Lilac´s automated diaper changer

Lilac´s automated diaper changerCommission Piece for brandonh9895 over DA, she is getting prepared for her diaper change by an automated changing station :)

The nervous dog belongs to brandonh9895

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco

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Aww poor cub looks like she is a little worry about being on the diaper changing machine. Poor thing but it looks like the diaper she is wearing is in need of a diaper change so it seems like she dont have any choice here. It is not a good thing to be playing around whit a to wet diaper for to long.

Loonatics Regressed

Loonatics Regressed The Loonatics find themselves quite the problem as Mastermind has the group de-aged and under her mercy. The cunning villainess uses her robots to place and secure each member on changing tables while having their bottoms wiped by the mechanical caretakers. Some of the Loonatics start welling up tears, others begin to throw tantrums, and also signs of confusion show on their expressions too.

Order by YoshiokaidaMasayoshi

Draw and text by ArtieCanvas

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Aww this poor things sure have ended up in one special spot here.

Babyfur Comic: Ruby in Diapers

Babyfur Comic: Ruby in DiapersIt is announced that Ruby will be permanently diapered from now on, but she seems a little bit embarrassed about it. Her friends are more enthusiastic though.

Order by Rogeykun

Draw by warpwarp1929

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Poor Ruby she sure seems to be blushing allot about here situation but at lest she have some very good friends that support here. And that is always something to have friends that support you in any way when you really need it.

That big blushing face sure looks super cute on here.


Diaper Change Incoming

Diaper Change Incoming
It looks like Bally made a little mess in his diaper. That can only mean one thing… diaper changing time.

The blushing dog and text by diaper_furries

Draw by tropicana

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Yes it sure seems like it is time for this dog do have his diaper change.

Babyfur Comic: The smell of …Spring? Page 4

Babyfur Comic: The smell of ...Spring? Page 4The charterers belongs to lulshi

Draw by Tropicana

Source: //

Giggle looks like someone needs to take out the changing supplies again :)

I hope she decide to bring many spares diapers because it really seems to be needing to be changing the cub allot today.

Someone needs another diaper change

Someone needs another diaper changeLooks like Sam is soon to need a diaper change, like kody is waiting for being his diaper changed already :)

Characters belongs to aerospacerocks840

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco

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It looks like it was the wrong furry that get a new clean diaper here :)

Perhaps they both need an adult who takes care of them and handle the diaper change on the furry that needs a clean and dry diaper. Maybe they should switch places on the changing mat now?

Poor Sam this sure is one blushing and embarrassing moment here.