Not So Fast Draggie

Not So Fast Draggie

“GET BACK HERE CORINN, YOU NEED A CHANGE AND WE GOTTA TEST THESE GIRL DIAPERS!” A robotic voice said to him as he was waddling away from the robot arms. “I dont want a change and im not a girl, I only want boy ones!” He kept waddling away fast from them as he was about to run away from his nursery until on of the arms caught him by the back of his diaper. “NOT SO FAST DRAGGIE, WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING?! YOU DONT LEAVE THIS NURSERY UNTIL I OR KEADEN SAYS SO!” Corinn pouted as he knew he was going to be put in a girly diaper by one of the arms waving it behind him. “Dang it, im not a sissy either!”

Order and text by ParadoxDragon

Draw by Tropicana


Awww poor ParadoxDragon looks like he dont wont to have his messy diaper change yet or is it all about the girl diaper that the machine wont him to try out? But i can sure understand that is it not so match fun to try out a girl diaper when you are a boy.

Wounder if the machine is manage to solve this problem?


Alpha’s Predicament

Alpha's PredicamentThis cutie is so cute…

Order and text by Rogeykun

Draw by tato


Awww looks like someone is getting a suprice diaper check here.

Lilac´s automated diaper changer

Lilac´s automated diaper changerCommission Piece for brandonh9895 over DA, she is getting prepared for her diaper change by an automated changing station :)

The nervous dog belongs to brandonh9895

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Aww poor cub looks like she is a little worry about being on the diaper changing machine. Poor thing but it looks like the diaper she is wearing is in need of a diaper change so it seems like she dont have any choice here. It is not a good thing to be playing around whit a to wet diaper for to long.

Loonatics Regressed

Loonatics Regressed The Loonatics find themselves quite the problem as Mastermind has the group de-aged and under her mercy. The cunning villainess uses her robots to place and secure each member on changing tables while having their bottoms wiped by the mechanical caretakers. Some of the Loonatics start welling up tears, others begin to throw tantrums, and also signs of confusion show on their expressions too.

Order by YoshiokaidaMasayoshi

Draw and text by ArtieCanvas


Aww this poor things sure have ended up in one special spot here.

New “Applicant” – Old Design

New "Applicant" - Old DesignLogan is always looking for new “participants” for a wide range of purposes from being his “well-trained” pet to acting as test subjects for many of his “experiments, all for the goals of the company he works for of course. Now for some reason, volunteers are hard to come by… It just seems no one wants to sign up for these “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities! However, “Spot” seem to be the except to this trend, in He was just so eager to sign up to “work” for Logan and his company that he signed up right away! Now, please ignore the yellow stars circling around the bump on his head, or the robot arm holding him down or the menacing wooden mallet, he 100% signed-up for this position out of his own free will! Now… Logan will be requiring you to sign an NDA after what you’ve seen here… You know for “security purposes,” I’m sure you understand. ;)

Draw and everything by Diegesis


Poor Logan it sure dont look like match fun for Logan. But it is sure not nice of the machine to give Logan a big bump on his head.

Lucius’s puffy diaper change

Lucius's puffy changeThe furry in this drawing belongs to LuciusAris

Draw by Pidgopidgey


Looks like Lucius getting help whit that super soggy diaper change whit help of a machine. And it seems like he also receiving a a nice little friendly diaper pat to on his thick diaper butt. He sure seems to be pretty surprised by the machines responds. But i think it is kind of a nice responds from the machine to give you a nice diaper pat so you know that the diaper change is finish.

All diaper change should end whit a nice little pat on your diaper bum to know that everything have been taking care of and you now can keep playing.