Bedtime Baby Lita

Bedtime Baby LitaSource:

Aww looks like this little diaper girl have some sweet dream hugging here teddy bear. Looks like the diaper she is wearing is all dry and soft to. Bet she is having some awesome dreams right now.

This is one super cute diaper girl.

Caught in the crossfire

Caught in the crossfireStar is currently Cottontail Nurserys most recent…guest… and Saffy seems to have gotten caught up in the hypnoregression pen somehow. Silly girl. the effects do wear off but for now Akiko has 2 test subjects to try the new brand of adult diapers instead of the originally intended one. You’d think Star would be happy to have a playmate but she seems more intent on chewing her own foot.

Saffy and order by TheAnon

Draw, story and draw by BabyStar


Yes they sure now have good two test subjects now and both seems to be needed a diaper change. There diaper butts looks to be pretty messy and stinky now.

Pottypants Pats

Pottypants Patsone pat makes your tummy full and gurgly

every pat after makes the inevitable mess bigger and more urgent

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Yes i think it going to be pretty hard for this boy to show the adult that he is a big boy now and dont need to wear this thick and poofy diapers any more.

Kit leash

Kit leashDraw and everything by yourfur


wow this is one big messy diaper that Finnick have ended up whit. He sure needs to have it changed.

Forced pamper testing

Forced pamper testinglooks like Koray got caught by a pamper testing machine. also a cuff and dildo testing machine. why someone built those right next to each other I’ll never know

Koray and story by Not_original77

Art by dumbdirtydog


Looks like someone needs a new diaper. Hope that the machine can figure this out that this diaper starting to look pretty wet now.

New padding!

New padding!Char was in his room sitting on his bed playing pokemon namely Omega Ruby, building up his next team, wearing his team magma hoodie, he hears the doorbell ring, which made his ears twitch as he closes his new 3DS to see who it was. When he looked though the peep hole, he saw no one. He shrugged and opened the door to see a package at the door step. He picked it up and saw it was for him. He wasn’t expecting anything today. Char sets it on the table and uses his claw to cut the tape and see what it was. After pulling the flaps away he sees a package of diapers as he began to squee with joy, he knew he ordered them, but wasn’t expecting them so soon. He heads back to his room, with the package in paw. He lays them on his bed as he wastes no time taking off his pants and regular padding as he opens them package and pulls out the first diaper as he smiled and wagged with excitement as he unfolded it and laid it on his bed. Char then hopped up an began to carefully tape it on careful not to wag too much as he got it on snuggly purring at how thick and soft it was, Char was in love with how it felt, and how pink and girly it was too, it was perfect for him. Char then picked his 3DS back up to play when he turns around to see who was there getting a full view of his padding.

Draw by emeritus_terciel

Char and story by The_Char_Char


Yes this was really a thick and poofy diaper this is going to keep him dry for a very long time. Thats good now can he focus on his Pokemon game instead of thinking about if he needs to have a potty break anymore.