There´s something in my Butt

There´s something in my Butthowhim can get in?

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Draw by ConejoBlanco

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Poor rabbit it look like he have end up whit a little Digimon inside his diaper that is kissing his but and i can understand to have something like that around your butt can be a little bit of a weird feeling. It make it hard to focus on the game.

Babyfur Comic: Warcraft Adventures Part 02

Warcraft Adventures Part 02Oops! likes like thrall made the wrong choice! c:

Thrall, draw and text by sharkypaddedbottom

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Yes it sure looks like the orc make a wrong choice here. Poor orc it really look like he have change his mind here when it comes to the decision he have make. But now it is to late to change his mind when it comes to this. Wounder how long he is going to be force to be a baby now?

Ice cream makes him messy

Ice cream makes him messySuch a messy butt! xP
Good thing it wasn’t chocolate ice cream! :D

It’s Hdofu’s birthday today and I wanted to draw him a little gift. x3
Still a summer theme cos’ I still wanted to draw some personal art that takes place in Summer. :P

PS. I’ve added more yellow stripes on Rex cos they’re cool!

Hdofu © hdofu
Rex © ReXam-1
art © ReXam-1

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Poor Hdofu looks like the ice cream that Rex should have eaten have end up on Hdofu diaper butt instead of his mouth and it look kind of funny to see.

Fox Exchange with friends – crashageplay



This is one super cute butt this boy have end up whit. But it seems like it is little small to end dont seems like it cover his butt completely. Maybe he should look for a bigger size on this diaper.

Foxys wet diaper butt

Foxys wet diaper buttFoxy was waddling around at home looking for his Pikachu plush. They war playing hide and seek together and Foxy have almost searched through the house when he notes a wet warm felling around his butt.

He was little confused over what that could be? Way is the diaper suddenly feels so warm around the butt area?

Draw by TailBiter