Cerelan changing demo

Cerelan changing demo
Cerulean gets to demonstrate to the class how to change the pampers of their future cubs… and for this demonstration he uses a freshly AR’d Ace as his… ahem… “volunteer”

done for Cerulean_Aurion guest starring Acepup

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

Poor Ace it dont seems like he wont to be part of this blushing and embarrassing demonstration when Cerulean is going to show how a messy diaper get change.

He really look pretty mad right now.

Checking this little sleepy head


Source: princesscrinklekitten.tumblr.com

Yes it sure looks like this little diaper girl have ended up whit a wet diaper during the sleep. Good thing that it seems like it can handle it so the bed stays dry.

Away to dreamland

Away to dreamlandAfter a couple of play hours in the nursery Foxy was starting to get a little tied so he decided it was time for a little nap. So he grab his Pikachu plush and decided to sleep right on the spot whit his diaper butt in the air. He was to sleepy to call for mom so she could put him down in his nice and cozy crib.

Have sweet dreams Foxy.

Draw by Yookey

Foxys wet diaper butt

Foxys wet diaper buttFoxy was waking up from his afternoon nap together whit his Pikachu plush when his mother walk in to wake him up and she notes that he have been sleeping on his back the whole nap so all his wet accident have ended up all around his diaper butt that is kind of soaked now.

Draw by Yookey

Foxy drinking from his baby bottle

Foxy drinking from his baby bottleFoxy is drinking from his new baby bottle when his mother walk up behind him and ask if he find his new bottle nice. Foxy smiles and continue sucking on his bottle.

Draw by Yookey