The Real Diaper Test

The Real Diaper Test
The Real Diaper Test

here is showing a real diaper test :)

As most knows Boys have a big bladder, that means more pee in a shot, then Ellie picks me as the “Guinea Pig” for do this test.

edit :In the final panel shows how these Diapers holds later of a Full bladder released in that diaper,i think someone have enough room for another pee pee :P

Draw by: ConejoBlanco

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


It seams like this diaper test work weary good and it is always nice and good to pee when you relay have to go. Hope he get a nice and fresh diaper on soon before he leaks.

Diaper change machine

I have wish to have a good diaper change machine drawing for a quite a long time special sens i have sean this drawing: it is so cute and special and i think this is how this kind of pitcher should look like should look like.

I have some diaper change machine pitchers but no one that is like that pitcher i link to. The newest diaper change machine pitcher i have is this one:

Diaper change machine
Diaper change machine

Draw and fix by nelson88 and his cousin. But still is kind of good but i should like it to be more like a comic or something not only a single pitcher. So i hope that i going to find some one that can draw a good one for me.

Diaper change for the two cubs

Diaper change for the two cubs

The two best friend lying on the soft blanket in the morning and waiting to get there diaper change like all cub do in the morning. The both have wet the diapers allot during the night like the do every night.

Ronald: I hope we newer going to be sit on potty training. It is so nice to walk up in the morning in a nice soggy diaper. Do you not agree Foxy?

Foxy: Yes i think it is something nice and awesome to and i have the same wish like you have. So what should we do today Ronald?

Ronald: I dont know what i wont to do. Have you any nice thought about something fun that we can do?

Foxy: Yes i have. We can play whit our plushies that is fun.

So after the change and the breakfast the two cubs started to play a cute game whit the bout plushies.

Not draw by me.

Foxy: abdl86

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Draw by: wen

wen did a wonderful work whit this drawing and it turn out to be relay good and awesome. I think i going to order more art from him some time but for now i need to save some money. I have order to match art now for a wile.

I love this diaper change pitchers. It is so nice to watch and see there lying on a changing place waiting for some one to come to change there diapers so the can be all nice and clean and ready for the breakfast and playtime.

Secret’s out

Secret's outThe  cubs  scouts,a  group  were  Sammy  and  Remy  belongs,along  with  other  cubs,they  were  camping  in  the

Each of the pups, had unpacked their belongings, and they had finished placing their tents.

When all was done , Terry, the chief leader  said:
“Ok kids, before we begin to explore, I hope each of you follow my rules and …Hey! Has anyone seen Sammy?”

Remi walked over and said with  a  very  naughty  smile: “I think he’s inside our tent,sir!”

Terry:”Ok kids! Nobody move from this place! I’ll be  back soon!”

Terry went into the Sammy and Remi’s  tent , and there, he opened the tent  entrance and asked:
“Sammy? Why are you taking so long?”

Sammy:”I’m almost done… sir!”
Poor Sammy! Terry  the  chief  leader, caught him with   a diaper…secret’s  out!

Will be a revenge from  Remi, after what happened here?

Hmmm…very  interesting!
Pic  by  my  cousin  and  colors  by  me.

Thanx  to WhyteYote for  the  title/comment!

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Fix by: nelson88


It is not so match fun when some one found out about your diaper. Hope it work out great for this boy now.

Helping you out

Helping you out
Helping you out

Draw by: toddlergirl

Cubs is this drawing is: AnkPup and StormyStripesTiger

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


It is nice of StormyStripesTiger to change AnkPup wet diaper so he can be all nice and clean. And i dont think you dont need to blush you have your plushy to hug if things get to hard. He is there for you if things get to hard or to embarrassing about this aether cubs that are going to help you to change this wet diaper into a clean and fresh diaper. It is nice to be all nice and dry. If you spend to match time in a wet diaper you can get a diaper rash and that is some bad thing. so i hope you newer is going to have it.

And maybe you can change StormyStripesTiger when he is all soggy :).