Apologies“Bullies Get Beat” Part Seven: Apologies

Kyle soon calmed down and Cheryl led him back down the hall. They stopped by Ms. Mamoo’s class so Cheryl could explain Kyle’s situation for the rest of the week. Ms. Mamoo thought that was a great idea and led Cheryl and Kyle to the toddler classroom. Ms. Mamoo went inside first and brought Dexter over to Kyle.

“Kyle, do you have something to say to Dexter?” prompted Cheryl with her arms crossed and foot tapping.

“Erm yes, Dexter….I’m sorry for bein’ mean to you….and callin’ you names…and pushing you…and bullying you.” Mumbled Kyle as he blushed standing there in his diaper.

“Dats otay. Now you’re a ‘tinky diapee baby wike da west of us.” Replied Dexter smugly as he snickered at the diapered six year old with a freshly spanked bum.

“Dexter! Another comment like that and you’ll be sent home with a note to your parents. Understand?” threatened Ms. Mamoo as Dexter wised up.

“Yes ma’am.” Replied Dexter as he was released back into the classroom.

-End Part 7

Art and Mamoo belong to tato

Dexter belongs to paddedringtail

Kyle, Caiden, Cheryl and the story belongs to tugscarebear

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Yes sure is Kyle a thick diaperd cub like the rest of the cub that are there and his diaper butt look so cute and thick :)

Dragged Away

Dragged Away“Bullies Get Beat” Part Three: Dragged Away

Thirty minutes later, the rest of the class was shuffled back into their classroom. Kyle remained in the corner while they moved on to their next project. Minutes after that Cheryl arrived in his classroom with Caiden’s diaper bag from the other room draped over her shoulder. She stopped to talk with Ms. Mamoo for a few moments before moving towards Kyle.

“Kyle Maddox Smith! Bullying?! What do you have to say for yourself?” asked Cheryl furiously as the rest of the class quieted down to listen in.

“I-I wanted to play in the sandbox but that stupid diaper baby Dexter was there and wouldn’t leave…” stammered Kyle.

“I don’t care where he was playing or what he was doing you do NOT bully other cubs. Especially our friends and family.” Lectured Cheryl as she grabbed Kyle’s paw and dragged him to the hallway, “We’re going to have a LONG chat about this behavior. I’m VERY disappointed in you.”

Kyle groaned as he was taken into the hallway. He feared the worst as he figured that he was going to really get it when they got home. His heart sank when his mother took a turn down the toddler’s hallway and towards one of their restrooms.

“Moommmyy….Not here…” whined Kyle as he started to resist.

“Yes, Kyle. We’re going to have a long chat here.” Replied Cheryl as she dragged him into the restroom and locked the door.

-End Part 3

Dexter belongs to paddedringtail

Kyle, Caiden, Cheryl and the story belongs to tugscarebear

Art and Mamoo belong to tato

Yes it seems like we where right he is going to get a spanking on his little butt and that in one of the schools restrooms. This is going to pretty embarrassing for him.

Phoning Mommy

Phoning Mommy“Bullies Get Beat” Part Two: Phoning Mommy

“Kyle Maddox Smith! Just what do you think you are doing young man!” scolded Ms. Mamoo as she picked up Dexter and tried to calm him down.

“Dexter was pushing me and wouldn’t leave me alone…” lied Kyle.

“Please Kyle, I saw the whole thing! You threw his toy and then YOU started to push him.” Said Mamoo as she comforted Dexter.

“And-and-and h-h-e c-called m-me names and pushed me an- and wasa meanie….! Whaa…” cried Dexter.

“Kyle! I am very disappointed in you. I know that we had a chat about bullying last week didn’t we?” asked Ms. Mamoo as she passed Dexter off to one of the other teachers.

“Yes. But, but, he was playin’ in the sandbox that I wanted to play in…” whined Kyle

“That’s no excuse to push, call people names, or bully and you KNOW that young man.” Lectured Ms. Mamoo as she grabbed Kyle’s paw and led him towards the school “I’m afraid I’ll have to give your mother a call this time.”

“Noo!…Please don’t call her!” pleaded Kyle as he was dragged inside to his classroom and sat on the naughty stool in the corner.

“Now you sit right here young man and wait until I get off of the phone with your mother. There will be no more recess time for you for one week.” Added Ms. Mamoo as she went to the phone on the wall.
Kyle sat there and pouted. He did his best to listen to the conversation that his teacher and mother were having but he couldn’t hear them on the other side of the room. Based off of the tone he could tell that it wasn’t a pleasant call.

“Ok, Cheryl. We’ll see you in a little bit.” Said Ms Mamoo to Cheryl as she hung up the phone.

‘See you in a little bit! Oh no!’ thought Kyle as he suspected that his mother was coming to the school.

“Kyle, your mother will be here soon so you just sit there and ponder over what you’ve done.” Instructed Ms. Mamoo as Kyle went back to pouting.

Moments later Caiden emerged from the bathroom in the classroom from getting his diaper changed. The fox led him back through the classroom and back outside. Before he went outside he passed his brother’s classroom and saw him sitting and pouting in the naughty corner. Caiden giggled to himself and followed his teacher outside.

-End Part 2

Dexter belongs to paddedringtail

Kyle, Caiden, Cheryl and the story belongs to tugscarebear

Art and Mamoo belong to tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19399679/

Yes it sure looks like Kyle is going to be in some very big trouble now. I think that we are going to see a very toasted butt pretty soon.

Schoolyard Bully

Schoolyard Bully“Bullies Get Beat” Part One: Schoolyard Bully

It was Summer time in Great Hills, Indiana and the boys were at Meadow Brooks Summer Care. Mike and Cheryl signed Caiden and Kyle up for a summer program during the break to get them out of the house, and meet some new friends. It also there was also something about giving Mike and Cheryl a break, but the boys didn’t know what they meant by that. The camp was only three days a week from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM and it was conveniently held at Kyle’s elementary school. Caiden’s class had many counselors since toddlers tend to be a bit of a handful in large numbers. Kyle’s counselor was Ms. Mamoo, who was very popular among the students and parents for not only being a good teacher, but a fun one at that. A lot of cubs from the Smith’s neighborhood (Dexter, Manny, and Gilly just to name a few) attended the program too, which made it a little more fun for the boys. The camp had many different activities for the cubs to enjoy. Everything from fun little field trips to the zoo and pool to the little things like playing on the playground or arts and crafts. The plan for this particular day was to stay at the school and have lots of group activities, but unless there is a big event planned the day starts with an hour of playtime at the playground.

Cheryl dropped off both boys at the Summer Camp at 8:00 in the morning and headed off to run some errands. Caiden was brought to his classroom while Kyle walked to Ms. Mamoo’s class.

“Good morning Ms. Mamoo!” greeted Kyle as he walked into the classroom and placed his lunchbox in his cubby hole.

“Good morning sweety.” Replied Ms. Mamoo while she was at one of the tables preparing the art craft project that they are all doing later, “Go and play for a few minutes while everyone else gets here. When they all get here we’ll go and play on the playground for a little bit.”

“OK Ms. Mamoo!” said Kyle as he ran off to go play the other cubs.

Just down the hall, Cheryl had dropped Caiden off with his lunch and diaper bag. One of the teenage summer hires received Caiden. The toddler class was mostly taught by some motivated teenagers and one certified adult teacher. This gave the teenagers some valuable experience and it gave the other teachers a break from the little monsters.

“Dexy!” shouted Caiden from the entry way of the classroom as he spotted his friend at the other side of the classroom and ran to him.

“Caiden!” replied Dexter as Caiden playfully tackled him. “-Oof!”

“O-ok boys, let’s not wrestle and keep our paws to ourselfs.” Instructed a nervous teenaged rabbit teacher as he picked Caiden off of Dexter.

“OK Mr. Bun Bun….” Obeyed Caiden as the rabbit let go of him, “Let’s go pway wit da bwocks!”

“My name’s not Bun Bun….” Started the rabbit before he was cut off by Dexter

“Yeah!” agreed Dexter as the two toddlers ran off, “See ya Mr. Bun Bun!”

“Don’t make a big mess because we’re about to go play outside!” shouted the rabbit as his instructions fell on deaf ears as the boys dumped the bucket of blocks.

Soon enough all the cubs that were going to attend the toddler class arrived and the councilors started to herd the little ones to go outside. The councilors managed to get them calm enough to transit to the playground. Caiden and Dexter were in the back of the herd laughing and having fun together. The group started moving down the hall to go outside and all the cubs were getting rowdy and wanting to go outside. Finally they made it to the playground and the group was released to have fun. They were the first group out there so everything was free game.

“C’mon Dexy! Wet’s go pway in da sandbo-“ started Caiden before he was picked up by young Fox councilor “Hey! Wet me down! I wanna go pway on da pwaygwound!”

“Ah ah, hold up one moment there big guy-“ said the fox as she pulled on the back of Caiden’s waistband and took a peek “Uh huh, just as I have suspected. We need to change your diaper first stinkerbutt.”

“AAawww….” Complained Caiden as he was taken back inside to get cleaned up.

Meanwhile, Kyle’s class had all arrived and they too headed down the hall to go outside. On their way out Kyle saw his brother being carried down the hall in the opposite direction with a scowl on his face.

‘Did he already get in troub-‘ Thought Kyle to himself as he got a whiff of the dirty diaper when Caiden passed ‘Yuck. That explains it.’

Kyle’s class made it to the playground and were released as well. Kyle looked around at where he wanted to play. Most of the playground, jungle gym, and swings were full of cubs already. The only place that didn’t have a lot of cubs was the sandbox. Only his neighbor Dexter was playing in there. Unfortunately for Kyle, Dexter had all of the sandbox toys as well.

“Hey diaperbutt! This is my sandbox. It’s not for little cubs like you.” Teased Kyle as he walked up to Dexter.

“Nah uh! Dis is for everyone!” shouted back Dexter.

“Yeah huh! See it even says so on the sand buckets. ‘Not for little poopy diaper babies’” read Kyle in a very condescending tone.

“It does not! It says ‘Pwoperty of Meadow Bwooks Elementwy’” shot back Dexter to a shocked and dumbfounded Kyle.

“W-well it doesn’t matter! This is my sandbox so go play somewhere else!” said Kyle as he grabbed the shovel from Dexter’s paws and threw it back.

“Hey! Give dat back!” whined Dex as he got up to go get it when he was stopped by Kyle and pushed back, “’top it Kyle!”

“Aw, what’s wong wittle baby…do you need your mommy?” cooed Kyle as he blocked Dexter’s path to the toys.

“Weave me awone Kyle!” shouted Dexter as he tried to power his way through.

Kyle felt Dexter pushing back harder so Kyle gave Dexter a really hard shove that knocked Dexter to the ground really hard and landing on his bum. Dexter started to cry.

“And don’t you forget, this is MY sand-“ started Kyle before he was cut off by Ms. Mamoo who was running over.

-End Part 1

Dexter belongs to paddedringtail

Kyle, Caiden, Cheryl and the story belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19399628/

Poor little Dexter it was not nice of Kyle to knocked Dexter like this. He is going to be in some very big trouble now.