Balloons for Bunnies

Balloons for BunniesKenny was visiting the park, when he saw the bunny twins, Kat and David! He offered to share some of his balloons, and they were very thankful and grateful! Kenny loves watching over cubs have fun with balloons!

Kenny, text and order KennyKitsune

Artwork, Kat & David: ConejoBlanco


This sure was a very nice thing of Kenny to do sharing his balloons whit Kat and David. They sure look super happy to have some balloons to play whit.

Ellie´s first time wetting

Ellie´s first time wettingJust a sequel from this drawing:

here is David making Ellie more confident to use them :)

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Poor Ellie it seems like she have problem to get use to use here diaper. Good thing she have a good friend that help and support here during this wetting process.

Hugging David

Hugging Davidjust anything fast and cute for show

Text, bunny and drawing by ConejoBlanco


This two bunny’s look so happy together and it seems like the girl rabbit have a very nice and happy time now when she decide to hug David.

Hugging is one of the cutes thing you can do to show that you like someone.

Girl and boy lover

Girl and boy lover
David likes male and female stuff…

David, text and draw by ConejoBlanco


I think it is good that David like to play and use both male and female stuff. Nothing wrong about that :)

First time

First timeHere is Ellie and David, Saying to Ellie Try diapers again, but this time we are doing Outside.

Ellie: Are you Really Think no One Notices the diapers?

David: you Skirt Hides Well your diaper and my diaper is Well hidden.

Ellie: i gonna put the panties Just in Case someone wants watch.

David: i don´t think your Undies hide you diaper well after all.

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Yes i agree whit David i think Ellies skirt is going to hide the diaper pretty good so i dont think she is going to need to put this panties on. Bay they way i dont think they could cover match of that thick diaper any way.

Norway prohibits discrimination against people who enjoy BDSM and fetishes

Members of the Nordic Council
Members of the Nordic Council.

Congratulations to all Norwegian fetishists! All parties in the Norwegian parliament in summer voted stricter laws against discrimination because gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. A prohibition against discrimination because of gender identity and expression are introduced. But not only that, it also introduces a prohibition against discrimination based on to include any fetishist. Norwegian employers will be responsible to overbuild such discrimination. Vips Norway becomes the country that leads the way for the rest of the North.

For the sake of one can of course point out that the problem of discrimination have never been a person had a fetish orientation, the wording suggests, but that problem has been in someone been fetischfobisk enough to discriminate – It is thus due fetish phobia and not fetishism that discrimination occurs but nevertheless it is good news coming from Norway. When to Sweden, Denmark and Finland follow Norway’s example?

The above text is copy from David on It is s a summary of the text you can find in this Swedish blog post.

I would like to congratulate all Norwegian fetishists for this breakthrough. And now it only remains to see if the other Nordic countries take after Norwegian in this matter and i hope that is going to happen.