Double peekabu!?!

Double peekabu!?!
daddy decided that he was sick of me leaking three times in a row an soo promptly doubled me up in peekabus and plastic pants for the day to make sure I wouldn’t leak again though in my defence he was bouncing me on his lap for one of those times!! >////>

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Charry and Devante_Torlias

Draw and text by Charry


I sure wounder how thick this double PeekABU diaper is going to look when he have wet it a couple of time? It sure most make him waddling allot more then.

But i bet this double diaper is not going to leek. Someone sure seems to be one heavy wetter :)

Reward for being a good sissy boy

Reward for being goodDevante_Torlias “now how about some lap bouncies princess?”
charan-nods lots-

Furrys Devante_Torlias and Charry

Draw by Charry


Aww looks like it is reward time for this little sissy boy :)

His diaper sure is squishy now :)

Bath time!!

Bath time!!X’3 nothing like feeling all little and being told you are too little to do things yourself like taking a bath and getting dried off e.c.t <3

Daddy Devante_Torlias

Draw and text by Charry


Yes giving a bath by someone that’s love and cares for you most be wonderful. Bath to see that you dont have any toys to play whit in the bathtub.

Daddys ickle stinker!

Daddys ickle stinker!hehe a little picture i decided to put my new plushy in the picture after spending a week with my lovely boyfriend X’3 hehes needless to say potty privilages where off for alittle X’P hehe

Daddy Devante_Torlias

Cub, Text and draw by Charry


Giggle this was sure a speciel way for daddy to do a diaper check. Good thing the cub that he check did dent have a messy butt. But the diaper sure looks like it needed to be change. Good thing the cub have a new cute bunny plushy to cuddling whit now during the diaper change.

Bed time lil one

Bed time lil oneDaddy Devante_Torlias

Cub and draw by Charry~


Yes this sure looks like a sleepy cub but before he put this little cub down for some sleep. That diaper sure looks like it should be changed.

They look so happy and cute together.

Soggy movie night

Soggy movie nightdaddy: ookay we can have a movie night baby girl but you have to follow these rules for daddy and be thickly padded can you do that?
charry: uhh huhs yes daddy can doo ^^ -I place my paci in my maw and stop talking like an adult-
daddy: good girl now shall we watch the second lilo and stitch movie?
charry: uhh huhs yesh dada souns good ta me
daddy: smiles and chuckles alittle- hehe cutie.
we both count down and start the movie at the same time.. not long into the movie needless to say I ended up a soggy sissy .///. hehes and even went to bed and woke up like that I definitely needed a change when I woke up .///////. hehhes but I enjoyed movie night was lotsa fun : 3

Daddy: Devante_Torlias

Draw and text by Charry


Movie night is awesome and wear diapers during a good movie can be a good thing special if you find out that you really need to visit the potty.