CapturedOhhh I shoulnd’t push this button x3 Now Shensho and I be in padded troubles.
I hope I can reach this button again for stop.

Order and text by Mystery-Flecky

Draw by shensho


Aww it sure seems like this two have ended up in one blushing situation here :(

It seems like the machine have decided that he should not be able to reach that off button :(

How is this going to end?

Time for a check

Time for a checkEven the big babs need it >u>

GeechiGeechiGooIluvU with GibsonScratch!

Draw by ozzybear


Yes it sure is right that even big cubs needs to have there diaper check from time to time. And it looks like his diaper still is clean and dry. He sure is not in need of a diaper change yet :)

Daycare Machine

Daycare Machine

Oh no! Looks like another cub just messed himself, you what this calls for The DayCare Machine! The Daycare Machine will easily take care of your cubs by feeding them, burping them, playing with them, and most famously changing diapers so you dont have to deal with the mess. The machine is made with water proof materiel and will never short circuit plus we give them these cartoony gloves to look more cub friendly as cubs oftened cried without them since they looked scary to them. As you can see by our tester here that the machine is cub friendly and is totally safe and just look at Corinn as he looks like he is having a blast. Just call on line and we will have our workers set up the machine in your house. This has been Keaden and happy changing X3

Text, dragon and order by ParadoxDragon

Draw by Tropicana

To me it looks like this cub is not so fun about the situation that he had ended up whit. Or maybe he is blushing because he have ended up messy his diaper.

But it sure makes for a nice drawing and ParadoxDragon sure created one good story to :)

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 10

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 10 Draw and everything by cargoweasel


Yes it sure was a good thing that the movie has ended otherwise this mouse had end up whit a leaking diaper and some wet footed sleeper. And that should not be any fun :(

But it sure seems like someone leave them all in a hurry. Wounder way he seems to be so upset?

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 4

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 4 Draw and everything by cargoweasel


Aww poor Axel it seems like he have some trouble to except that sometimes someone wont to help him when it comes to diaper change. And from the diaper check that the mouse did it seems like he is in need of a new clean diaper.

Rytovak time out time

Rytovak time out time

i guess they got busted after their last heist and are trying to play it cool…

let’s see how long THIS lasts :P

The wolf belongs to Rytovak

Draw and above text by catmonkshiro


Yes wounder how long they are going to be force to be in this kind of stat? But i think its going to be so for a awhile that they are going to be force to wear diapers.