Babyfur Comic: TIMEOUT REPORT ’18 – Preseason (2)

Babyfur Comic: TIMEOUT REPORT '18 - Preseason (2)

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


This two sure look cute together :)


Hosts – 2018

Hosts - 2018

Oh Jenna, I’m sorry the reboot put you solidly back in diapers. At least you get a shiny new jersey! Goooo Sunshine!

And yes, the ghost on Reva’s New Orleans Phantoms shirt is named Booregard. Reva has a plushie of him. No touchie.

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Giggle looks like someone announced that she needs a diaper change. She is standing there whit Reva whit a messy diaper :(

But i soon think that one of the teacher at the Daycare center is going to notes that one of the cubs needs a new diaper :)

Dropped off at Daycare

Dropped off at DaycareSeems Wolf was in a pretty big hurry when he dropped Furlock off at a new daycare, as he didn’t even have time to sign him in!

…or find out that the daycare only accepts children up to age 3, and has a rather strict “diapers only” policy.

How unfortunate for a perfectly potty-trained 7 year old such as Furlock~

Wolf and text Furlock

Draw by 5YODarkMagic


It seems like Furlock dont mind to be back into wearing diapers again. Good thing they have diapers that fit his size :)

Soon he is going to be happy waddling around wearing only his diapers and t-shirt :)

Extended Stay

Extended StayWhile trying to pick up your little brothers from daycare be sure to dress appropriately or incidents could happen.

Draw and everything by Xepher777


Aww poor adult goat it seems like he is going to be forced to stay here awhile now.

Wounder how this mess is going to end?

Dead Man Walking!

Dead Man Walking!Monday at the Sunnyside Daycare was just not a good day for young Caiden. Coming off of a weekend high of good behavior, extra playtime, and even being able to wear Pull-Ups had to come crashing down sometime. The morning started out rather well with Caiden showing off his super-big-kid Pull-ups to his (mostly) potty trained class. That in and of itself was innocent enough. What wasn’t was when Caiden (and maybe his best friend Dex paddedringtail ) decided that sharing toys were beneath them and took some toys that some smaller girls were already playing with. That didn’t end well for Caiden (or Dex :) ) as they both landed themselves in time-out. Later at recess Caiden decided that instead of playing just tag or hide-an-seek he’d rather play throw-a-rock-at-other-classmates-like-their-alien-invaders. That of course wasn’t going to fly so Caiden lost his recess privilege and was going to have a note sent home to his parents on his behavior. If that wasn’t ammo enough for a stern lecture and fanny warming when he got home, Caiden (and Dex again) got caught fighting other cubs at naptime and using foul language. That got both toddlers sent to the principals office for a stern talking to and both were sent home. Mr. Trevor (Dex’s dad) picked the boys up since Caiden’s parents were out and about at the time. Trevor took the boys to his house, as him and the Smith’s are neighbors, and brought them inside for a lecture and spanking from him for acting up in school. A few hours later Cheryl came by to pick up Caiden and brought him back home. She sat his little butt in the corner until Mike came home to deal with him. As soon as Mike arrived, he was filled in with what happened at school by Cheryl. Mike then took Caiden’s clean Pull-Up off and threw it away and grabbed a fresh diaper instead. Mike informed Caiden that since he can’t seem to act like a big boy then he will be treated like a little boy, diapers and all. Mike then carried the diaper-less toddler down the hall to the nursery to ‘remind’ Caiden on how to behave at school. Kyle had heard what was going on through his mother and decided to help his father out by grabbing the furbrush and bringing it to him to Caiden’s dismay.


Caiden tugscarebear

Art by nelson88


Looks like someone have order a spanking butt. Poor Caiden he always seems to end up in all this bad situations that always end whit some bare bottom spanking for him.

PCA – Fluffy Hugs Daycare

PCA - Fluffy Hugs Daycare

PCA – Fluffy Hugs Daycare

Mama? Where are we going?”

“You’ll see Fluffles~ This is the surprise we’ve been working on and it’s finally just about ready for you to see~”

“Finally… um… how long will it take to get there?”

“Oh, not long sweetie~ Just a few blocks… I could get your stroller for you to ride though if you want~”

“… not dis time…”

“Alright, if you’re sure~”

Walking along the two looked like a mother and her 4 or 5 year old son, the flareon in question being both broad and tall with prominent child bearing hips and bosom along with a very maternal expression on her face while the eevee she was leading along by the paw was the picture of a cute little kid with an adorable, cherubic body build and face… currently set in an expression of curiosity. An attentive parent would notice the eevee’s slight waddle as well as the bulge around his middle, barely hidden any by his overalls, which along with the slight crinkle noise barely concealed by the squeaking of his tennis shoes. Which all added up to mean the eevee was a cute little boy who hadn’t mastered the fine art of potty training yet…

Of course this was all correct except for the “little boy” part since Todd Märchen, the little diapered eevee in question, was 15 years old and almost due to turn 16 in a few months despite looking like he was just about old enough for kindergarten. As of the moment he was being led along by the paw by his mother, while thoughts of what this big surprise might be danced in his head. Ever since his family had moved to Viridian his mom and siblings had been working on something… and doing everything they could to avoid telling him about it. He wasn’t used to having secrets kept from… especially since it was too early for it to be a birthday or Christmas present, but dealing with his new school had kept him too busy to try and stick his nose into it.

“Here we are Fluffles~ This is the business your mommy is going to be running from now on~”

“Huh?” Todd blinked as he found himself looking up at the building in front of them. This wasn’t the last thing he’d expect… heck this hadn’t even made the list! The building looked fairly normal, albeit large, with a muted though slightly childish looking color scheme, a glass paneled door, and a large glass window on the front… of course Todd’s attention was focused more on what was ON the window then the window itself. It was a logo showing an incredibly, incredibly familiar baby eevee with a little clefable curl of hair on his forehead sitting cutely and sucking a pacifier as he wears nothing but a diaper. Underneath it were the words “Fluffy Hugs Daycare” in cute block letters.

“Wanted something cute for the logo… and there’s nothing cuter then my precious baby boy~” his mom gushed and explained as Todd just stared at it, his jaw slightly open in shock. “Do you like it?” his mom asked, stroking his head gently as she waited for Todd’s answer while the eevee groped for something, anything to say. Finally, he managed a weak “Mom? About the logo…” as his voice trailed off, not sure how to properly word his embarrassment as his cheeks flushed pink with it. Naturally his mom got the wrong impression as she happily snuggled him.

“Used one of your old pictures for it~ When you were seven and still mommy’s chubby wittle ball of fluffy puff~” she teased, rubbing Todd’s tummy making him giggle despite his overalls buffering it “Instead of my big, stwong wittle baby boy~” she added, continuing before Todd could protest that those sounded kinda similar “Now come inside~ Your brothers and sisters are already setting everything up for the grand opening tomorrow and we want to make sure you get the grand tour before then~” and with no further argument she scooped Todd up and carried him inside as the eevee just sighed and snuggled into his mommy’s warm body. He knew her well enough to know he might as well just suck his thumb and gurgle for all the input he had at this point.

As mom pushed open the door a bell chimed and Todd found himself in a small, plain looking reception area. “Sorry, we’re not open yet an… oh!” a young, peppy looking flareon girl said as she entered from a door behind the counter “Hi mommy, hi Toddle~” Michelle giggled as she waved to her mom and baby brother, swaying cutely on her feet “Time for Toddles tour, right~?” she asked as she skipped around the counter to stand in front of them, not bothering to wait for mom to answer before rubbing nose with the little eevee “He’s our cute wittle baby mascot after all~ Being on the logo and everything~” she added, making Todd pout and blush.

“Oh hush sweetie, I could have used your baby pictures instead~ All that would be different is you’d have a pink bow on your head.” Mom said, making Michelle blush and look away cutely and letting Todd feel a little less embarrassed. “Now then, how are things going? Will we be ready on time?” Mom asked as she walked behind the counter, still carrying Todd, as Michelle followed them. “Oh! Um… er… kinda don’t know~” the younger flareon, giggling and blushing while she rubbed the back of her head before sticking her tongue out in an attempt to be cute. Todd couldn’t resist rolling his eyes as Mom let out a knowing sigh, both of them familiar with Michelle’s tendency to be scatterbrained with tasks like this.

“We’ll, just continue helping set up then alright sweetie?” Mom said, gently rubbing Michelle’s head as the smaller flareon giggled, her fluffy tail wagging. Todd eeped as mom suddenly gently bounced him in her arms before nuzzling his cheek softly “Now, lets continue you’re tour Fluffles~” she cooed as he giggled and nuzzled her back despite blushing furiously. He was a teen in age if not looks but his mommy was his mommy, long as she wanted him to be her little baby he was fine with that… long as nobody, other than his siblings, who’d tease him about it saw anyway.

Still nestled in one of mommy’s arms Todd was carried through the doorway into what he assumed was the main part of the daycare. At the least it looked like an intersection since there was a hallway with chairs in it on his right, a few more doors on his left, and a large play area in front of him. “This is the area for the older kids where they’ll play, have nap time, story time…” mom explained as she gestured to the soft carpet and the various shelves of toys and games that had obviously never been used by their intended age group since… well… they were neat and orderly “Of course we’ll also have a toddler gate up to keep any of the little one from running out.” Mom added, gesturing to the device leaning against the wall next to the door to the reception area just waiting to be installed.

Todd inwardly groaned, he hated toddler gates since they did a GREAT job keeping him stuck in one place too, but mom spoke up distracting him from his pouting. “And I think I hear your brother setting up the toddler’s playroom, lets go check~” she said, punctuating the last part by tickling Todd’s chin making him giggle and his tail wag before he blushed in embarrassment again. Not giving him a chance to recover she carried him through one of the doorways on the left into the room connected to the big window on the front of the building… letting Todd confirm, much to his annoyance, that yes you could still clearly make out the baby eevee that was supposed to be him on the logo even from behind. Opting to try and ignore it Todd looked around to see this room was heavily carpeted as well with various larger toys for toddlers like a rocking ponyta or two and a donphan slide. Setting up various plush cushions in the corners was a young looking sylveon who was apparently pouting about having to do the task.

“How is it going my little sprite~?” Mom asked, Todd not bothering to keep himself from giggling at his mommy’s nickname for Cooper. The sylveon was the second youngest in the family so the eevee didn’t quite have as same reserve against teasing him as he did with his other siblings. “It’s going fine mama… and I see our little mascots finally here for his tour~” Cooper said as he looked at them and smirked playfully when he saw Todd. The teasing between the two naturally went both ways… though Cooper usually had more ammo to use much to Todd’s frustration.

The fair type padded over and grinned as he looked at his blushing baby brother “How’s it feel being a star baby bro~? Don’t think we could have picked a cuter diaper butt to attract customers, you must be so proud~” he added, lightly tickling Todd’s sides and making him giggle and squirm. The tone was playfull though and not mean… Todd knew mean first hand so he understood Cooper was just having fun with him… didn’t make it any less embarrassing though. Luckily mommy came to the rescue as she slipped her free paw under Cooper’s chin and tickled.

“Oh, I don’t know about that sweetie~ We did consider digging your baby pictures out so there’d be two diaper butts on the logo~ After all, I remember how a little eevee cried and cried when we tried to potty train him…~” she said, playfully as Cooper’s ears drooped instantly and his face twisted in a childish, blushing pout before he sulked off to continue putting down the pillows and cushions. Todd was still giggling a little from the sudden tickle attack as mommy rubbed his head affectionately making him blush and smile “How about we check out the playground next my little Fluffles~?” she asked sweetly as Todd just nodded, too embarrassed to answer.

“Off we go then~” she cooed, carrying Todd out the door and back to the older kids area. The sulking eevee wasn’t really paying attention to where they were going. He assumed they needed to cut through the older kid’s area to get to the playground in the back… if that’s where it was. So he let his eyes wander listlessly… till they drifted towards one of the walls of the room that was less colorful then the others. He realized it was because a large bulletin board was covering the bright primary colored wall. It was placed just high enough the kids could see it and see whatever was put on it but not reach the stuff to take it down… and it even had some crude looking crayon drawings already posted on it.

“Recognize these Fluffles~?” his mommy cooed softly, pausing when she noticed what he was looking at so he could get a better look at the drawings. They had to be drawn by a toddler since they were shaky and rough… he couldn’t even tell what they were supposed to be. “Look harder~” mommy urged in an amused tone, apparently noticing the scrunched up look of confusion on Todd’s face which just made the eevee blush. How was he supposed to look harder? The one he was looking at was just an orange and yellow scribble next to a scribble that was two shades of blue, a tan and green scribble, a tan and pink scribble, a black scribble with flecks of yellow, and a whole bunch of brown and tan scribbles… their might be something like ears and tails added to the tops and bottoms of the blobs of color but…

That was when realization smacked Todd in the face hard as his eyes went wide. This… this was his drawing! “Remember now sweetie~? When the nice lady had you practice drawing to get back the dexterity in your wittle paws~?” mom cooed, holding one of Todd’s paws up for emphasis as the blushing eevee nodded. It was back when he’d finally gotten out of the hospital when he was seven and he’d started physical therapy to recover from being in it so long. The lady helping him had made him draw to try and get the manual dexterity in his paws back. Looking at all the pictures on the board Todd just blushed harder as he realized they were ALL pictures he’d drawn from back then. He wasn’t sure what was more embarrassing… that mommy had saved them all or that they’d look right at home with the scribbles a toddler would do.

“Hi mama, hi toddles~” two almost identical voices suddenly said in perfect unison creating a stereo effect. “Hello girls, how is the kitchen coming?” Mom said, turning to smile at the two almost identical espeon girls who’d snuck up on them as they were looking at the drawings. They were the same save for their hairstyles, one messy and one neater, and the small differences in their clothing styles. “It’s coming along fine mama…” the one on the left said before the one on the right nodded and added “Yep, we’re about to start cooking lunch for everyone…” before both leaned down and nuzzled Todd’s face, one to each cheek, affectionately “And it looks like we’ll have somebody to test out the highchairs too~” they said in unison before giggling as Todd blushed and whined, trying to bite back his own giggles at the nuzzling.

“Wonderful~ I was just about to show Todd the playground, when we’re done there we’ll come to lunch and bring Scott.” Mom said as the twins nodded in agreement before turning to go “Oh, Milly? Lilly? One more thing~” mommy suddenly said making them pause and look back at her. “See if you can get Michelle to help, I have a sneaking feeling she’s snuck off to play with her hair again~” the older flareon said, chuckling softly as the twins giggled and nodded in agreement before resuming walking off. Todd thought for a moment and found himself agreeing as well… and if Michelle wasn’t goofing off then Cooper probably was… but since he was the “baby” he kinda didn’t have the right to judge either…

Suddenly the sound of a door opening and a blast of sunlight snapped him out of what he was thinking on as he saw mom had carried him out the backdoor while he’d been distracted. It was still a bright, sunny day casting warm light over the scene as Todd looked around. The backyard to the daycare was surrounded by high fences to keep the kids from getting out and was divided up with one fourth of it being a large sandbox, there being a large empty space of fresh green grass in the middle for free play, and the rest of it was filled with playground equipment made rounded and safe for younger kids… which currently had a tall umbreon working on one of them to finish setting it up.

“Hi mom!” the umbreon called, a big unashamed smile on his face as he finished his work on the swing set and briskly stepped his way over to them “And hey baby bro.” he added, giving Todd’s head an affectionate rub making the eevee giggle which just made the umbreon smile more. While he was busy rubbing Todd’s head and tickling him lightly the flareon looked around the playground, a proud smile on her face “Nice work Scott, anything left to do on the playground?” she asked distracting Scott from his work of making Todd giggle and squirm… for about a minute. The umbreon mulled over his mom’s question then grinned “Yeah~ One thing…”

He suddenly scooped Todd out of mama’s arms, holding the eevee gently around his pudgy middle and lifting him high in the air “We need a little one to test the new gear~ And lookie who just volunteered!” he crowed, grinning eagerly even as Todd squeaked in surprise. Before the eevee could protest he was whisked across the yard and found himself plopped at the top of the slide with a crinkle, Scott easily able to lift him up there since it was a small slide meant for five year olds. Suddenly the big strong paws around his middle released and Todd let out a brief squeal as he went down the slide before bouncing to a stop on the soft grass of the playground trying really, really hard not to giggle since he was almost 16 and this playground was made for 5 year old… unfortunately he was failing at this badly.

This continued for… well… Todd wasn’t sure how long actually. It was hard to keep track of time since Scott constantly kept him busy trying out the next piece of playground equipment or just generally playing with him like his big brother always did. After a few more rides on the slide Todd found himself laughing eagerly as his big bro spun him on the merry go round, squealing and kicking his legs as Scott pushed him on the swings, kicking his legs as he dangled on the monkey bars with Scott right there ready to catch him if his grip slipped, and plenty of other things Todd was (in real age if not body) supposedly too old for but found himself as happy as any kindergartner as his big brother helped him with them. By the time they finally stopped the little eevee was panting for breath and pretty sure there were plenty of new grass stains on his overalls.

It was then Todd finally realized his mom was nowhere to be seen… just as Scott scooped him up and plopped the eevee on his shoulders piggy back style. Giggling and holding onto his big brother’s ears like he always did during these rides Todd found himself being carried inside, though Scott ducked a little going through the door just to make sure his baby brother’s head didn’t get bumped, and through the building. Enjoying the view from his high perch atop Scott’s shoulder’s Todd idly noticed he didn’t seem to see any of his siblings milling about in the main room or the others he could peek into making him wonder where they were…

A question that was answered as Scott ducked again to enter a new room as Todd found himself in a divided kitchen and dining room. One side was the kitchen set up with a stove, fridge, microwave, and cabinets along with a divider wall and toddler gate to keep the kids from getting near the cooking implements and on the other side were several tables, one large enough for adults and the rest sized for little kids, with accompanying chairs next to them. There were also several highchairs and booster seats on hand, including a row of the highchairs against the wall. He saw Cooper sitting at the big table, looking impatient like always when it came to a meal, along with the rest of his family he’d seen earlier in the kitchen.

Mom was supervising Milly and Lilly as the two were working on prepping lunch and blushing under mommy’s supervision… while Michelle looked like a little kid trying to help but barely avoiding getting in the way as she darted from sister to sister to mother eagerly, trying to see if there was anything she could help with. Todd couldn’t help but smile at the scene since he’d seen it plenty of times before… though usually from the confines on a highchair at the dining table. As if Arceus himself had been waiting for Todd to bring that up the eevee found himself slipped into the lone highchair set at the big table, Scott snapping the food tray into place and trapping his baby brother there before Todd could try to protest.

Pouting Todd kicked his legs since he knew he was stuck now. He could probably get out of the highchair it he worked at it but he was almost certain somebody would stop him before he managed and even if he did they just put him right back in. Meaning he didn’t have anything to do but lean back in the cushioned seat and sulk as Cooper and Scott chatted briefly while the umbreon took his seat at the table. Luckily it seems they’d come at just the right time since not a minute later the toddler gate separating the kitchen and dining room was opened and Michelle was ushered over to go set the plates and silverware out… probably to keep her out of the way while mom and the twins put the final touches on lunch.

Naturally Todd found a cute, plastic kindergartner’s plate and silverware set on his highchair tray like always. He didn’t have the stomach capacity for a bigger serving of food so he didn’t complain but he couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed as he looked at the smiling munchlax’s printed on the plate. His little nose suddenly twitched, a familiar, tasty smell having reached it as he looked up to see the twins carrying a large dish of Mac & Cheese over from the kitchen. Todd’s tail wagged a little as he watched them set the food on the middle of the table and everybody started serving themselves out a portion… save for him since he couldn’t reach it, trapped in the highchair as he was.

Luckily mama was handling it. She ladled a good sized serving onto his plate. “Thank you~” Todd chirped, grinning a little as he reached for his spoon… only to have a red furred paw playfully and easily snatch it away from him before he could. “Hey!” he protested… giving Mama the perfect opportunity to pop the spoonful of mac & cheese she’d just scooped up into his little mouth. Blushing furiously as he realized he’d just been fed like an infant AND he fell for that trick again Todd whined despite chewing on the food on reflex. Another spoonful ready and waiting at his lips by the time he swallowed.

“Now fluffles~” Mama said, Todd knowing better to fight this as he let her continue feeding him “I hope you’ve liked the daycare so far~ You see your brothers and sisters are going to be working here from now on…” she explained, Todd unable to resist opening his mouth to try and comment if this means they’ve finally gotten jobs… only to be silenced by another spoonful of food being gently inserted. “They’ll all be working different shifts managing the little ones but I was going to put Scott in charge of being the playground monitor whenever the little ones are outside, one of the twins will be staying with the babies to care for them most of the time, while Michelle and Cooper will help take care of whatever else needs doing.”

Todd nodded, chewing the latest spoonful he’d been fed. That layout made sense… Milly and Lilly were the most responsible so they get the big job, Scott would probably love spending time playing outside with that many kids, while Michelle and Cooper… were giving roles where they couldn’t mess up to badly. Mama knew what she was doing at least. Swallowing the food Todd asked “Can I have a drink please?” while leaning his head away like a fussy toddler to keep from having another bite popped into his mouth. “I’ll get it for him~” Cooper suddenly offered, hopping up with a grin on his face Todd knew all too well as the fairy type scurried over to the kitchen.

Sure enough when he returned a minute or two later with some juice for Todd it was in a baby’s bottle “Here you go~ A drink for my baby bro~” Cooper teased, smirking playfully as the little eevee pouted and blushed before looking to Mama with a trembling lip. “As cute as little fluffles nursing that would be…” the flareon said softly, a loud yip echoing through the room as she gently and firmly took hold of one of Cooper’s ears to let him know he’d done wrong “Please go put it in a proper cup Cooper… unless of course YOU’D like to be the one nursing a baba~ I recall it took a while to wean you as well~” she added in a playful tone, her smiled never wavering. Between the verbal comment and the ear pinch Cooper got the message as he quickly took the bottle and sulked back over to the kitchen, blushing furiously, like a child who got caught stealing from the cookie jar after being told it was wrong the last few times.

A few minutes large he returned, still blushing and mumbling about mama not being able to take a joke, before setting the plastic mug Todd usually drank from onto the eevee’s highchair tray. “Thank you my little sprite~” Mama cooed, giving Cooper’s head a demeaning but affectionate rub making his cheeks blush as bright as the pink parts of his fur. Taking a big gulp from his cup as Cooper went back to his seat Todd let out a contented sigh… as another spoonful of his food was placed to his lips and the feeding continued without missing much of a beat. Luckily his plate was nearly empty so it only took a few more spoonfuls to completely clean it off.

“Ready for dessert~” Mama asked, not needing to clean Todd’s face off since he’d kept it from getting messy during the feeding, as the eevee nodded eagerly while kicking his feet idly since he couldn’t do much else. He idly wondered what dessert was as he watch mom head over to the kitchen to get it before glancing over to see what his siblings were up to. Milly & Lilly were almost done with their food, while Scot was watching Cooper shamelessly pig out on his extra-large serving with amusement while Michelle was struggling not to laugh at the sylveon. Between being fed by his mom and his smaller helping Todd was the first one done… but that was normal even if mom hadn’t been feeding him.

“Here you go fluffles~” he suddenly heard mama say since she’d returned while he was distracted and had set something down in front of him on his highchair tray. Looking down at it Todd’s eyes lit up as saw a bowl of strawberry ice cream right there in front of him, which also happened to be his favorite dessert! Eagerly grabbing the fresh plastic kindergartner’s spoon mama had also brought the little eevee happily shoveled a big bite of the sweet treat into his mouth and smiled happily as he enjoyed the flavor before going for another spoonful. All the while he kicked his legs and wagged his tail as happily as a five year old, a sight cute enough his siblings paused to watch him and smile.

Mama just smiled dotingly down at him as she let him have a couple bites before she started talking again “Anyway Fluffles, I would like you to start helping at the daycare after school and on the weekends… after you get your homework done of course.” she added quickly on the end as Todd just nodded, not fully paying attention since he was busy enjoying his ice cream… till he paused, spoon still in his mouth, and blinked as he realized what she’d just said “Wha…?” he asked, barely acting fast enough to keep the spoon from landing on his shirt since it fell out the moment he opened his mouth. She wanted HIM to work at the daycare too!? That was… that was…

Really exciting actually… they almost NEVER gave him any responsibility. In fact all of Todd’s “chores” if you could call them that were pretty much exclusively the “Help mommy/brother/sister and stay out of the way” kind you’d give a toddler. Which didn’t really help Todd feel like he’d grown any past the stage where he needed to hang on to somebody’s tail to keep his balance to get around without crawling… but he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to feel about this. Should he be nervous he might mess it up? Excited they might be seeing him as a big boy finally? Scared they might be seeing him as a big boy? Too many emotions to properly sort through so he just asked the first question that came to mind.

“W-what did you want me to do here mama?”

“Oh just help me and your siblings, try not to get underfoot… those sorts of things~ I’m sure my precious little big boy can handle that, right~?” she said, chuckling as she used a napkin to wipe the dribbles of ice cream Todd had gotten on himself in his surprise up while the eevee’s hope’s sank right to the bottom. He pouted and squirmed as his mom cleaned his face, humiliated that he’d worked himself up so much over what turned out to be nothing. As he resumed eating his ice cream, much slower and with a bit of a sulk, his mom continued “Oh, and I was going to have you help with the babies and toddlers… is that alright my precious little puppy~?” she asked, stroking his head gently in a reassuring fashion.

Todd nodded softly as he worked to scrape the last few bits of ice cream from the bowl. By now he knew form firsthand experience that almost every five year old in the world thought “diapers = baby” meaning none of the older kids would bother to listen to him even if he was put in charge of them. At least the babies and toddlers wouldn’t be old enough to laugh or try to push him around… even if he was bigger than most five year olds, brats trying to bully or tell him what to do got annoying after a while. So it shouldn’t be so bad… heck at least he’d get to deal with people smaller than him regularly for once. Also if he needed a change…

“Also it’ll make changing you easy whenever you need it fluffles~ Speaking of which…” Mama said as she easily lifted him up around the middle and rested Todd against her shoulder before patting his bottom with one hand. The flareon nodded at the slight squish nose the padding under his overalls made as Todd went bright red “Thought so~ Lets get you to the nursery for a change~” she said as Todd blushed furiously like he did every time mama did that. You’d think he’d be used to it by now but nope, it was still humiliating. Suddenly there was the sound of two chairs being pushed back in unison, two people getting up, and two voices speaking the same words at once.

“We’ll do it mama!”

By now nobody in the family was surprised when Milly and Lilly did stuff like this… cept for them of course as the two espeons gave each other a dirty look as if the other had done it intentionally. After a moment they shook it off and hurried over to stand on either side of mama both opening their mouths at the same time… then pausing to glance at the other for a moment before snapping their mouths shut. What followed was a bit of non-verbal arguing between the two Todd had seen plenty of times before about which one would speak up first, telling the other to stop copying them, claiming it’s the other one ding the copying, before finally working it out. By the end they seemed to have come to an agreement as Lilly was the one to speak first.

“We’ll do it mama, we’ll change him and show him the nursery~” she said, giving a bright reassuring smile with only her wagging tail betraying her eagerness. “Yeah~ We’re going to be the ones managing it anyway so we might as well~” her twin spoke up, holding her arms out hoping mama would hand their baby brother over. Meanwhile the flareon was giggling softly as her daughter’s antics like usual before handing Todd over to Milly and patting the espeon’s heads gently “Alright girls, but I’ll be back to check on how you’re doing after we finish washing the dishes here… and yes Cooper, you have to help to.” She added as the sylveon let out a groan of annoyance.

The twins needed no further prompting through as Milly carried him off while adjusted Todd to be resting in part on her shoulder since he was kind big for her to carry easily… though the eevee suspected she was cheating and using telekinesis to help with the task. Any further thoughts on this Todd had were interrupted by Lilly, who was following behind her twin, tickling his chin playfully making the eevee giggle and blush. Since he was looking over his big sister’s shoulder he couldn’t properly see where they were going… but judging from where they’d been he could see they were going through the big kids room and heading past the toddler’s room towards one of the doors he remembered beyond it… which must be a nursery.

As they passed through a door with a toddler gate lying next to it waiting to be put in, entering a room decorated with soft pastel colored wallpaper printed various cartoonish simplified versions of eeveelutions doing cute things and a floor covered in thick, pastel colored quilt like padding. Craning his neck to look around Todd could see it was the nursery with what looked like three or four extra large cribs along-side one wall, a little playpen like fence set up to create a corral in one part of the room, a large window to let the sun in for the babies with extra thick curtains to keep the sun out at nap time, and a changing table… no, two changing tables alongside another way both looking full stocked. Fully stocked changing tables that just happened to be Todd’s destination as Milly laid him down on one of them… and promptly got tugged back by Lilly as the two resumed bickering with each other… like always.

“I wanna get to change him!”

“You got to change him last time! It’s my turn!”

“No it’s not, YOU got to change him last time!”


Todd just sighed and tried to get comfortable without making his diaper squish any. He was used to this by now. This was usually all it took to reduce the twins to bickering like little kids or Michelle and Cooper when it came to who did chores… before they tried to talk Scott into doing them. Looking up at the ceiling her noticed whoever had decorated the nursery had put the same glow in the dark stars they used on the ceiling in this room here. Probably to make sure it didn’t get too dark during nap time. Either way Todd hoped Milly & Lilly would just hurry up and flip a coin or rock, paper, scissors for the job… he wanted a fresh diaper!

“Look, if Mama comes in here and we’re arguing like this instead of changing Todd’s diaper we’re both in trouble.”

“Right… rock, paper, scissors then?”

“Usual rules?”

“No telepathy, no telekinesis, no cheats.”


Finally, this was usually how they settled their smaller arguments… now Todd just had to wait for them to not throw the same hand signal. Meaning it was time to try and get comfortable again as he looked back towards the ceiling… “Rock beats scissors!” “Dang!” the little eevee blinked, not used to it being over that fast. “Alright, ready to get out of that stinky diaper baby bro~?” Lilly asked, her face suddenly filling his vision as she leaned over the table to rub noses with Todd making him both yip in surprise and giggle. Smiling at this she moved to the end of the table and easily popped the fasteners on Todd’s overalls before tugging them away. Leaving the eevee laying there in just his socks, shoes, and shirt.

Long since gotten used to this routine Todd just lay still and let her work as he could hear her pop the tapes on his diaper. Suddenly Milly filled his vision as she’d taken up residence at the other end of the table. Before he could ask what she was doing the espeon smirked playfully and produced a soft blue baby blanket which she used to start playfully rubbing against one of Todd’s cheeks making him giggle even as he was lifted by his ankles and the used diaper pulled away. Milly continued using the blankie to rub and distract Todd with how soft it was along with childish variations of peek-a-boo that, even if he was waaaaaay too old for them, kept the eevee from squirming too much even as a cold wet-wipe was applied to his bottom.

Milly gently wrapped Todd’s upper half in the blanket letting him feel how soft and thick it was even as Lilly rolled him over to rub lotion and rash cream into his rounded baby butt. With the blanket draped over his back Milly took the opportunity to crouch down and rub both sides of Todd’s face with the blanket ends making his giggles turn into adorable babyish cooing and lip smacks as she played with his cheeks. By the time he was being powdered and it was being gently rubbed into his bottom the eevee was giggling and squirming like a real baby and just about as helpless as he was rolled back over. Finally trying to stop the teasing since he was didn’t want Mama to walk in and see this, mostly because she’d want to join in, Todd wrapped his little arms and paws around the blanket and took hold of it to keep Milly from using it anymore… causing his chubby little fingers to brush against something embroidered into the soft cloth just as Lilly lifted him by his ankles again and threaded his tail through a fresh diaper.

He idly noticed he was being put in a new diaper brand as Lilly brought the front of the padding up letting him see the baby teddiursa printed on it, but Todd’s focus went to finding out what was embroidered on the blanket as he traced it with his paws before turning the cloth over to see for himself. His ears drooped and his lips stuck out in an adorable pout as he confirmed his suspicions. The cute, diapered, pacifier-sucking eevee stared back at him as somebody had embroidered the blanket with the daycare’s logo. He didn’t stop pouting even as he heard Lilly say she was done, accompanied by patting Todd’s freshly taped on diaper for emphasis. Holding the blankie in one hand the eevee sat up to find his fears from earlier had been realized and mama was standing there… and judging by the look on her face she’d been watching most of that little display.

“There, don’t you feel all better now that you’re a clean baby~” Lilly commented, tickling Todd’s exposed legs as they dangled over the edge of the changing table making him giggle despite his pouting. “Where’d you get this blanket?” he asked, refusing to dignify the teasing with a response… particularly since he was pretty sure being psychics and his big sisters they already knew the answer was yes. “Oh, Aunt Athena made those for us.” Momma said, motioning to Milly who lifted a cardboard box full of blankets into view, all different colors (mostly pastels) but each sporting the daycare’s logo on them. “I explained what we were doing and showed her the logo and she insisted on getting to do some blankets for us…” mama continued explaining, a warm smile on her face “Though I managed to talk her into accepting payment for her work, it’s only fair of course even if we are family.”

Todd had stopped listening at the mention of his aunt though as he groaned inwardly since it explained it all too well. Like their Aunt Hera, who was responsible for the gifts the caused Emma and Marshall to evolve without their consent… or so he’d been told, Aunt Athena was on the list of “Gift Givers to be Wary of” as far as the Märchen kids were concerned. She was a professional seemstress with a love of sewing and a tendency to give babyish or embarrassing articles of clothing and other cloth goods as gifts including her yearly “Sweaters of Misery” they received around Christmas, pretended to be happy for, and hid away with the other ones from the previous years hoping to never see them again.

Unfortunately he couldn’t fault her for doing good work with how soft and snuggly the blanket was reducing him to pitifully whining about the embroidered image on them “Mama, did you HAVE to use my baby pictures for the logo?” he asked, sounding more childish then he’d intended to. “Oh? What’s wrong with it sweetie? We all think it’s absolutely precious.” The flareon said while motioning to the twins, who were exchanging glances and nods for some reason, and the air in general to refer to the family members who weren’t in the room at the time. Todd paused at the question to grope for a good reason why he didn’t like the logo beyond the fact it was embarrassing for him to be the baby mascot of a daycare. Finally giving up on finding a “Good” reason he didn’t like it he opted for just whatever pathetic reason he could come up with off the top of his head.

“But it doesn’t even look like me!” he whined… and immediately realized he was going to regret it as there was a shift in the air followed by the twins suddenly flanking him. Both espeons leaning down to give big, sweet, mischievous smiles to the little eevee sitting on the changing table. “Oh it doesn’t does it~?” they asked, intentionally speaking in unison which was all the warning Todd needed to know that he was utterly doomed. He let up a scared, puppy-like yelp as the two pounced and easily stripped him of his shirt, socks, and shoes using teamwork despite the eevee struggling as best he could against them. Realizing his extra sensitive little feet were exposed Todd let out undignified little squeaks of fear as he tried to reach out and cover them but by then it was too late.

Deft fingers danced along the bottom of his feet and the soft little paw pads there sending sparks of sensation shooting through Todd’s body as he squealed and kicked, collapsing helplessly in laughter. His feet had always been super sensitive both to pain and pleasant sensations which is why he always worse shoes or socks… unfortunately all his siblings knew they could reduce him to a helplessly laughing little ball of fluff by tickling the eevee’s feet just like one of the twins was doing right now. He was laughing too hard to tell which one was even doing the tickling as the other one propped the giggling puppy up into a sitting position as the active tickling finally stopped, leaving Todd grinning and giggling helplessly as he tried to stop his laughing fit.

Suddenly something was popped into his mouth as the twins stepped away, followed by a flash of light leaving Todd rubbing his eyes as he tried to stop the last of his giggles. He immediately recognized that a pacifier had been popped into his mouth as he found himself giving it a few nurses on reflex as he continued to try and rub the spots from his eyes. Finally as his vision cleared he saw Michelle had entered the room sometime during the tickling and was sporting the digital camera Mama used to get photos of him and his siblings from time to time. The younger flareon was grinning from ear to ear as her tail whipped back and forth excitedly at whatever she was looking at on the camera’s view screen.

“I got your message~” Michelle said in a sing-song tone as she showed the camera to the twins “And I got the photo~” she added as Todd’s ears drooped in dread as he started to piece together the evil plot he’d just willingly blundered into. One of the twins must have sent a message to Michelle with telepathy to tell her to bring the camera so she could get a photo of… “What were you saying about it not looking like you toddles~?” Lilly asked, having taken the camera from her younger sister and now holding it out to Todd as the eevee reluctantly let his eyes drift to the damning image presented on the devices display screen…

It showed an adorable eevee, probably an older toddler, sitting on his diapered bottom with his legs and arms were out in a cute, clumsy position, a big, innocent smile on his face, and a blue pacifier being held in his mouth in front of that smile… just like the daycare logo. Todd could feel his face blush bright red with shame as he let out a long whine and redirected his gaze to the ground, too embarrassed to even try to look any of his family in the eyes. A familiar large set of red furred paws slipped into Todd’s view though as his mama moved to put the eevee’s socks back onto his feet. “That might have been a bit too much for a lesson girls.” The older flareon said, her tone letting the twins know they came close to crossing a line “As cute as that photo is you upset your baby brother.”

“Don’t worry, we planned ahead.” Milly said, giving a knowing smile… and reminding Todd just how annoying he found it when the two used telepathy to plan stuff out involving him without letting him in on what was going on. Before anyone could ask for clarification on what the plan was Cooper entered the room, breathing hard and lugging a familiar plastic carrying case. “Perfect timing~” Lilly said as the sylveon mumbled something about them getting Scott to do the running next time as he glared at the two while still working to catch his breath. “We can try, but he’s a dark type remember? Immune to psychic?” Milly said before Lilly picked up to finish the statement “We can’t directly talk into his head for these kind of things~ Meaning you had to go run and pick that up from home for us~”

“Whatever…” was the best retort Cooper could manage as he plopped the case down on the floor, letting Todd see it was indeed his favorite raceway set, before smiling to his baby brother “They said you were kinda pouty here toddles, so how about some playtime to cheer you up?” he asked, smiling to Todd before muttering under his breath “Gets me out of having to do anymore setting up so I’m all for it…” and trying to avoid the look Mama was giving him for that statement. Todd meanwhile couldn’t be bothered to really care about that comment since after the experience this day had been some time playing with his racecars sounded like just what he needed.

He hopped down off the changing table and immediately fell forwards onto his hands and knees due to the thick padding on the floor and his slipper socks. Blushing Todd opted to struggle to his feet and toddle over to the case, the extra thickness of whatever brand his new diapers were not helping him keep his balance, before popping the plastic container open and pulling out the various race track pieces, stunt parts, and little toy race cars contained within. Not really caring that he was being watched in this case Todd plopped down on his tummy and got to work trying to build up a cool race-track to send his cars along.

A pair of pink colored paws joined in as Cooper crouched down to join in on the play, the two boys working together to see just how many loop-de-loops they could get on one track without the car crashing. Todd was vaguely aware Michelle was next to them, leaning down a little as she watched the two playing and giggling at the silly scene. He was also vaguely aware of Mama telling to twins to “Let the little ones play”… before leading the two psychic types out of the nursery by their ears, probably to have a talk to them about going overboard with their schemes again. Todd just let it play in the background though, like white noise. He was too focused on enjoying himself playing with his cars.

Between his new home, new school, and now a new family business (and new diapers, he was gonna have to decide whether he liked this brand or not… they were so thick!) Todd needed some good old fashioned, innocent fun. After he’d relaxed, or wore himself out playing and ended up napping, he’d decide how he felt about all this. For now though his biggest concern was whether the cars could make the jump he and Cooper set up. “You two are such big babies~ Playing with toys like that~” Michelle teased making both boys blush in embarrassment… before Mama stuck her head back in “Oh they are sweetie? Shall I send Scott to go fetch the tea-party set you got for your fifth birthday and still have hidden in the back of your closet~?” she asked, apparently having overheard what Michelle said with her large ears.

Todd just took the chance to giggle at his sister being the one to blush this time before sending a car down the track and squealing happily as it launched and went flying through the air.

The End.

Cub and text by: The_Lost_One

Draw by: _RainyDays_