Just an innocent saggy SDK :)


This girl sure have one sagging diaper butt right now. I think she sure needs to start thinking about changing here diaper now before it start leaking in the middle of the kitchen.

Pred cub pic for practice – xephy_buns

Pred cub pic for practiceDraw and everything by

Aww looks like someone soon is going to make a big mess in that thick diaper soon.

This Kangaroo sure have one special face experience.

Soggy Babsy

Soggy Babsy

Somebody is trying to escape from her crib :) while Buster is mocking her about her soggy diaper.

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28200158/

Maybe Babsy is trying to escape to get some clean diaper? At lest its not have start leaking yet.

But it sure make for some nice drawing.

Pamp bum – ijustlikediaps


One clean and one wet version :)

The train’s bathroom must be out of order…or is it? – xephy_buns

The train's bathroom must be out of order...or is it?

Draw and everything by

Maybe the train’s bathroom is working but any way he sure needs to find a place to change that well used diaper that he have ended up whit. It sure seems to be pretty ready for a change now before it start leaking.

But he sure look to be pretty happy about his state of the diaper.



Order by Anon

Draw by carnival-tricks

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28182883/

Someone sure is going to have one big mess to clean up now. But at lest here diaper is manage to handle this big messy load that she is releasing into it. That is always something good :)