Double Plushy Babysitter

Double Plushy BabysitterRequested by poochyena it’s always fun to tease a little puppy like Crunchy, and his plushy seems to agree. So much so that they asked my teddy to come help with making a little pokemon pupper blushy =P

Draw by Erin-Cloverfox


Poor poochyena it sure is not nice of the plush to be teasing him this match :( But he sure has left them one stinky diaper for them to change. Good thing there noses dont work so they should dont have any problem to handle that stinky mess :)

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 5

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 5Draw and everything by cargoweasel


To me it seems like someone enjoy that diaper changing treatment that he receiving. It looks like his pee pee has grown all big and hard :)

Someone is going to get a little diaper mountain maybe? ;)

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 4

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 4 Draw and everything by cargoweasel


Aww poor Axel it seems like he have some trouble to except that sometimes someone wont to help him when it comes to diaper change. And from the diaper check that the mouse did it seems like he is in need of a new clean diaper.


LayersMeowstic belongs to Meowstic

Draw by cuddlehooves


Looks like someone is ready for a new clean diaper or do he wont’s to wear a double diaper?

you’re done

you're done

Order by Hoodieftad

Draw by furrychrome


Aww looks like someone is back into a clean and dry diaper and is now ready for some more fun adventure :)

Its sure is nice to wear something thick and dry instead of a soggy wet diaper like the old one :)

Hope she diced to do something fun now :)

Negotiating a starting salary – TykesInTies

But dont seems like the boss is so happy about how the negotiating of the starting salary went :(

At lest someone is happy about how everything turn out.

But what is his task going to be? Is the only thing going to be diaper change?