Dessy birthday. he’s now 3 again

Dessy birthday. he's now 3 againfor his upcoming birthday… his friends baked him a cake. complete with trick a candle that won’t blow out. not without some kind of regression thing happening… with each blow, Dessy loses a year, until reaching the age named on the candle.

is there just some store of cursed items to prank your friends with near his house or something? cause, that would make a lot of sense actually…

Either way, DesmondFallout can say the phrase, “another year younger” with real authority…

well maybe 30 years younger…

The age regression Dessy DesmondFallout

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor little Dessy it looks like it is back to baby hood for him and he dont seems to notes what is happen to his body and that the underwear transforms into as thick diaper. Wounder how he is going to react when he have found out what have happen.

I cute birthday drawing :)

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