Diaper Inspection

Diaper InspectionWell we all been there gotta check your diaper in the morning and inspect the overnight damage ^-^

Dog: KingCrazy

Draw and text by KitsuneSkyy

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21390035/

Poor little dog it seems like he had a messy accident during his sleep and now he is standing here in the morning whit a messy diaper butt.

Very blushing diaper check – Satuki_rabbit

aww looks like someone have ended up whit a wet diaper. You dont need to be blushing this match about that you still need to wear diaper little boy. Potty training can be a difficult task to manage.

Big blushing diaper check

Aww looks like this furry love to squishy the other furrys wet diaper. Seems like he have fall in love whit it :) Nothing that diaper wearing furry seems to like.

Diaper changing gone wrong

Diaper changing gone wrongIt was a typical day for Sapphire she was being her stinky soggy puppy self and needed a change, she went over to her automated changing table in her nursery and hopped up on it she started it but it glitched out determining she was a naughty baby puppy for not being messy enough and so it started grabbing all the used diapers/pawpers from the diaper pail and putting them all over her, from her paws to feet paws, to even her maw and it seems they werent done yet, for all she knows it looks like she will be fully covered in them by the end of this~ What a poor naughty puppy.

Text and dog by bestsage

Draw by dozyslumbers

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20908224/

Awww poor Sapphire it seems like something is wrong whit here diaper change machine. Now is she covered in here use diaper. Wounder how she is going to escape from this situation.

Babyfur Comic: Chloe back to the nursery 3

Babyfur Comic: Chloe back to the nursery 3Chole babychloe

Draw by Tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20500525/

Aww looks like Chole is starting to accept that she is not a big girl any more and dont put up any more fight now during the diaper change.

She looks so cute when she is lying down on the bed and sucking on that baby bottle during the diaper change.

Baby Needs a Change

Baby Needs a ChangeOrder by Lynch_Flood

The red fox Kogey

Draw by BabySteps

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20711371/

Yes it sure looks like this little diaper boys diaper butt starting to look pretty wet and squishy now. Maybe it is time for the red fox to help him to get change into something clean and dry before the diaper starting to leak.