Messy diaper butt – messycoupleonfetlife


Looks like someone have end up whit a messy diaper butt. Looks like she needs to have the diaper change when she wake up from the sleep.

Well… crud

Well... crudi suppose that is the negative side effect of multi diapering. The belt to his outfit won’t fit easily XD

Draw and everything by emeritus_terciel


Yes that is the problem that can happen when you decide to wear double diaper.

Counting sleepy sheepys

Counting sleepy sheepys (dry version)
This happy little baby most likely did not need to count sheep to be able to fall asleep safe and sound!

Sheep: TinyBabyHooves

Draw and text by Yookey


Yes it sure looks like this baby sheep have fall asleep all safe and sound and from the look on the face i bet he have some nice and wonderful dreams to.

Counting sleepy sheepys (wet version)

Sheep: TinyBabyHooves

Draw by Yookey

Aww really looks like someone is a deep sleeper. Good thing he is wearing a diaper and i bet it is going to be even more wet during the night.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe MalfunctionSomeone must have spiked my bottle!

Fox tfbaxxter

Draw by Xepher777


Poor diaper boy it sure looks like he have end up whit a pretty messy diaper butt now and maybe he is right about that someone have put something special in his baby bottle that should help him messy his diaper. That is one big mess that he have made.

Super soggy BareBum Diapers – diapereddallas


This was one super soggy BareBum Diapers this diaper boy have end up whit it really looks like it have been very well used and it seems like it needs to be change soon before it starting to leak.

Nursery Playtime

Nursery PlaytimePlaying together with my bro Ricky in our nursery. Blocks are lots of fun to play with!

Draw by SugarMable

Snow leopard and text by LilPichu

Pichu Pichuboy


Awww looks like this two cubs have a nice playtime in the nursery together whit the blocks. I hope they going to have a awesome playtime for a long time this day.