothing new for him. His mom have always make sure that he wears the thickest diaper. To make sure that the diaper dont leak during the night.

Other furrys maybe think that Foxy have a messy diaper. But that is not the case the diaper is so thick so it force the legs apart when he stands up. But that make him even more cuter.