Diaper boy – My ABDL Life

Silly little Pikachu boy in a little nappy


Looks like someone showing his cute Pikachu outfit :) He sure looks cute but i should wear a better diaper if i was in his shoes.

yourfurnovo playing whit his soggy diaper

Looks like this diaper boy decided to play whit his soggy wet diaper :)

It sure gives away lot of sound during his soggy play whit it.

One cute Mickey Mouse diaper – babypudge


This baby boy sure is wearing one cute diaper :)

I sure wounder how he have manage to create a diaper like this one. Sure should be nice to know how to do it.

Another night another dry bed! Thanks to BareBum Diapers

wow it is kind of amazing that his diaper manage to keep the bed dry look how soggy and saggy his diaper is. It sure seems to be a nice and good product that can handle allot of wetting :)