Sneak a peek – yggiToryM

Yes this sure is one sneak peek that we love to see :)

Looks like someone seems to be ready for a new clean and dry diaper soon :)

But it sure is kind of nice to feel one soggy wet load between your legs :) It sure a awesome feeling to have :)

And a big close up – yggiToryM

Someone sure seems to love playing around whit his pretty squishy soggy diaper :) And i sure understand that is one of the best thing to do when it comes to wearing diapers. Play around whit it when it is super soggy and squishy :)

Baby bunny being a stinker – smolbuncup

Someone sure seems to be pretty busy here making one big stinky in his diaper :) Good thing it is there to handle this sort of thing and it sure seems to be pretty busy now ;)

Little Dreamers Diapers – LittleForBig

It sure seems like they are going to release one cute new diaper :)

Stinky boy doing stinky things – PrinceofPoof

Yes someone sure seems to have ended up whit a pretty heavy and well used diaper here. Good thing it seems to have been able to handle everything :)

Cuddlz Nursery Diaper Butt – apaddedguyj

Someone sure have a super cute diaper butt here. Do you not agree on that one? Should be kind of nice to give this padded butt a nice pat :) I bet i am not alone that wants to do that.