FennecBunny – A Tense Moment

FennecBunny - A Tense MomentAn internal battle

After a proper feeding, parents can do no more than to watch and wait, nervously staring as their pwecious baby begins its preparations for it’s daily battle routine. When at last the moment arrives, the moment a baby realizes it has to stop what its doing and start pushing…the battle has begun. Now within her stomach, the food makes its attack, and with maximum effort, baby fights this internal beast raging inside, trying to force out the evil that dwells within her. She puts on her warrior’s face and begins baring down on the poopy monster. First from a standing position, she then lowers to a squatted crouch when she truly means business. With cute squeaks, grunts and farts, she composes the war-music, and fights for all she’s worth. But baby’s battle is never done, not until she’s conquered the stinky, not until she basks in the aroma of her fallen adversary, can she stand again to receive the welcoming embrace of a fresh diaper from her parents. And so she lets out her war cry; a strenuous series of grunts and huffing and puffing. Her enemy bulges up into a smelly mass behind her, pushed against her padded bottom. Eventually the cursed beast is expelled into the diaper, it’s new prison. And if the baby should choose to have no mercy for her defeated nemesis, she may fall back on her diapered bum to finish it off, as punishment for the unpleasant ordeal it’s put her through. But eventually she is washed of the stink of battle, as her enemy is rolled up into a padded ball and cast into the trash. With a nice clean diaper around her waist, she walks into the sunset to play and have fun once again, enjoying the small break from battle. But the war is never done…

A gift for http://ryudofenbun.deviantart.com/

Draw and story by OverFlo207

Source: http://overflo207.deviantart.com/art/FennecBunny-A-Tense-Moment-Clean-621059426

Wow this sort of text and pose in the drawing really explain in a special way the fight the little baby have when she or he is producing a massive stinky diaper.

This was a awesome drawing.

Babyfur Comic: Pokemon Go AR Trap

Pokemon Go AR Trap

Welp, me and my pals were just minding our own business, playing Pokemon Go…and then this happened. ^.^”

Watch your surroundings when playing that game!!

Lil-Ronnie belongs to http://lil-ronnie.deviantart.com/

Cez belongs to www.furaffinity.net/user/wease…
Erakir belongs to www.furaffinity.net/user/eraki…
Mommy Hazel belongs to www.furaffinity.net/user/mommy…
Mamoo belongs to www.furaffinity.net/user/tato

All artwork done by www.furaffinity.net/user/tato

Looks like they all accept there new life like a baby in the end after all. They sure look very cute and worried during there transformation from big boy back to being a little boy again.
This was a nice and awesome comic.

Shiny-chu Diapered and Bound

Shiny-chu Diapered and BoundShiny-chu was just enjoying nature, loving life, when the evil Team Rocket captured him and tied him up. They thought that he was Ash’s Pikachu, but when they found out he wasn’t, the left him in the woods, still tied up. To make things worst, a trainer found him and tied a pacifier to his mouth and put a diaper on him. The trainer took Shiny-chu as their own, and  . . . well, Shiny-chu got used to this treatment rather quickly.

Draw and everything by GrimmInHisNursery

Source: http://grimminhisnursery.deviantart.com/

This type of diaper style make me think about the cartoon serie Rugrats that i love watching when i grove up.

Poor little Pikachu it cannot be fun to be force to be wearing a pacifier gag and be all bounded up.

Baby chu’s poofy diaper

Baby chu's poofy diaperThere’s nothing wrong with to much poof on the rear. .3.
But I don’t think storm is comfortable with you looking at him.
Hes so shy. Poor little guy.

Draw, text and owner by Oshawott222


This is one poofy diaper butt this little blushing Pichu is having. It is hard to not notes a cute diaper butt like he have. This poofy diaper is going to keep him dry for some time before he need a change.