What is the crab doing whit my diaper?

What is the crab doing whit my diaper?
What is the crab doing whit my diaper?

Who’s that pulling on my diaper?

Cub: Bazel

Draw by: kalida

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/11319941/

This is one of the cutes beach pictures i have even seen. Wounder what the crab is doing whitBazels diaper? But it was a good thing the crab decide to grab his diaper instead of the tail or something else. Should hurt allot if the crab have decide to grab something else then his diaper. It was good that the diaper was clean otherwise his should have stand there in public whit a messy diaper butt so every one could see it. That is not so match fun to show that you have a messy diaper. Now people can focus on your cute butt instead and that is cute and good and way beater to focus on.

Kalida have don an amazing and good work whit this picture and it turn out weary great and cute and one of the cutes beach pictures i have ever seen.

Do you wont to see more art that i have post from Kalida? Then you should click here.

I would like to send a special thanks to Bazel that let me post this cute drawing.

Keep calm and wet your diaper

Keep calm and wet your diaper
Keep calm and wet your diaper

This cute picture whit the cute text have enzzin post on Tumblr. And i agree the best thing to use a diaper is to wet it and it look like this girl make a good job when she wet the diaper. But it can be good to change the diaper now before it starting to leak. Should not be so match fun if the bed get wet to and i think it is enough time to avoid a diaper leak.

Hide my bone

Hide my bone
Hide my bone

Foxy is a happy fox today. He have find his new bone that his mother have give him and he have a new and cozy diaper that he can use. Foxy decide that he need to crawl away and hide this nice bone so no one else can find it. But the problem where should he hide it? Whit his toys? Inside his big mountain of plushy s? Or maybe he can hide it behind his diaper pail? No one should look close to that pail whit the smelly diapers that are stored inside.

Do you have any good suggestion on some good place there Foxy can hide his bone?

Draw by: familliar

Bath time and cub care! Part 2

Bath time and cub care! Part 2
Bath time and cub care! Part 2

The boss is always very strict when it’s time to change diapers to his cub!
Diligently, the boss sprinkle baby powder on Matt’s bottom, to make his pup feel happy,clean and fresh!
When all is ready and done, the boss gives him a gentle pats on his diapered butt, in sign of approval!

Later, the boss keeps hugging his pup on his bed and saying:
“My big boy,before you go, I will check your diaper to see if everything is in order!By what I see now, everything’s in order,you’re totally clean!Now you will go to your home more relaxed, clean and fragrant!”

Meanwhile, Matt was sucking his finger and he loved to be treated like his pup!

And the boss kept Matt embraced for a long time, until it was time to go home … something that kept him very sad!^^


Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

Source: //inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=446994

You can find part 1 here.

It look like Matt have end up whit a bare bottom and a diaper butt at his boss bed again. He dont seems to have any luck this dog. I only hope that his brother or someone else find out about this. That should be weary embarrassing if this get out for Matt. But i love the cute and poofy diaper butt that he have in one of the picture.

Kenny Kitsune Big Pink Balloon

Kenny Kitsune Big Pink Balloon
Kenny Kitsune Big Pink Balloon

Cub: kennykitsune

3 word commission draw by:familliar

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/11134954/

This was a weary cute drawing on kennykitsune and what a cute big pink balloon that he have found to play whit. I only hope that he dont broke it now when he is on the top or worse fall down and hurt himself. That should be something weary bad if that happen. And i most say that he have a weary cute diaper butt that i am sure going to relieve the fall little bit if he landing on his butt. But we need to hope that nothing bad is going to happen whit kennykitsune when he play on this big pink balloon.

I don’t have the energy to change

Don't had the power for a diaper change
Don’t had the power for a diaper change

After a long day at the mall i got home kind of late to my favorite pikachu plushy and my diaper was kind if wet so i need to change it before bed time. I walk over to my desk and open a new package of diaper that i had on my desk and walk back to my bed and drop the new diaper on my bed. I toke off my t-shirt and drop my pants so my wet diaper became visible.

But i decide that i need a little power nap so i could get some power to do the change. So I grabbed my Pikachu plushy that i love allot. And in that moment i fall to a deep sleep whit my plushy close to me and my thumb in my mouth.

But the problem is the diaper is going to leak during the night. Because it is weary wet and cannot handle to match more pee.

Draw by: rexam-1

I would like to thank rexam-1 for this wonderful drawing. He inspired me to order this drawing: //www.furaffinity.net/view/9043745/