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Babyfur Comic: The Summer Job Page 4

Babyfur Comic: The Summer Job Page 4

Onward to advertising and marketing! Deven and WonderingWolf are having pictures taken to be placed on new diaper package designs. But they don’t seemed to approve of their regressed status and are quite protesting. How frustrating.

Fortunately, Eva the Magical AR Skunk once again puts her tail to good use and eases the babies minds back to babyhood. Allowing Harpo to get some perfect shots that are sure to sell their baby diaper products! What good little boys, and what a relief!

WonderingWolf seems more relieved than others…

Eva belongs to Lil-Ronnie and Cezmera
Clovis belongs to Cezmera
Daphne belongs to Rogey

Executive Producer: Cezmera

Artwork by Tato

Story by Lil-Ron

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Summer-Job-Page-4-705020888

I am sure they soon is going to notes the smell from WonderingWolf diaper and understand way he is more relieved then the others. It sure seems like he have released one big load into the waiting diaper.

Cloudies Lil’ Tykes Advertisement (Clean And Messy Version)

Cloudies Lil' Tykes Advertisement Clean VersionSo, here we have Furlock who continues to be forced to pose for diaper ads even though NOTTA BABY such a good little baby pup and cooperate with the nice picture people as they advertise their diapers!

Wolf and text by Furlock

Draw by airwolf1987

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17932938/

Cloudies Lil' Tykes Advertisement Messy version

Wolf and text by Furlock

Draw by airwolf1987

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17933086/

It looks like someone end up whit a little accident in the training pants during the photo shouting. Now they can get some good photos on when the training pants have been use. Looks like it handle the accident very well spacial the messy one.